School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-RT Dooley, Richard W.1981-05-03

Call Number:R-RT Dooley, Richard W.1981-05-03
Format:Reel to Reel
Title:Dooley Graduate Guitar Recital
Performer(s):Wayne Richard Dooley, Guitar (Graduate)
Notes:Ductia ; Estampie / anon.(13th cent.) -- Knowles, his galliard / anon. (16th cent.) -- Tarleton′s riserrectione / John Dowland -- Oulde spannyshe paven / anon. (16th cent.) -- Prelude, fugue and allegro, BWV 998 / J.S. Bach -- Variations on a theme of Handel, op. 107 / Mauro Giuliani -- Homenaje (Le tombeau de Debussy) / Manuel de Falla -- Sonatina, op. 51 / Lennox Berkeley.

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