School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD September Concerts 2002-09-15

Call Number:R-CD September Concerts 2002-09-15
Format:Compact Disc
Title:September Concert II
Performer(s):William Terwilliger, Violin (September Concert Series)
Robert Jesselson, Cello (September Concert Series)
Winifred Goodwin, Piano (September Concert Series)
Constance Lane, Flute (September Concert Series)
Charles Fugo, Piano (September Concert Series)
Bradley Edwards, Trombone (September Concert Series)
Donald Gray, Baritone (September Concert Series)
Sharon Rattray, Piano (September Concert Series)
Reginald Bain, Trumpet (September Concert Series)
Notes:Three gulla tunes / Edward Hart -- Sonatina for flute and piano / Eldin Burton -- Aria and polonaise / Jospeh Jongren -- Four songs / Robert Schumann -- International suite for piano / Richard Maltz -- Sins of the past / Reginald Bain.

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