School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Renaissance Singers 2007-03-22

Call Number:R-CD Renaissance Singers 2007-03-22
Format:Compact Disc
Title:USC Renaissance Singers
Performer(s):Sonja Sepulveda, Conductor (SOM Ensemble Concert)
Notes:Alla cazza -- Un gentil amoureux / Claude le Jeune -- Heigh ho! ′Chill go to plough / John Mundy -- Matona, mia cara / Orlando di Lasso -- Of all the birds that I do knew / John Bartlet -- Ave Maria / Jacques Arcadelt -- Jesu dulcis memoria / T.L. Victoria -- Exultate Justi / Lodovico Grossi da Viadana -- O clap your hands / Orlando Gibbons -- Ach, weh des Leiden / Hans Leo Hassler -- Or si rallegri il cielo / Giaches de Wert -- Contrapunto bestiale alla mente / Adriano Banchieri -- O grief ev′n on the bud ; Now is the month of maying / Thomas Morley -- Con amores, la mi madre -- Ah, dear heart / Orlando Gibbons -- Four arms, two necks, one wreathing / Thomas Weelkes -- The three ravens / Thomas Ravenscroft -- Blackbird / John Lennon and Paul McCartney -- One minute madrigal / Donald Moore.

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