School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Christie, Laury 1997-01-23

Call Number:R-CD Christie, Laury 1997-01-23
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Lyrical Landscapes of the Twentieth Century
Performer(s):Laury Christie, Soprano (Faculty)
Stephen Tyler, Piano (Faculty)
Constance Lane, Flute (Faculty)
Douglas Graham, Clarinet (Faculty)
Notes:Two Browning songs, op. 44 / Amy Marcy Cheney Beach -- Seven early songs: Die Nachtigall; Im Zimmer; Liebesode / Alban Berg -- Selige Nacht ; Waldseligkeit ; Hat Dich die Liede berueht / Joseph Marx -- The singer ; Bird song / Michael Head -- "Chicago poems" of Carl Sandburg: The fog; Clark Street Bridge; Winds of the windy city / Reginald Bain -- Songs from letters: Calamity Jane to her daughter Janey; So like your father′s; He never misses; A man can love two women; A working woman; All I have / Libby Larsen -- Villanelle / Eva Dell′Acqua.

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