Drawing of South Carolina College campus by Robert Mills, 1823

Slavery at South Carolina College, 1801–1865:

The Foundations of the University of South Carolina

Moments in Time at South Carolina College

As part of our efforts to illuminate the story of slavery at South Carolina College, we offer three “Moments in Time.” The scattered evidence of slaves at the college does not offer enough information to present a complete story of slave life. However, documents from some years and administrations have yielded more detail than others, allowing us to create sketches of the daily tasks and living conditions, and at times to name enslaved individuals. The three Moments in Time here serve as snapshots of the college at distinct periods—1815, the 1830s, and 1859—when both the college and its slaves experienced notable changes. Significant documentation exists for these years, and some images of these historic documents are provided here. We hope these vignettes will bring the daily life of slaves at South Carolina College out of the shadows.