School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-RT Brimer, Jenny 1976-07-23

Call Number:R-RT Brimer, Jenny 1976-07-23
Format:Reel to Reel
Title:Brimer Graduate Vocal Recital
Performer(s):Jenny Brimer, Mezzo-soprano (Graduate)
Michael Fauss, Piano (Graduate)
Notes:Chanson d′Orkenise ‪(‬Apollinaire‪)‬ / Francis Poulenc -- Hôtel ‪(‬Apollinaire‪)‬ / Francis Poulenc -- Pourquoi / Olivier Messiaen -- Tu dors ‪(‬Émié‪)‬ / André Jolivet -- Quel galant m′est comparable? / Maurice Ravel -- Tout gai! / Maurice Ravel -- Mignon ‪(‬Goethe‪)‬ / Hugo Wolf -- Four songs from ‪"‬Italienisches Liederbuch‪"‬ ‪(‬Heyse‪)‬ / Hugo Wolf -- I have heard the hoofbeats of happiness ; The weed ; Peregrine ; Now God be thanked for mutability ‪(‬from ‪"‬Mutability‪"‬, poems by Irene Orgel‪)‬ / Irving Fine -- To this we′ve come ‪(‬aria from ‪"‬The Consul‪"‬‪)‬ / Gian-Carlo Menotti -- La nuit ‪(‬Saint-Amant‪)‬ / Jacques Leguerney -- Cinco canciones populares Argentinas / Alberto Ginastera.

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