School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-TP Warshauer, Maxine M. 1989-04-03

Call Number:R-TP Warshauer, Maxine M. 1989-04-03
Format:Cassette Tape
Title:Maxine Warshauer Graduate Recital
Performer(s):Leigh D. Soufas, Speaker (Graduate)
South Carolina Philharmonic Chorus, Small ensemble (Graduate)
South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra, Large ensemble (Graduate)
Upton Trio, Small ensemble (Graduate)
Maxine M. Warshauer, Composer (Graduate)
Donald Portnoy, Conductor (Graduate)
Hillel Festival Orchestra, Large ensemble (Graduate)
Laury Christie, Soprano (Graduate)
Gene Ferguson, Tenor (Graduate)
Leigh D. Soufas, Speaker (Graduate)
Notes:Side 1. Shacharit -- Side 2. As the waters cover the sea (a tribute to Mozart) ; Elcha.

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