School of Music Recital Catalog

Below is the full listing of all recitails currently in the catalog. Click on the recital call number to view the complete details of the recital. The recitals are ordered by title.

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Ben-Sasson, Ira -E 2017-03-27Ben-Sasson Guest Artist RecitalCD3/27/2017
R$-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2014-10-14USC Symphonic WindsCD10/14/2014
R-CB Witherall / Fox 2016-03-28Witherall Jr. / Fox Masters Concerto RecitalCD3/28/2016
R-CD Kerr, Yewon 2014-03-18Kerr Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2014
R-CD North American Saxophone Conference 2003-03-06North American Saxophone Alliance (10 sound discs)CD3/6/2003
R-CD Quiriga, Adrian 2016-12-02Quiroga Graduate RecitalCD12/2/2016
R-CD Southern Exposure 2014-09-26Southern Exposure New Music Series : Brooklyn RiderCD9/26/2014
R-CD Southern Exposure 2016-01-29Southern Exposure Ne Music Series & xMuse; Exposed Wiring VCD1/29/2016
R-CD University Chorus / Concert Choir 2015-02-05University Chorus and Concert ChoirCD2/5/2015
R-CD USC Jazz Faculty 2017-03-23Jazz Faculty RecitalCD3/23/2017
R-CD Zhang, Susan 2014-10-29Zhang Graduate RecitalCD10/29/2014
R-CD 2004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 1 2004-06-122004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 1CD6/12/2004
R-CD 2004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 2 2004-06-122004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 2CD6/12/2004
R-CD 2004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 3 2004-06-122004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 3CD6/12/2004
R-CD 2004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 4 2004-06-122004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi MC Disc 4CD6/12/2004
R-CD 2004 SE Piano Festival Young Artist Concert 2004-06-112004 SE Piano Festival Young Artist ConcertCD6/11/2004
R-CD 2005 SE Piano Festival Young Artist Concert 2005-06-172005 SE Piano Festival: Young Artist ConcertCD6/17/2005
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival 2006-06-112006 SE Piano Fest: Piano FireworksCD6/11/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival 2006-06-152006 SE Piano Fest: Nakamatsu Guest Artist RecitalCD6/15/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival Ann Schein 2006-06-142006 SE Piano Fest: Ann Schein Guest Artist RecitalCD6/14/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival Di Wu 2006-06-132006 SE Piano Fest: Wu Guest Artist RecitalCD6/13/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival Leo Svirsky 2006-06-142006 SE Piano Fest: Svirsky Guest Artist RecitalCD6/14/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival Phillip Bush 2006-06-122006 SE Piano Fest: Bush Guest Artist RecitalCD6/12/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival Winner's Concert 2006-06-162006 SE Piano Festival: Winners′ ConcertCD6/16/2006
R-CD 2006 SE Piano Festival Young Artist Concert 2006-06-162006 SE Piano Fest: Young Artist ConcertCD6/16/2006
R-CD 2009 CSMC 2009-06-222009 CSMC Faculty Recital ICD6/22/2009
R-CD 2009 CSMC 2009-06-232009 CSMC Faculty Recital IICD6/22/2009
R-CD 2009 CSMC 2009-06-242009 CSMC Participants ICD6/29/2009
R-CD 2009 CSMC 2009-06-252009 CSMC Participants IICD6/25/2009
R-CD 2009 CSMC 2009-06-262009 CSMC Participants IIICD6/26/2009
R-CD 2009 CSMC 2009-06-272009 CSMC Participants IVCD6/27/2009
R-CD 2009 S E Piano Festival 2009-06-07Piano Fireworks GalaCD6/7/2009
R-CD 2009 S E Piano Festival 2009-06-08Alumni Celebration ConcertCD6/8/2009
R-CD 2009 S E Piano Festival 2009-06-09Rising Star Showcase Recital-Ran DankCD6/9/2009
R-CD 2009 S E piano Festival 2009-06-11Taylor Artist Showcase RecitalCD6/11/2009
R-CD 2009 S E piano Festival 2009-06-13Winners′ ConcertCD6/13/2009
R-CD 2009 S E Piano Festival 209-06-10Kasman Artist Showcase RecitalCD6/10/2009
R-CD 2009 S E Piano Festival 209-06-11Peter Takacs LectureCD6/11/2009
R-CD 2010 CSMC 2010-06-21Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Faculty RecitalCD6/21/2010
R-CD 2010 CSMC 2010-06-22Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Faculty RecitalCD6/22/2010
R-CD 2010 CSMC 2010-06-24Carlina Summer Music Conservatory : Student Reciatl 1CD6/24/2010
R-CD 2010 CSMC 2010-06-25Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student Recital 2CD6/26/2010
