Photograph of McCutchen House

Slavery at South Carolina College, 1801–1865:

The Foundations of the University of South Carolina

Second Professors House, 1813 [McCutchen House]

Detail of Second Professors House from 1884 Sanborn Map
Second Professors House, 1884 Sanborn Map, SCL

Built in 1813, the Second Professors House, now known as McCutchen House, accommodated two faculty families. Although the names of the original contractor and builder went unrecorded, Clark Waring and a man named Johnson supervised extensive repairs in 1856. At this time, Waring hired a slave carpenter named John who may have assisted in the repairs, along with other slaves Waring hired or owned.

In 1974, long-abandoned slave quarters were discovered in the Second Professors House attic during renovations. Eyewitnesses saw several partitions inscribed with names and dates, along with slave bills of sale corresponding to these names. Jack, a slave hired to work at the college in 1810 and purchased in 1816, may have lived in this attic as his name was among those found there.

The university destroyed the interior quarters around 1975 to install air conditioning and, although some credible witnesses say these quarters “were heavily documented and photographed,” the records have not been located.

Detail of Second Professors House from bird's-eye drawing of Columbia, 1872
Bird’s-eye view of Second Professors House, 1872, LOC
Photograph of Second Professors House, circa 1880
Second Professors House, ca. 1880, SCL
Photograph of Second Professors House, circa 1900
Second Professors House, ca. 1900, SCL