School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD University September Concert Series 2009-09-20

Call Number:R-CD University September Concert Series 2009-09-20
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series 2009#3
Performer(s):Clifford Leaman, Saxophone (Faculty)
Marina Lomazov, Piano (Faculty)
Joseph Rackers, Piano (Faculty)
Peter Kolkay, Bassoon (Faculty)
Robert Jesselson, Cello (Faculty)
Michael Harley, Bassoon (Faculty)
Jenifer Parker Harley, Flute (Faculty)
Rebecca Nagel, Oboe (Faculty)
Joseph Eller, Clarinet (Faculty)
Notes:Hard Fairy(1994); Fitkin - Two rags; Frackenpohl - Trio; Corea - Six strokes(2000); Pann - In anticipation; Jacobsen - Garden of Eden suite; Bolcom - Sextet for piano and winds,H.174(1929); Martinu.

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