R-CD 2010 CSMC 2010-06-26Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student Chamber RecitalCD6/26/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E Piano Festival 2010-06-13Piano Fireworks GalaCD6/13/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E Piano Festival 2010-06-15Plano Guest Artist RecitalCD6/15/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-14Alumni Celebration ConcertCD6/14/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-14BJohn Kenneth Adams Piano PortraitCD6/14/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-14CTang MasterclassCD6/14/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-16Yablonskaya Guest Artist RecitalCD6/16/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-17Ying Guest Artist RecitalCD6/17/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-19Ying MasterclassCD6/19/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-19BYablonskaya MasterclassCD6/19/2010
R-CD 2010 S.E. Piano Festival 2010-06-19CWinners ConcertCD6/19/2010
R-CD 2011 CSMC 2011-06-20Carolina Summer Music ConservatoryCD6/20/2011
R-CD 2011 Southeastern Piano Festival 2011 -06-122011 South eastern Piano FestivalCD6/12/2011
R-CD 2012 CSMC 2012-06-18Carolina Summmer Music Conservatory Faculty RecitalCD6/18/2012
R-CD 2012 CSMC 2012-06-19Carolina Summmer Music Conservatory Faculty RecitalCD6/19/2012
R-CD 2012 CSMC 2012-06-21Carolina Summmer Music Conservatory Participants ICD6/21/2012
R-CD 2012 CSMC 2012-06-22Carolina Summmer Music Conservatory Participants IICD6/22/2012
R-CD 2012 CSMC 2012-06-23Carolina Summmer Music Conservatory Participants IIICD6/23/2012
R-CD 2012 Percussion Festival 2012-09-272012 Percussion Festival / Southern ExposureCD9/27/2012
R-CD 2012 Southeastern Piano Festival 2012-06-102012 Southeastern Piano FestivalCD6/8/2012
R-CD 2012-02-27Binder Gusest Artist ConcertCD2/27/2012
R-CD 2013 S.E. Piano Festival 2013 -06-152013 Southeastern Piano Festival : Festival WinnersCD6/15/2013
R-CD 2013 S.E. Piano Festival 2013-06-092013 Southeastern Piano Festival : Piano Fireworks Gala ConcertCD6/9/2013
R-CD 2013 S.E. Piano Festival 2013-06-102013 Southeastern Piano Festival : Alumni Celebration ConcertCD6/10/2013
R-CD 2013 S.E. Piano Festival 2013-06-112013 Southeastern Piano Festival : Rising Star ShowcaseCD6/11/2013
R-CD 2013 S.E. Piano Festival 2013-06-122013 Southeastern Piano Festival:Artist ShowcaseCD6/12/2013
R-CD 2014-03-30 USC Percussion EnsembleUSC Percussion EnsembleCD3/30/2014
R-CD 2015 Southeastern Piano Festival 2015-0614Southeastern Piano FestivalCD6/14/2015
R-CD 2015/04/05 Carteret, Justin XavierThe Recitals of Justin Xavier CarteretCD4/5/2015
R-CD 2016 USC Band Clinic 2016-02-11@016 USC Band Clinic: Jazz and PercussionCD2/11/2016
R-CD 282nd Army Jazz Ensemble, Ft. Jackson, SC 2004-11-10282nd Army Jazz Ensemble from Ft. Jackson, SCCD11/10/2004
R-CD A Day of Singing 2005-10-01A Day of SingingCD10/1/2005
R-CD A Day of Singing 2007-10-27A Day of SingingCD10/27/2007
R-CD Abufaiad, Verena 2016-11-30Abufaiad Graduate RecitalCD11/30/2016
R-CD Ackley Faulty / Hudson Guest recital 2014-09-09Hudson Guest Artist / Ackley Faculty RecitalCD9/9/2014
R-CD Ackley, James 2007-11-26Ackley Faculty RecitalCD11/26/2007
R-CD Ackley, James 2008-10-13Ackley Faculty RecitalCD10/13/2008
R-CD Ackley, James 2010-10-11Ackley Faculty RecitalCD10/11/2010
R-CD Ackley, James 2011-02-27Trio en CuivreCD2/27/2011
R-CD Ackley, James 2012-08-27Ackley Faculty RecitalCD8/27/2012
R-CD Ackley, James 2015-01-23Ackley Faculty RecitalCD1/25/2015
R-CD Ackley, James 2016-09-21Ackley Faculty RecitalCD9/21/2016
R-CD Ackley, James A. 11-04-2011Ackley / Vizzutti Faculty RecitalCD11/4/2011
R-CD Ackley/Edwards/Rackers 2009-03-05Ackley/Edwards/Rackers Faculty RecitalCD3/5/2009
R-CD Adams, John Kenneth 1999-11-09Enoch Arden: A Melodrama for Piano and NarratorCD11/9/1999
R-CD Adams, John Kenneth 2000-03-14Adams Faculty RecitalCD3/14/2000
R-CD Adams, John Kenneth 2002-03-07Holding and Adams Faculty RecitalCD3/7/2002
R-CD Adams, John Kenneth 2003-03-20Adams Faculty RecitalCD3/20/2003
R-CD Adams, John Kenneth 2003-06-09Adams Faculty Recital: A Piano Portrat..."Claude Debussy - Master of Dreams"CD6/9/2003
R-CD Adams, John Kenneth 2006-10-24Adams Faculty RecitalCD10/24/2006
R-CD Adams, Vira 2012-03-19Adams Graduate RecitalCD3/19/2012
R-CD Adams, Vira 2013-03-21Adams Graduate RecitalCD3/21/2013
R-CD Adams, Vira 2014-11-11Adams Graduate RecitalCD11/11/2014
R-CD Adams, Vira 2015-03-05Adams Graduate Concerto RecitalCD3/5/2015
R-CD Akbar, Ismail A. 2013-01-24Akbar Performance Sertificate RecitalCD1/24/2013
R-CD Alarm Will Sound 2006-01-29Southern Exposure: Alarm Will SoundCD1/29/2006
R-CD Aletheia Duo 2015-02-23Aletheia DuoCD2/23/2015
R-CD Alewine, Gregory 1999-11-01Greg Alewine Graduate RecitalCD11/1/1999
