School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD USC Left Bank 2000-02-25 Disc 2

Call Number:R-CD USC Left Bank 2000-02-25 Disc 2
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Ellington: The Best of the Sacred Concerts Disc 2
Performer(s):Roger Pemberton, Conductor (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Larry Wyatt, Conductor (SOM Ensemble Concert)
DIck Goodwin, Trumpet (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Douglas Graham, Clarinet (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Scott Wild, Narrator (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Reginald "Bubba" Smith, Dancer (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Notes:Almighty God -- Come Sunday -- It\′s freedom -- My love -- Praise God and dance / Duke Ellington.

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