School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-VHS McManus, Lanny 1999-04-27

Call Number:R-VHS McManus, Lanny 1999-04-27
Format:VHS Video
Title:McManus Graduate Recital
Performer(s):Lanny McManus, Conductor (Graduate)
Graduate Vocal Ensemble, Other (Graduate)
Virginia Gay Gandy, Soprano (Graduate)
Marlo Taylor, Alto (Graduate)
Benjamin Stapleton, Tenor (Graduate)
David Daniel, Bass (Graduate)
Roxanne Smith, Soprano (Graduate)
Mary Teal, Alto (Graduate)
Notes:Timete dominum / Michael Haydn -- Full fathom five / Charles Wood -- Full fathom five / Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Rondes / Folke Rabe -- Not a day goes by / Stephen Sondheim -- Trois chanson / Maurice Ravel -- Of crickets and daffodils / Randall Reese.

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