R-CD Aliverti, Madalena 2000-04-09Aliverti Graduate RecitalCD4/9/2000
R-CD Allen Doctoral Recital 2012-10-02Allen Doctoral RecitalCD10/2/2012
R-CD Allen, Andrew 2013-04-22Allen Graduate Chamber RecitalCD4/22/2013
R-CD Allen, Andrew J. 2012-02-02Allen Candidacy RecitalCD2/2/2012
R-CD Allen, Andrew J. 2013-02-04Allen Graduate RecitalCD2/4/2013
R-CD Allen, Andrew J. 2013-11-04Allen Doctoral RecitalCD11/4/2013
R-CD Alley, Matthew 2011-10-17Alley Graduate RecitalCD10/17/2011
R-CD American Arts Trio 2000-02-22American Arts TrioCD2/22/2000
R-CD American Horn Quartet 2009-03-18American Horn Quartet Guest Artist ConcertCD3/18/2009
R-CD Amos, Diana 2011-09-01Amos Graduate RecitalCD9/1/2011
R-CD Amos, Diana 2013-10-08Amos Graduate RecitalCD10/8/2013
R-CD Anderson, Stephen 2010-10-10Stephen Anderson TrioCD10/18/2010
R-CD Anderson, Timothy 2011-02-21Anderson, Siebert, Muhlbock Guest Artist RecitalCD2/21/2011
R-CD Andrews, Christopher 2010-03-26Andrews Masters RecitalCD3/26/2010
R-CD Andy LaVerne Trio 2005-11-16Andy LaVerne TrioCD11/16/2005
R-CD AniMaDuo 2015-11-03AniMa DuoCD11/3/2015
R-CD Anonie, William 2013-03-06Anonie Candidacy RecitalCD3/6/2013
R-CD Anonie, William 2014-03-17Anonie Graduate RecitalCD3/17/2014
R-CD Anonie, William 2015-11-09Anonie Doctoral RecitalCD11/9/2015
R-CD Anonie, William J. 2015-03-23Anonie Graduate RecitalCD3/23/2015
R-CD Aponte, Sylvia 2007-03-21Aponte Graduate RecitalCD3/21/2007
R-CD Aragon, Estela 2013-11-25Aragon Graduate RecitalCD11/25/2013
R-CD Aragon, Estela 2014-04-21Aragon Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2014
R-CD Araujo / Lapin 2008-10-17de Araujo/Lapin Concerto RecitalCD10/17/2008
R-CD Army Blues Jazz Ensemble 2004-11-10Army Blues Jazz EnsembleCD11/10/2004
R-CD Ashford and Simpson Masterclass 2010-02-25CSAM and the Auntie Karen Foundation Presents Ashford and Simpson MastercalssCD2/25/2010
R-CD Asmus, Matthew 2007-03-28Asmus Graduate RecitalCD3/28/2007
R-CD Assembly Saxophone Quartet 2005-02-16Assembly Saxophone QuartetCD2/16/2005
R-CD ASTA 2015-02-08ASTA: Strings in SilhouetteCD2/8/2015
R-CD ASTA -Strings in Silhouette 2009-01-18ASTA-Strings in SilhouetteCD1/18/2009
R-CD ASTA Strings in Silhouette 2014-01-31ASTA Strings in SilhouetteCD1/31/2014
R-CD Audi, Carlos 2008-10-14Audi Guest ConcertCD10/14/2008
R-CD Aughtry/Ani Guest Artist Recital 2004-11-03The United States Army Band "Pershing′s Own" featuring Aughtry / AniCD11/3/2004
R-CD Austin, Rich 2002-03-04Austin Graduate RecitalCD3/4/2002
R-CD Austin, Rich 2003-01-22Austin Graduate RecitalCD1/22/2003
R-CD AweaDuo 2013-01-24Awea Duo Guest Artist RecitalCD1/24/2013
R-CD Babbitt, Mark 2012-03-19Babbitt Guest Artist RecitalCD3/19/2012
R-CD Bach 2000 2000-01-25Bach 2000 - Chamber MusicCD1/25/2000
R-CD Bae, Jangeun 2010-02-17Jangeun Bae Sextet Guest Artist RecitalCD2/17/2010
R-CD Bai, Tie 2012-04-04Bai Guest RecitalCD4/4/2012
R-CD Bailey, Zuill 1999-11-15Zuill Bailey Guest Artist RecitalCD11/15/1999
R-CD Baird, Ravis 2015-01-25Baird Graduate RecitalCD1/25/2015
R-CD Baird, Travis N.2015-12-01Baird Graduate RecitalCD12/1/2015
R-CD Balfe, Kathleen 2002-01-19Balfe Cello ConcertCD1/19/2002
R-CD Balsom, Meagan 2014-04-10Balsom Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2014
R-CD Baltimore Guitar Duo 2017-02-24Baltimore Guitar Duo Guest Artist RecitalCD2/24/2017
R-CD Bank Combo 2005-04-20Bank ComboCD4/20/2005
R-CD Bank Combo 2005-10-25Bank ComboCD10/25/2005
R-CD Bank Combo 2007-04-18Bank Combo ConcertCD4/18/2007
R-CD Bank Jazz Combo 2004-11-04Bank Jazz Combo ConcertCD11/4/2004
R-CD Banks, Chase H. 2017-03-17Banks Masters Concerto RecitalCD3/17/2017
R-CD Barbour, Joshua C. 2009-04-17Barbour Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2009
R-CD Barbour,Johua C. 2009-11-19Barbour Graduate RecitalCD11/19/2009
R-CD Barr, Michael 2009-04-07Barr Graduate Jazz RecitalCD4/7/2009
R-CD Barrett, Ralph 2013-02-27Barrett Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD2/27/2013
R-CD Barton, Peter 2010-10-07Barton Doctoral RecitalCD10/7/2010
R-CD Barton, Peter 2011-04-14Barton Doctoral RecitalCD4/14/2011
R-CD Barton, Peter A. 2009-10-05Barton Graduate RecitalCD10/5/2009
R-CD Barton, Peter A. 2011-11-28Barton Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD11/28/2011
R-CD Bass Bash 2006-09-30Bass Bash Finale ConcertCD9/30/2006
R-CD Batchelor, David 2012-03-17Batchelor Graduate Composition RecitalCD3/17/2012
R-CD Bates, William 2000-11-03Bates Faculty RecitalCD11/3/2000
R-CD Bates, Williams 2007-02-09Bates Faculty RecitalCD2/9/2007
R-CD Beall, Stephen 2001-02-06Beall Graduate RecitalCD2/6/2001
