School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-TP Whitson, Jeff 1996-03-25

Call Number:R-TP Whitson, Jeff 1996-03-25
Format:Cassette Tape
Title:Jeff Whitson Graduate Recital
Performer(s):Jeff Whitson, Tenor (Graduate)
Allison Hilbish, Piano (Graduate)
Notes:Hark! how all things in one sound rejoice ‪(‬from The fairy queen‪)‬ / Henry Purcell -- Frondi tenere ; Ombra mai fu ‪(‬from Serse‪)‬ / George Frideric Handel -- Hark! the ech′ing air ‪(‬from The fairy queen‪)‬ / Henry Purcell -- Die Schöne Müllerin, op. 25 / Franz Schubert -- D′une prison ; Infidelité ; A Chloris ; Si mes vers avaient des ailes / Reynaldo Hahn -- Heavenly grass ; Lonesome man ; Cabin ; Sugar in the cane ‪(‬from Blue Mountain Ballads‪)‬ / Paul Bowles.

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