Shivar Spring Company & Tom McConnell: A Shared Story

For a hundred years, the medicinal qualities of this spring were known and recognized. Farmers, who had horses with galded shoulders or sores of any kind, carried them to the spring …

—Promotional booklet, p. 4

Promotional Booklet

Ca. 1910, the Shivar Spring Company published a small book advertising its mineral water and compiling dozens of unsolicited testimonials. The complete booklet is viewable as a full-text searchable and zoomable image gallery.

Shivar Spring Company booklet
Front cover of Shivar Spring Company promotional booklet, South Caroliniana Library Published Materials

My wife says the Shivar Springs Mineral Water has helped her wonderfully. It relieved the fullness of the Stomach [and] also the Kidney trouble. She can sleep much better now.

Before using Shivar Spring Water I was weak and nervous and could hardly walk but am now feeling fine and take pleasure in recommending it to my friends.

Since drinking Shivar Spring Water for about one month I feel like a different person—rarely ever have sour belches or indigestion.

You will remember that I had five bottles of Shivar Spring water sent to my brother, A. M. Klugh, at Greenwood, S. C. … He has gained 10 pounds since the 15th of June, and can eat anything he wishes with impunity. He says he is now completely cured.

I enclose check for $2.00 for 10 gals. [of] your water for Mrs. J. B. Cook. … The water seems to be curing her. She was given up to die, and is wonderfully improved.

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