School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Southern Exposure 2003-04-08

Call Number:R-CD Southern Exposure 2003-04-08
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Southern Exposure/USC Computer Music Concert
Performer(s):Scott Lindroth, Other (Southern Exposure)
Brad Edwards, Trombone (Southern Exposure)
Abby McKee, Flute (Southern Exposure)
USC Graduate Saxophone Quartet, Small ensemble (Southern Exposure)
Petrea Warneck, Oboe (Southern Exposure)
Rebecca Nagel, Oboe (Southern Exposure)
Southern Exposure New Music Ensemble, Small ensemble (Southern Exposure)
John Fitz Rogers, Conductor (Southern Exposure)
Britt Cameron, Percussion (Southern Exposure)
Notes:Bell plates : (2002), for percussion solo and electronic sounds / Scott Lindroth -- NoaNoa : (1992), for flute and electronics / Kaija Saariaho -- Pitch black : (1998), for saxophone quartet and electronic sounds / Jacob ter Veldhuis -- Terza rima : (1995), for oboe and live electronics / Scott Lindroth -- Degrees of accuracy : (2002), for trombone and computer-generated sounds / Reginald Bain -- Firecracker : (1991) / Michael Daugherty

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