School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Nutter, Meredith 2001-11-06

Call Number:R-CD Nutter, Meredith 2001-11-06
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Nutter Doctoral Recital
Performer(s):Meredith Nutter, Soprano (Graduate)
Jun Matsuo, Piano (Graduate)
Notes:Tomami a vagheggiar / George Frideric Handel -- La moza y los calvos ; El tumba y le ; Confiado jilguweillo / Fernando J. Obradors -- From Spanisches liederbach: In dem schatten meiner locken; Klinge, klinge, mein pandero; Mogen alle bosen zungen / Hugo Wolf -- Ouvre ton coeur / George Bizet -- Vocalise-etude / Maurice Ravel -- Les filles de cadix / Leo Delibes -- From Sonnets from the portuguese: I thought once how theocritus had sun; My letters!; How do I love thee? / Libby Larsen.

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