R-CD Beall, Stephen 2001-03-31Beall Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2001
R-CD Beavers, Gabriel 2008-03-25Beavers Guest Artist RecitalCD3/25/2008
R-CD Beck, Michelle 2016-11-02Beck Doctoral RecitalCD11/2/2016
R-CD Beck. Michelle 2017-03-14Beck Doctoral RecitalCD3/14/2017
R-CD Becker, Michael 2010-01-09Becker Guest Artist RecitalCD1/9/2010
R-CD Beery, Maria 2013-11-15Beery Graduate RecitalCD11/15/2013
R-CD Beinlich, Stephanie 2011-4-25Beinlich Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2011
R-CD Beinlich, Stephanie 2013-03-27Beinlich Doctoral RecitalCD3/27/2013
R-CD Beinlich, Stephanie 2013-10-04Beinlich Doctoral RecitalCD10/4/2013
R-CD Beinlich, Stephanie 2014-09-09Beinlich Graduate RecitalCD9/9/2014
R-CD Belneeff, Svetlin 2007-04-28Belneeff Graduate RecitalCD4/28/2007
R-CD Benjamin Britten Centenary 2013-09-12Benjamin Britten Centenary Celebration ConcertCD9/12/2013
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2000-04-13Berg Faculty RecitalCD4/13/2000
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2002-12-03Berg Faculty RecitalCD12/3/2002
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2004-10-19Berg Faculty RecitalCD10/19/2004
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2006-03-28Berg Faculty RecitalCD3/28/2006
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2008-03-25Berg Faculty RecitalCD3/25/2008
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2009-04-20Berg Faculty RecitalCD4/20/2009
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2013-01-27Berg Faculty RecitalCD1/27/2013
R-CD Berg, Christopher 2016-01-31Berg Faculty RecitalCD1/31/2016
R-CD Berlin, Eric 2014-09-15Berlin Guest RecitalCD9/15/2014
R-CD Berry, S. David 2001-04-21Berry Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2001
R-CD Bert Ligon Trio 2000-10-24Ligon Faculty RecitalCD10/24/2000
R-CD Bert Ligon Trio 2003-10-15Bert Ligon TrioCD10/15/2003
R-CD Bethea, Brian 2016-03-01Bethea Graduate RecitalCD3/1/2016
R-CD Bethea, Brian 2016-11-14Bethea Graduate RecitalCD11/14/2016
R-CD Bethel,Jr / Aragon 2013-04-04Bethel Jr. Junior and Aragon Masters RecitalCD4/4/2013
R-CD Beyond the Notes 2011-06-10Beyond the Notes at CarolinaCD6/10/2011
R-CD Beyond the Notes 2012-06-08Beyond the Notes at CarolinaCD6/8/2012
R-CD Beyond the Notes 2013-06-21Beyond the Notes 2013 String Chamber Music WorkshopCD6/21/2013
R-CD Beyond the Notes 2014-06-13Beyond the NotesCD6/13/2014
R-CD Bies, Michael 2016-04-06Bies Doctoral Composition RecitalCD4/6/2016
R-CD Birling, Abigail 2010-03-30Birling Graduate RecitalCD3/30/2010
R-CD Birling, Abigail 2011-03-17Birling Candidacy RecitalCD3/17/2011
R-CD Bischoff, Mark 2014-03-25Bischoff Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2014
R-CD Bjerken, Xak 2017-02-03Bjerken Guest Artist RecitalCD2/3/2017
R-CD Black Mountain Trio 2016-01-13Black Mountain TrioCD1/13/2016
R-CD Black, Alan 2006-09-28Black/Protopopescu Guest Artist RecitalCD9/28/2006
R-CD Blalock, Angela 2013-10-09Blalock Graduate RecitalCD10/9/2013
R-CD Blalock, Angela S. 2013-01-25Blalock Doctoral RecitalCD1/25/2013
R-CD Blalock, Angela Small 2011-11-04Blalock Candidacy RecitalCD11/4/2011
R-CD Bletstein, Rachel 2016-12-01Bletstein Doctoral RecitalCD12/1/2016
R-CD Blickenstaff, Marvin 2012-04-13Blickenstaff Guest Piano RecitalCD4/13/2012
R-CD Blue Note Combo 2015-04-09Blue Note ComboCD4/9/2015
R-CD Bob Jones-USC Competition 2008-04-04Bob Jones University/University of South Carolina Recital Competitions Winners RecitalCD4/4/2008
R-CD Bohn, Lucas 2016-04-16Bohn Masters RecitalCD4/16/2016
R-CD Bolcom, William 2016-04-20An Evening with William Bolcom and Joan MorrisCD4/20/2016
R-CD Bolcom, William 2016-04-23Music of BolcomCD4/23/2016
R-CD Bond, Zachary 2013-04-24Bond Concerto RecitalCD4/24/2013
R-CD Bond, Zachary 2014-04-22Bond Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2014
R-CD Bond, Zachary 2015-03-19Bond Candidacy RecitalCD3/19/2015
R-CD Bond, Zachary 2015-11-10Bond Graduate RecitalCD11/10/2015
R-CD Bonnema, Andrew J. 2014-09-29Bonneme Graduate RecitalCD9/29/2014
R-CD Bonnema, Andrew J. 2015-03-16Bonnema Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2015
R-CD Bonnema, Andrew J. 2015-04-16Bonnema Graduate Concerto RecitalCD4/16/2015
R-CD Border Quintet 2011-03-02The Border QuintetCD3/2/2011
R-CD Bornkamp, Arno 2006-11-01Bornkamp / Frigo / Zinavage Guest Artist RecitalCD11/1/2006
R-Cd Bova, Stephanie 2014-04-21Bova Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2014
R-CD Bova, Stephanie 2016-11-30Bova Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD11/30/2016
R-CD Bowling Green Bassoons 2011-03-24Bowling Green BassoonsCD3/24/2011
