School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Go, Young-Shin 1999-11-01

Call Number:R-CD Go, Young-Shin 1999-11-01
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Young-Shin Go Composition Recital
Performer(s):Crystal Barrett, Oboe (Doctoral)
Young-Shin Go, Piano (Doctoral)
Dawn Robinson, Flute (Doctoral)
Guo-Sheng Huang, Cello (Doctoral)
Christie Inman, Soprano (Doctoral)
Deanna Foster, Alto (Doctoral)
Reginald Jennings, Tenor (Doctoral)
Kevin Eckard, Bass (Doctoral)
Casey Gooding, Trumpet (Doctoral)
Michael Foxworth, Trumpet (Doctoral)
Robert Reardon, Horn (Doctoral)
Nick Adams, Trombone (Doctoral)
Justice Perkins, Tuba (Doctoral)
Notes:A melancholic suite for oboe and piano -- Piano trio for flute, cello, and piano -- Two preludes for piano solo -- Kyrie and two hymns for soprano, alto, tenor and bass -- Brass quintet / Young-Shin Go.

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