School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-TP Pope, Wayne 1989-11-30

Call Number:R-TP Pope, Wayne 1989-11-30
Format:Cassette Tape
Title:Wayne Pope Doctoral Recital
Performer(s):Wayne Pope, Vocal (Doctoral)
Gregory Boarwright, Piano (Doctoral)
Notes:Thy glorious deeds inspired my tongue ‪(‬from Samson‪)‬ / George Frideric Handel -- Der Jäger ; Um Mitternacht ; Der Gärtner ; Verborgenheit ; Abshied ‪(‬from Mörike Lieder‪)‬ / Hugo Wolf -- Les Prenoir des deux amants / Claude Debussy -- Deh vieni alla finestra ‪(‬from Don Giovanni‪)‬ / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- I cannot sing tonight ; Thou art the queen of my song ; Why, no one to love? ; There are plenty of fish in the sea / Stephen Foster -- Warm as the autumn light / Moore.

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