R-CD Bradetich, Jeff 2006-02-23Bradetich Guest Artist RecitalCD2/23/2006
R-CD Bradetich, Jeff 2014-03-28Bradetich Guest Artist RecitalCD3/28/2014
R-CD Brancaleone, Jessica 2009-04-14Brancaleone Graduate RecitalCD4/14/2009
R-CD Brancaleone, Jessica 2010-02-11Brancaleone Graduate RecitalCD2/11/2010
R-CD Brio 2005-09-10Brio: Celebrating Jewish Life in South CarolinaCD9/10/2005
R-CD Broffitt / Brown 2010-04-19Broffitt / Brown Guest Artist RecitalCD4/19/2010
R-CD Brooks, Ramelle 2017-04-07Brooks Masters RecitalCD4/7/2017
R-CD Brown, Jeffrey 2008-02-03Brown Guest Artist ConcertCD2/3/2008
R-CD Brown, Jennifer J. 2010-04-20Brown Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2010
R-CD Brown, Jennifer J. 2010-09-17Brown Masters RecitalCD9/17/2010
R-CD Brown, Kathryn 2010-10-29Brown Doctoral RecitalCD10/29/2010
R-CD Brown, Kathryn 2012-10-15Brown Graduate RecitalCD10/15/2012
R-CD Brown, Kathryn L. 2010-01-21Brown DMA Candidacy RecitalCD1/21/2010
R-CD Brown, Kathryn L. 2011-04-13Brown Doctoral RecitalCD4/13/2011
R-CD Brown, Kathryn L. 2011-11-09Brown Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD11/9/2011
R-CD Brown, Michael T 2014-11-20Brown Candidacy RecitalCD11/20/2014
R-CD Brown, Michael T. 2015-10-01Brown Graduate RecitalCD10/1/2015
R-CD Brown, Michael T. 2016-04-212Brown Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2016
R-CD Brown, Olivia 2016-03-16Brown Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2016
R-CD Brown, Olivia 2017-02-13Brown Graduate ReitalCD2/17/2017
R-CD Browne, Sheila 2008-04-27Browne Guest Artist RecitalCD4/27/2008
R-CD Browne, Sheila 2013-10-12Browne Guest Artist RecitalCD10/12/2013
R-CD Bruce, William 2003-03-02Bruce Guest Artist RecitalCD3/2/2003
R-CD Bryan, Alvoy 2005-12-02Bryan Doctoral RecitalCD12/2/2005
R-CD Bryan, Alvoy 2006-03-18Bryan Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2006
R-CD Bryan, Alvoy 2007-02-21Bryan Lecture RecitalCD2/21/2007
R-CD Bryan, Alvoy L. 2005-03-18Bryan Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2005
R-CD Bryan, Nicole V. 2010-03-29Bryan Graduate RecitalCD3/29/2010
R-CD Bryant Doctoral Recital 2010-10-21Bryant Doctoral RecitalCD10/21/2010
R-CD Bryant, John 2009-02-23Bryant Candidacy RecitalCD2/23/2009
R-CD Bryant, John H. 2011-11-22Bryant Doctoral RecitalCD11/22/2011
R-CD Bundy,jr. ,Russell 2015-11-23Bundy, Jr. Graduate RecitalCD11/23/2015
R-CD Burnette, Stacey M. 2007-10-08Burnette Graduate RecitalCD10/8/2007
R-CD Bush, Phillip 2014-11-10Bush Faculty RecitalCD11/10/2014
R-CD Butterfield, Craig 2005-11-06Butterfield Faculty RecitalCD11/6/2005
R-CD Butterfield, Craig 2009-04-04Butterfield Faculty RecitalCD4/4/2009
R-CD Butterfield, Craig 2012-09-13Butterfield Faculty RecitalCD9/13/2012
R-CD Butterfield/Fugo 2008-04-28Butterfield/Fugo Faculty RecitalCD4/28/2008
R-CD Butterfield?Jones 2014-11-09Butterfield ? Jones Faculty RecitalCD11/9/2014
R-CD Bynum, Joshua L. 2012-02-20Bynum Guest Artist ConcertCD2/20/2012
R-CD C street Brass Quartet 2014-03-19No Limits: C-Street Brass QuartetCD3/19/2014
R-CD C-Street Brass 2014-09-24C Street Brass ; Dances and DaydreamsCD9/24/2014
R-CD Caffee, Christopher 2012-03-23Chaffee Guest Artist RecitalCD3/23/2012
R-CD Callus, Helen 2007-03-04Callus/Bush Guest Artist RecitalCD3/4/2007
R-CD Calore, Haley 2003-11-08Calore Graduate RecitalCD11/8/2003
R-CD Camos / Fan 2017-04-23Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD4/23/2017
R-CD Campbell, Colt W. 2012-03-12Campbell Graduate RecitalCD3/12/2012
R-CD Campos, Kalim 2015-09-17Campos Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD9/17/2015
R-CD Campos, Kalim 2016-11-28Campos Doctoral RecitalCD11/28/2016
R-CD Campos, Kalin 2016-04-15Campos Graduate RecitalCD4/15/2016
R-CD Campus Orchestra 2016-04-20Campus OrchestraCD4/20/2016
R-CD Caporicci, Amanda 2015-04-02Caporicci Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD4/2/2015
R-CD Caporicci, Amanda A. 2017-04-13Caporicci Graduate RecitalCD4/13/2017
R-CD Capriccio Stravagante & Les Voix Humanities 2005-04-15Capriccio Stravagante & Les Voix HumanitiesCD4/15/2005
R-CD Carmine Caruso Int. Jazz Trpt. 2009-10-10Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Solo CompetitionCD10/10/2009
R-CD Carolina Alive 2002-11-17Carolina Alive Fall ConcertCD11/17/2002
R-CD Carolina Alive 2004-04-03Carolina AliveCD4/3/2004
R-CD Carolina Alive 2004-10-08Carolina Alive: FeverCD10/8/2004
R-CD Carolina Alive 2005-04-08Carolina AliveCD4/8/2005
R-CD Carolina Alive 2005-11-08Carolina Alive: Come Fly With MeCD11/8/2005
R-CD Carolina Alive 2006-03-30Carolina AliveCD3/30/2006
