Shivar Spring Company & Tom McConnell: A Shared Story

And we dug all that pipe all the way from that mineral spring to the old plant down on the railroad.

—Tom McConnell interview, p. 9


Though Shivar Spring Company has gone, evidence of its heyday persists. The company’s pump house still exists at the spring site, and green bottles bearing its trademark survive. The photographers noted below have generously provided images of these reminders of Shivar Spring Company’s history.

Photographs of Shivar Spring Company site, 2011

  • Cisterns, upper site
  • Cistern, upper, with vegetation
  • Looking inside pump house
  • Inside look of pump house
  • Entrance to pump house
  • Brick structure and cistern
  • Written note on pump house wall
  • Cisterns at Shivar Spring lower site
  • Cistern, lower site
  • Remnants, upper site

Courtesy of Chris Wargo (Hydro-Geologist, South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control) and Andrea L’Hommedieu

Photographs of Shivar Spring Company bottles, 2012

  • Shivar Spring crate and bottles
  • Reverse view of Shivar Spring crate and bottles
  • Shivar Spring trademark on bottle
  • Shivar Spring red and white label

Courtesy of Tom Taylor and Andrea L’Hommedieu

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