School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-TP Thompson-Broussard, T. 1999-01-25

Call Number:R-TP Thompson-Broussard, T. 1999-01-25
Format:Cassette Tape
Title:Tina Thompson-Broussard Doctoral Recital
Performer(s):Tina Thompson - Broussard, Soprano (Doctoral)
Sharon Hudson, Piano (Doctoral)
Notes:Johannespassion. Ich folge dir gleichfalls ; Zerfliesse mein Herze / Johann Sebastian Bach -- Ariettes oubliées / Claude Debussy -- La Sonnambula. Ah, non credea ; Ah! Non giunge / Vincenzo Bellini -- Canticle I : My beloved is mine and I am his / Benjamin Britten -- Cuatro madrigales amatorios / Joaquin Rodrigo.

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