School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD USC Faculty 2003-11-06

Call Number:R-CD USC Faculty 2003-11-06
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Faculty Recital
Performer(s):William Bates, Organ (Faculty)
William Terwilliger, Violin (Faculty)
Robert Jesselson, Cello (Faculty)
Winifred Goodwin, Piano (Faculty)
Helen Tintes-Schuermann, Mezzo-soprano (Faculty)
Charles Fugo, Piano (Faculty)
Marina Lomazov, Piano (Faculty)
Clifford Leaman, Soprano saxophone (Faculty)
Jamal Rossi, Alto saxophone (Faculty)
Andrew Gowan, Tenor saxophone (Faculty)
Doug Graham, Baritone saxophone (Faculty)
Notes:Fugue in G minor, BWV 542/2 / Johann Sebastian Bach -- A swing through time / Gordon Goodwin -- Four songs. Christ is risen ; The soldier′s wife ; To the children ; Spring waters / Sergei Rachmaninoff -- Hungarian Rhapsody no. 12 in C-sharp minor / Franz Liszt -- Drastic measures / Russell Peck.

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