R-CD Carolina Alive 2006-11-16Carolina AliveCD11/16/2006
R-CD Carolina Alive 2007-03-30Carolina AliveCD3/30/2007
R-CD Carolina Alive 2007-11-03Carolina AliveCD11/3/2007
R-CD Carolina Alive 2008-04-12Carolina AliveCD4/12/2008
R-CD Carolina Alive 2008-11-14Carolina AliveCD11/14/2008
R-CD Carolina Alive 2009-03-24Carolina AliveCD3/24/2009
R-CD Carolina Alive 2009-11-15Carolina AliveCD11/15/2009
R-CD Carolina Alive 2010-04-26Carolina AliveCD4/26/2010
R-CD Carolina Alive 2010-11-14Carolina AliveCD11/14/2010
R-CD Carolina Alive 2011-04-13Carolina AliveCD4/13/2011
R-CD Carolina Alive 2011-11-16Carolina AliveCD11/16/2011
R-CD Carolina Alive 2012-04-18Carolina AliveCD4/18/2012
R-CD Carolina Alive 2012-11-14Carolina AliveCD11/14/2012
R-CD Carolina alive 2013-04-29Carolina AliveCD4/29/2013
R-CD Carolina Alive 2013-11-13Carolina AliveCD11/13/2013
R-CD Carolina Alive 2014-11-19Carolina AliveCD11/19/2014
R-CD Carolina Alive 2015-04-17Carolina AliveCD4/17/2015
R-CD Carolina Alive 2015-04-22Carolina AliveCD4/22/2015
R-CD Carolina Alive 2015-11-18Carolina AliveCD11/18/2015
R-CD Carolina Alive 2016-04-25Carolina AliveCD4/25/2016
R-CD Carolina Alive 2016-11-16Carolina Alive ConcertCD11/16/2016
R-CD Carolina Alive 2017-04-19Carolina AliveCD4/19/2017
R-CD Carolina Band 2012-11-27Carolina Band in ConcertCD11/27/2012
R-CD Carolina Band 2013-10-23Carolina Band in ConcertCD10/23/2013
R-CD Carolina Camerata WQ 2000-04-02Carolina Camerata Wind QuintetCD4/2/2000
R-CD Carolina Lifesong 2017-02-18Carolina Lifesong Initiative ;CD2/18/2017
R-CD Carolina Lifesong 2017-03-17Carolina Lifesong Sensory Friendly ConcertCD3/17/2017
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collective 2007-02-12The Carolina Trombone CollectiveCD2/12/2007
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collective 2007-10-22Fall Trombone NightCD10/22/2007
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collective 2009-02-24Carolina Trombone CollectiveCD2/24/2009
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collective 2011-02-28Carolina Trombone Collective 2011-02-28CD2/28/2011
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collective 2012-02-06The Carolina Trombone CollectiveCD2/6/2012
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collective 2013-04-10Carolina Trombone Collective Spring ConcertCD4/10/2013
R-CD Carolina Trombone Collectivre 2014-11-09Fall Trombone NightCD11/9/2014
R-CD Carrasco, Jacqui 2008-10-07Carrasco Guest Artist ConcertCD10/7/2008
R-CD Carrion, Jose A. 2008-10-16Carrion Graduate ReciatalCD10/16/2008
R-CD Carrol, Shelley 2006-04-19Jazz Clinic with Shelley CarrolCD4/19/2006
R-CD Carter Centenary 2008-10-06Elliot Carter Centenary ProgramCD10/6/2008
R-CD Carteret, Justin X. 2016-04-02Carteret Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD4/2/2016
R-CD Casada, Will 2008-03-31Casada Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2008
R-CD Casada, William J. 2009-02-26Casada Masters RecitalCD2/26/2009
R-CD Castleman, Charles 2000-11-06Castleman Guest Artist RecitalCD11/6/2000
R-CD Castro, Alissa 2016-11-04Castro Masters RecitalCD11/4/2016
R-CD Castro, Philip David 2016-02-23Castro Graduate RecitalCD2/23/2016
R-CD Castro,Alissa 2017-03-26Castro Masters Concerto RecitalCD3/26/2017
R-CD Celanovic, Maja 2010-04-17Celanovic Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2010
R-CD Celebration of Women 2013-10-10A Celebration of WomenCD10/10/2013
R-CD Chamber Inniv / Sothern Exp. 2011-02-07Chamber Innovista and Southern Exposure Presents the music oft StravinskyCD2/7/2011
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2008-01-27Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD1/27/2008
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2008-04-06Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD4/6/2008
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2009-01-25Chamer Innovista Concert SeriesCD1/25/2009
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2009-03-01Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD3/1/2009
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2009-04-19Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD4/19/2009
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2009-11-05Chamber Innovista Concert Series:PrevinTribute ConcertCD11/5/2009
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2010-02-14Chanber InnovistaCD2/14/2010
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2010-03-21Chamber Innovista Concert Series- USC Percussion EnsembleCD3/21/2010
R-CD Chamber Innovista 201004-18Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD4/18/2010
