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Last Name First Name Phone Department
Allen Scott 803-777-3382 Moving Image Research Collections
Anyomi Mary 803-777-8575 Hollings Library, Special Collections
Appling Brent 803-777-0994 TCL Reference
Arkell Lisa 803-777-5787 Business Library
Barr Brian 803-777-0415 TCL ILL
Benfield Carol 803-777-1278 TCL Development
Berg Jeffrey 803-777-2621 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Bergmans Maggie 803-777-2794 TCL Admin Office-Student Personnel
Bilderback Beth 803-777-7090 SCL Visual Materials
Birchfield Marilee 803-777-4267 TCL Reference
Blessing Edward 803-777-3132 SCL Published Materials
Boland William 803-777-6515 TCL ILL
Boone Elvin 803-777-6540 TCL Cooper Technology Lounge
Boyd Kate 803-777-2249 TCL Digital Activities
Branch Tony 803-777-5228 TCL Computing Services
Brandon John 803-777-6847 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Brown Cherrie 803-777-6841 Moving Image Research Collections
Brown Ron 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
Brown Karen 803-777-2956 TCL Reference
Bunton Glenn 803-777-2903 TCL Computing Services
Cammarata Paul 803-777-1327 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Canty Jessica 803-896-0780 Library Annex
Carroll Jason 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
Ciesielski Amy 803-777-2271 Moving Image Research Collections
Cook Amber 803-777-4877 TCL ILL
Cuthrell Brian 803-777-0569 SCL Manuscripts
Dorr Ann 803-777-2803 TCL Human Resources
Dowell Kathy 803-777-2029 TCL Communications
Doyle Emily 803-777-3470 Business Library
Dubnjakovic Ana 803-777-5425 Music Library
Duncan Graham 803-777-5183 SCL Manuscripts
DuPre Lance 803-777-5209 TCL Computing Services
Edwards Amy 803-777-8702 TCL Reference
Feggans Sherry 803-777-5586 TCL Business Office
Franklin Debra 803-777-4201 TCL Cataloging
Freeman Amie 803-777-2168 TCL ILL
Fulmer Henry 803-777-5746 SCL Manuscripts
Garner Rex 803-777-0612 TCL Shipping & Receiving
Garris Joshua 803-777-7168 TCL Computing Services
Geer Gary 803-777-1953 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Gettys Rebecca 803-777-2115 TCL Administration
Glover Dale 803-777-0612 TCL Shipping & Receiving
Hagstette Todd 803-777-2403 Simms Initiatives
Hallman Daniel 803-896-0780 Library Annex
Hamer Fritz 803-777-3132 SCL Published Materials
Hare Chris 803-777-2804 TCL Computing Services
Harmon Tim 803-777-1667 TCL Facilities
Hartsook Herbert 803-777-0577 Hollings Library, SC Political Collections
Harvey Jessica 803-777-4084 Music Library
Heard Randy 803-777-2389 TCL Computing Services
Heckman Heather 803-777-3277 Moving Image Research Collections
Heiting Jamie 803-896-0781 Library Annex
Heiting John 803-777-7278 South Caroliniana Library
Henderson Joe 803-777-5424 Music Library
Henderson Lawryn 803-896-0783 Preservation Services
Hilton Zella 803-777-8240 Hollings Library, Special Collections
Horton Mary 803-777-3142 TCL Administration
Jones Mary 803-777-7573 TCL Circulation
Keane Kristine 803-777-0847 TCL Computing Services
Keeney Craig 803-777-0569 SCL Published Materials
King Douglas 803-777-2290 TCL Cataloging
King Sean 803-777-0417 TCL ILL
Knox Ashley 803-777-0735 TCL Digital Activities
Kretschmar Andy 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
L'Hommedieu Andrea 803-777-3133 SCL Oral Historian
Learner Stephanie 803-777-5564 TCL Development
Lee Mike 803-777-2760 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Liu May 803-777-2248 TCL Cataloging
Lollis Stan 803-777-4749 Moving Image Research Collections
Lombardo Mandie 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
