School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Carrasco, Jacqui 2008-10-07

Call Number:R-CD Carrasco, Jacqui 2008-10-07
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Carrasco Guest Artist Concert
Performer(s):Jacqui Carrasco, Violin (Guest)
Lynn Kompass, Piano (Guest)
Bert Ligon, Piano (Guest)
Craig Butterfield, Bass (Guest)
Notes:Summertime/A Woman Is A Sometime Thing / trans. Jascha Heifetz -- My Man′s Gone Now / trans. Jascha Heifetz -- Bess, You Is My Woman Now / trans. Jascha Heifetz -- It Ain′t Necessarily So / trans. Jascha Heifetz -- Strike Up the Band / George Gershwin -- Oh, Lady Be Good! / George Gershwin -- How Long Has this Been Going On? / George Gershwin -- A Foggy Day / George Gershwin -- Someone to Watch Over Me / George Gershwin -- Who Cares? / George Gershwin.

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