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2011-04-03Chamber InnovistaCD4/3/2011
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2011-11-13Chamber InnovistaCD11/13/2011
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2012-01-22Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD1/22/2012
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2012-04-15Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD4/15/2012
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2013-01-29The Wagner Project: Chamber InnovistaCD1/29/2013
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2013-04-01Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD4/1/2013
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2014-02-02Chamber InnovistaCD2/2/2014
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2014-04-06Chamber Innovista Concert SeriesCD4/6/2014
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2015-01-27Chamber Innovista ConcertCD1/27/2015
R-CD Chamber Innovista 2015-03-01Chamber Innovista ConcertCD3/1/2015
R-CD Chamber Music 2013-11-26Evening of Chamber MusicCD11/26/2013
R-CD Chamber Winds 2005-11-15Chamber WindsCD11/15/2005
R-CD Chamber Winds 2006-04-11Chamber WindsCD4/11/2006
R-CD Chamber Winds 2006-11-20Chamber WindsCD11/20/2006
R-CD Chamber Winds 2007-04-10Chamber WindsCD4/10/2007
R-CD Chamber Winds 2008-11-20Chamber WindsCD11/20/2008
R-CD Chandler, Katherine 2015-02-27Chandler Graduate RecitalCD2/27/2015
R-CD Chang Graduate Recital 2013-03-28Chang Graduate RecitalCD3/28/2013
R-CD Chang, Chin Wei 2016-03-15Chang Graduate RecitalCD3/15/2016
R-CD Chang, Chin-Wei 2015-04-03Chang Graduate RecitalCD4/3/2015
R-CD Chang, Chin-Wei 2016-10-25Chang Doctoral RecitalCD10/25/2016
R-CD Chang, Chin-Wei 2017-04-13Chang Doctoral RecitalCD4/13/2017
R-CD Chang, Po-Fang 2013-03-25Chang Doctoral RecitalCD3/25/2013
R-CD Chang, Po-Fang 2013-11-25Chang Doctoral RecitalCD11/25/2013
R-CD Chang, Po-Fang 2014-10-07Chang Graduate RecitalCD10/7/2014
R-CD Chang, Po-Fung 2015-03-25Chang Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2015
R-CD Chang, Ting Ting 2012-02-25Chang Doctoral RecitalCD2/25/2012
R-CD Channel Wendy 1999-11-05Channel Doctoral RecitalCD11/5/1999
R-CD Channel, Wendy 2001-02-22Channel Doctoral RecitalCD2/22/2001
R-CD Channel, Wendy 2001-03-23Channel Doctoral RecitalCD3/23/2001
R-CD Channel, Wendy 2002-02-24Channel Graduate RecitalCD2/24/2002
R-CD Cheeseman, Andrea I. 2017-01-22Cheeseman Guest Artist RecitalCD1/11/2017
R-CD Cheney, Kathryn 2015-03-04Cheney Candidacy RecitalCD3/4/2015
R-CD Cho, Eun Young 2001-11-29Cho Graduate RecitalCD11/29/2001
R-CD Cho, Eun Young 2002-05-02Cho Graduate RecitalCD5/2/2002
R-CD Cho, Inhye 2015-11-10Cho Candidacy RecitalCD11/10/2015
R-CD Cho, Inhye 2016-11-18Cho Doctoral RecitalCD11/18/2016
R-CD Choi, Eunjung 2002-04-12Choi Graduate RecitalCD4/12/2002
R-CD Choi, Eunjung 2003-09-02Choi Doctoral RecitalCD9/2/2003
R-CD Chow, Alan 2003-06-12Chow Guest Artist RecitalCD6/12/2003
R-CD Christ, Steven 2016-04-01Christ Masters Concerto RecitalCD4/1/2016
R-CD Christ, Steven 2017-02-17Christ Masters RecitalCD2/17/2017
R-CD Christie & Friends 2004-05-02Let a Song Fill Your HeartCD5/2/2004
R-CD Christie / Gray /Keene 2002-02-10Chistie/Gray/Keene Faculty Recital ; Lieder of Hugo WolfCD2/10/2002
R-CD Christie Faculty Recital 1981-04Christie Faculty RecitalCD4/1/1981
R-CD Christie, Laury 1970-80 disc 1Laury Christie Live: Excerpts 1970-80CD1/1/1970
R-CD Christie, Laury 1970-80 disc 2Laury Christie Live: Excerpts 1970-80CD1/1/1970
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R-CD Christie, Laury 1982-02-07A Program of Lieder by Hugo WolfCD2/7/1982
R-CD Christie, Laury 1982-11-09An Evening of DuetsCD11/9/1982
R-CD Christie, Laury 1995-11-19Baker and Baker Foundation Concert SeriesCD11/19/1995
R-CD Christie, Laury 1997-01-23Lyrical Landscapes of the Twentieth CenturyCD1/23/1997
R-CD Christie, Laury 2002-02-10Christie/Gray/Keene Faculty RecitalCD2/10/2002
R-CD Christie/Gray 1999-01-26Hugo Wolf : Italienisches LiederbuchCD1/26/1999
R-CD Churchya, Elizabeth 2014-02-21Churchya Graduate RecitalCD2/21/2014
R-CD Churchya, Elizabeth 2014-04-03Churchya Graduate RecitalCD4/3/2015
R-CD CICA 2013-02-20CICA: Collaborations in Contemporary ArtCD2/20/2013
R-CD CICA 2014-10-13CICA: REACTCD10/13/2014
R-CD CICA 2015-04-09CICACD4/9/2015
R-CD CICA 2016-0=10-29Collaborations in Contemporary Arts presents : The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Rescored.CD10/19/2016
R-CD CiCA 2016-10-29Collaborations in Contemporary Arts presents : The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Rescored.CD10/29/2016
