School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-14

Call Number:R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-14
Format:Compact Disc
Title:University September Concerts #2
Performer(s):Laury Christie, Soprano (September Concert Series)
Doug Graham, Clarinet (September Concert Series)
Lynn Kompass, Piano (September Concert Series)
Bert Ligon, Piano (September Concert Series)
Tom Hildreth, Bass (September Concert Series)
Quentin Baxter, Percussion (September Concert Series)
Brad Edwards, Trombone (September Concert Series)
Jacob Will, Bass-baritone (September Concert Series)
Charles Fugo, Percussion (September Concert Series)
Scott Price, Piano (September Concert Series)
Andrew Gowan, Tenor saxophone (September Concert Series)
DIck Goodwin, Reader (September Concert Series)
Notes:Excerpts from the song cycle, To be sung on [i.e. upon] the water: for soprano, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano. Prologue: Shadow and substance ; The lake at night ; Hymn near the rapids ; Epilogue: De profundis / Diminick Argento -- Lady′s Choice ; Skies of Texas / Bert Ligon -- Tabloid : for trombone & newspaper reader / C. Barber -- Michelangelo Lieder. Wohl denk′ ich oft ; Alles endet, was entstehet ; Fuhlt meine Seele / Hugo Wolf -- Allegro de concierto / Enrique Granados --Alley dance / Benjamin Boone.

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