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Photo of Dorn addressing teachersDorn addresses a group of teachers in Anderson, South Carolina

During his career, Dorn ran for the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and twice ran for governor. In true Southern tradition, Dorn took to the stump to spread his message to the people of South Carolina. He prided himself on running positive campaigns and relied on his family and friends as his political organization. This collection of audio clips highlights Dorn's passion for public service and ability to tell engaging stories.

1946 Race for Congress

1948 Race for Senate

1974 Race for Governor

1978 Race for Governor

Civil Rights

Born in Greenwood, South Carolina, Dorn was raised in the segregated South. Dorn discusses his political life in this period of "lilly white" primaries, civil rights legislation, and the effects of the Elmore v. Rice decision. These clips highlight the segregationist culture that surrounded Dorn and the events that began to challenge his ideas on race.

Civil Rights


Photo of Dorn and fellow servicemen in World War II

Dorn (far right) poses with fellow serviceman at a winter camp during World War II

In 1942, Dorn resigned from the South Carolina Senate to volunteer for military service in World War II. From then on, Dorn was a passionate advocate for American defense. A self-described "fanatic about air power," Congressman Dorn was active in the movement to create a separate Air Force. A veteran himself, Dorn was a strong proponent for veterans’ services and served as the State Commander in South Carolina for the American Legion. This collection of audio clips represents Dorn's lifelong advocacy for a strong America.

World War II

National Security Act of 1947

Marshall Plan

American Legion

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