Mack Jody 803-777-3850 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Magner Katherine 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
Makala Jeffrey 803-777-0296 Hollings Library, Special Collections
Marcil Sallie 803-896-0783 Preservation Services
Marcil Tom 803-777-7149 TCL Reference
McCallister Kathleen 803-777-2397 Hollings Library, Special Collections
McNally Thomas 803-777-6212 TCL Administration
McQuillan David 803-777-4723 TCL Cataloging
Moore Kate 803-777-0578 Hollings Library, SC Political Collections
Moore Kytt 803-777-4207 TCL ILL
Nelson Deborah 803-777-2545 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Newfield Harold 803-777-3132 SCL Published Materials
Nicol-Morris Christine 803-777-0546 TCL Events Coordinator
Olsgaard Jane 803-777-1952 TCL Communications
Pappas Lydia 803-777-3791 Moving Image Research Collections
Phinney Scott 803-777-2948 TCL Cataloging
Pott Beverly 803-777-5712 TCL Documents
Pough Eva 803-777-1909 TCL Circulation
Price Chad 803-777-1834 TCL Circulation
Pukl Joe 803-777-7467 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Reiner Casie 803-777-4844 TCL Cataloging
Rivera Nelson 803-896-0782 Library Annex
Roseberry Rob 803-777-2998 Hollings Library, Special Collections
Sanders Katherine 803-777-7148 TCL Collection Maint.
Schaffer Shanna 803-777-8696 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Schultz Paul 803-777-0327 Hollings Library, Special Collections
Schwartz Lori 803-777-3061 Hollings Library, SC Political Collections
Scott Patrick 803-777-1275 TCL Special Collections
Sheeks Beth 803-777-3147 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Shofner Robert 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
Simmons Timothy 803-777-6244 TCL Reference
Simpson Tonia 803-777-1252 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Singleton Benjamin 803-777-6211 Moving Image Research Collections
Smith Bonnie 803-777-4039 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Smith Joshua 803-777-3145 TCL Circulation
Snediker Kathy 803-777-2346 Business Library
Spillane Jodi 803-777-2530 TCL Cataloging
Steelman Jason 803-777-2610 TCL Computing Services
Stewart Lorrey 803-777-3132 SCL Published Materials
Stewart Linda 803-777-0579 SCL Microfilming
Stokes Allen 803-777-3131 SCL
Stowe Lillian 803-896-0780 Library Annex
Sudduth Bill 803-777-1775 TCL Documents
Sudduth Elizabeth 803-777-5487 Hollings Library, Special Collections
Taylor Caroline 803-777-7439 TCL Circulation
Taylor Roberta 803-777-4867 TCL Reference
Taylor Ross 803-777-4950 TCL Map Library
Thompson Jordan 803-777-8281 TCL LIBR 101 Online Program
Thompson Susan 803-777-8628 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Trepal Amy 803-777-0322 TCL Educational Films
Troyer Ann 803-777-3131 SCL
Turner Donald 803-777-0579 SCL Microfilming
Turner Jack 803-777-8280 TCL LIBR 101 Online Program
Verba Sharon 803-777-8173 TCL Reference
Volmer Mark 803-777-4175 TCL Circulation
Walker Dorothy 803-777-5825 Hollings Library, SC Political Collections
Weathers Virginia 803-777-2807 TCL Public Services
Weeks James 803-896-0780 Library Annex
Werner Dill 803-777-0416 TCL ILL
West Elizabeth 803-777-5158 SCL Univ Archives
Wilder Colin 803-777-2810 Center for Digital Humanities
Williamson Crystal 803-777-5968 TCL Documents
Wilsbacher Greg 803-777-5556 Moving Image Research Collections
Wochner Jen 803-777-2893 Music Library
Woo Gwendolyn 803-777-2756 TCL Acquisitions & Collection Dev.
Wrightenberry Lisa 803-777-6212 TCL Administration
Yerkes Deborah 803-777-5699 TCL Documents
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