School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-RT Thompson, Sharon 1981-04-02

Call Number:R-RT Thompson, Sharon 1981-04-02
Format:Reel to Reel
Title:Thompson Graduate Vocal Recital
Performer(s):Sharon Thompson, Soprano (Graduate)
David Thompson, Piano (Graduate)
Notes:Let the bright seraphim / George Frederick Handel -- Recitative and aria from "Don Giovanni", "In quali eccesi, o numi" ; "Mi tradi quel′alma ingrata" / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- Aria from "La Boheme", "Donde lieta" / Giacomo Puccini -- O kuhler Wald / Johannes Brahms -- Allerseelen / Richard Strauss -- Auflosung / Franz Schubert -- Early in the morning ; Youth, day, old age, and night / Ned Rorem -- The time for making songs has come / James H. Rogers -- The lemon-colored dodo / Irving Mopper -- Love went a-riding / Frank Bridge -- Recitative and aria from "The old maid and the thief", "What a curse for a woman" ; "Steal me sweet thief" / Gian-Carlo Menotti -- Aria from "Manon Lescaut", "Sola perduta abbandonata" / Giacomo Puccini.

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