School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-RT Stokes, Porter 1977-06-24

Call Number:R-RT Stokes, Porter 1977-06-24
Format:Reel to Reel
Title:Stokes Graduate Vocal Recital
Performer(s):James Porter Stokes II, Vocal (Graduate)
Carolyn Karpinos, Piano (Graduate)
Notes:Fili Mi, Absalon / Heinrich Schütz -- Die Winterreise / Franz Schubert -- Le Bestiaire / Francis Poulenc -- Mimaamaquim / Arthur Honegger -- Drum ; I could think / Sergius Kagan ; On his mistress ; The Moor ; An Elegy on the death of a mad dog / Robin Milford -- Hat man nicht anch Gold daneben ‪(‬Fidelio‪)‬ / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Dormiro sol nel manto mio regal ‪(‬Don Carlo‪)‬ / Giuseppe Verdi.

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