School of Music Recital Catalog: Entry for R-CD Cook, Samuel 2007-02-25

Call Number:R-CD Cook, Samuel 2007-02-25
Format:Compact Disc
Title:Cook Guest Artist Recital
Performer(s):Samuel Cook, Tenor (Guest)
Joseph Rackers, Piano (Guest)
Notes:When I lay my burden down / arr. Michael Ching -- Nobody knows the trouble I see Lord ; Sometimes I feel like a motherless child ; Don′t feel no-ways tired / arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston -- Hold on / arr. Michael Ching -- Were you there? ; Who is dat-a-yonder? / arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston -- He′s got the whole world in his hands / arr. Moses Hogan -- You mus′ be new-born again! / arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston -- Give me Jesus! / arr. Moses Hogan -- Ride on king Jesus! / arr. Hal Johnson -- Deep river / arr. Moses Hogan -- Ain′t-a that good news / arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston.

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