During his long career, Felix Bauer wrote in excess of 570, mostly multi movement works. His composition style was extremely eclectic ranging from neo-romantic and neo-classical works to serial works. He covered many genres but most of his music would be considered chamber music. Even a few orchestral pieces were originally scored for the organ rather than the orchestra as their title would suggest. This was likely due to the availability of performers at Erskine College where he spent most of his career. According to information in his unpublished memories, most works written before 1935, when he left Austria, are lost.

USC Music Library is currently the only institution housing Felix Bauer's complete opus and the Thematic Catalog project is intended to promote performance and analysis of his music. The Catalog can be searched and browsed by genre and year of composition adding wealth of previously unavailable information. Each entry contains the catalog (FB) number, title of work, composition date, performance date, recording date, genre, first line of text, instrumentation, duration, list of movements, list of materials included in the USC Music Library collection as well as incipits. The FB catalog numbers were assigned chronologically rather than by genre as vast majority of the music falls under the chamber music category with extremely varied instrumentation.