School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-07

Call Number:R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-07
Format:Compact Disc
Title:University September Concerts #1
Performer(s):Helen Tintes-Schuermann, Mezzo-soprano (September Concert Series)
Constance Lane, Flute (September Concert Series)
Jerry Curry, Harpsichord (September Concert Series)
William Terwilliger, Violin (September Concert Series)
Robert Jesselson, Cello (September Concert Series)
Winifred Goodwin, Piano (September Concert Series)
Carl Lowe, Bassoon (September Concert Series)
Lynn Kompass, Piano (September Concert Series)
Andrew Cooperstock, Piano (September Concert Series)
Notes:[From] Cantata, BWV 119. Die obrigkeit ist Gottes Gabe / Johann Sebastian Bach -- A swing thru time / Gordon (Dick) Goodwin -- Trio op. 33 no. 3 for bassoon, violin, and cello / Gebauer -- Four songs. Christ is risen ; The soldier′s wife ; To the children ; Spring waters / Sergei Rachmaninoff -- Sonata for violin and piano, no. 1, op. 46 / Lowell Liebermann

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