School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2009-03-17

Call Number:R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2009-03-17
Format:Compact Disc
Title:USC Symphony Orchestra
Performer(s):Donald Portnoy, Conductor (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Chun-Yi Liu, Conductor (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Suzanna Pavlosky, Conductor (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Marina Lomazov, Piano (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Katherine Harris, Piano (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Mary Therese Heintzkill, Soprano (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Luis Rivera, Vibraphone (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Notes:Piano Concerto no.1 in E-flat major,LW H4; Liszt - "O luce di quest anima" from Linda di CHamounix; Donizetti - Cocerto for vibraphone and string orchestra (Mvt.II); Sejourne - Piano concerto no.2 in C minor,op.19; Rachmaninoff

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