Photograph of Legare College

Slavery at South Carolina College, 1801–1865:

The Foundations of the University of South Carolina

Legare College, 1848

Detail of Legare College from 1884 Sanborn Map
Legare College, 1884 Sanborn Map, SCL

The college hired J. N. Scofield in 1848 to build Legare College as an addition to Pinckney. Two years later, Scofield claimed ownership of a forty-five-year-old slave who may have worked on this project. Once construction was complete, the Clariosophic Society moved into and furnished their new hall on the top floor. Although Legare College and its counterpart Harper College were considered visually unremarkable, their construction and placement continued the practice of expanding the campus through paired buildings that faced each other. A one-and-a-half-story frame locker, which may have been adapted from a slave quarters, stood behind this dormitory in 1884.

Detail of Legare College from bird's-eye drawing of Columbia, 1872
Bird’s-eye view of Legare College, 1872, LOC
Photograph of Legare College, circa 1870
Legare College, ca. 1870, SCL