School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-RT Cardwell, Harry1974-03-10

Call Number:R-RT Cardwell, Harry1974-03-10
Format:Reel to Reel
Title:Cardwell / Fugo Faculty Recital
Performer(s):Harry Cardwell, Tenor (Faculty)
Charles Fugo, Piano (Faculty)
Evelyn McGarrity, Mezzo-soprano (Faculty)
Fred Teuber, Horn (Faculty)
Notes:Canticle I, op. 40 ; Canticle II, op. 51 ; Canticle III, op. 55 / Benjamin Britten -- Three Birdsongs / Darrell Handel -- Lullaby of the Lake ; I Heard Thee Singing / Alan Hovhaness.

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