R-CD CICA Presents: 2013-10-23Cica Presents: IlluminationsCD10/23/2013
R-CD CICAPresents 2014-03-04CICA Presents: Coming TodetherCD3/4/2014
R-CD Cionitti, Linda 2012-09-25Cionitti Guest Artist RecitalCD9/25/2012
R-CD Cipolla, John 2005-09-24Cipolla Guest Artist ConcertCD9/24/2005
R-CD Clark, Daniel 2004-04-06Clark Conducting RecitalCD4/6/2004
R-CD Clark, Daniel 2004-09-30Clark Doctoral RecitalCD9/30/2004
R-CD Clark, Daniel 2005-03-22Clark Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD3/22/2005
R-CD Clary, Evelyn 2007-04-20Clary Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2007
R-CD Clauter, Nancy 2003-02-23Clauter and Simpson Guest Artist RecitalCD2/23/2003
R-CD Cleaton, Sarah 2012-03-27Cleaton Graduate RecitalCD3/27/2012
R-CD Cleveland Duo 2003-03-17Cleveland Duo / Umble Guest Artist ConcertCD3/17/2003
R-CD Clodfelter, Mark 2009-09-15Covalence Guest Artist ConcertCD9/15/2009
R-CD Coelho, Tadeu 2001-01-28Coelho Guest ArtistCD1/28/2001
R-CD Cohen, Steven 2014-01-27Cohen Guest Artist RecitalCD1/27/2014
R-CD Cohen, Wendy 2017=02-28USC Flute Studio Alumni RecitalCD2/28/2017
R-CD Colla Voce 2005-09-30Colla Voce: "A Baroque Bash"CD9/30/2005
R-CD College Music Society Summit 2016-06-03College Music Society Summit 2016CD6/3/2016
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2014-09-05Columbia Baroque : Bach FestCD9/5/2014
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2015-02-13Columbia Baroque: Portraits of LoveCD2/13/2015
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2015-09-04Columbia Baroque: Across the Water, The River ThamesCD9/4/2015
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2016-01-22Columbia Baroque - Across the Water: The Seine RiverCD1/22/2016
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2016-05-13Columbia Baroque:Across the Water: The DanubeCD5/13/2016
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2016-09-16Columbia Baroque presents Liasons: The Kingdom of SpainCD9/16/2016
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2017-01-27Columbia Baroque. Liaisons:The Palace of Versailles.CD1/27/2017
R-CD Columbia Baroque 2017-05-12Columbia BaroqueCD5/12/2017
R-CD Columbia Baroque Soloists 2012-09-07Columbia Baroque SoloistsCD9/7/2012
R-CD Columbia Baroque Soloists 2013-02-15Past as PreludeCD2/15/2013
R-CD Columbia baroque Soloists 2013-09-06Columbia baroque SoloistsCD9/6/2013
R-CD Columbia Baroque Soloists 2014-02-07Columbia Baroque SoloistsCD2/7/2014
R-CD Columbia Jazz Orchestra 2005-10-19Columbia Jazz OrchestraCD10/19/2005
R-CD Computer Music 2000-04-05Computer Music ConcertCD4/5/2000
R-CD Computer Music 2007-04-03USC Computer Music ConcertCD4/3/2007
R-CD Computer Music 2008-04-01USC Computer Music ConcertCD4/1/2008
R-CD Concert Choir / University Chorus 2014-04-15Concert Choir and University ChorusCD4/14/2014
R-CD Concert for a Cause 2014-10-02A Concert for a CauseCD10/2/2014
R-CD Concerts for a Cause 2015-10-01Concerts for a CauseCD10/1/2015
R-CD Condon, Chris 2016-09-22Condon Guest Artist RecitalCD9/22/2016
R-CD Congaree Jazz Quartet 2015-11-30Congaree Jazz QuartetCD11/30/2015
R-CD Congaree New Horizons 2007-05-01Congaree New Horizons Band ConcertCD5/1/2007
R-CD Congaree Quintet 2016-04-15Congaree Jazz QuintetCD4/15/2016
R-CD Cook, Samuel 2007-02-25Cook Guest Artist RecitalCD2/25/2007
R-CD Core Ensemble 2011-03-17Core Ensemble : Mona Lisa SpeaksCD3/17/2011
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series 2013-09-08Cornelia Freeman Concert Series #1CD9/13/2013
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series 2013-09-15Cornelia Freman Concert Series # 2CD9/15/2013
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series 2013-09-22Cornelia Freeman Concert Series #3CD9/22/2013
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series 2013-09-29Cornelia Freeman Concert Series #4CD9/29/2013
R-CD Cornelia Freeman concert Series 2013-10-06Cornelia Freeman Concert Series #5CD10/6/2013
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series 2015-09-06Cornelia Freeman Concert Series ICD9/6/2015
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert series 2015-09-13Cornelia Freeman Concert Series : IICD9/13/2015
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert series 2015-09-20Cornelia Freeman Concert Series : IIICD9/20/2015
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert series 2015-09-27Cornelia Freeman Concert Series : IVCD9/27/2015
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series I 2012-09-099Cornelia Freeman Concert Series: Concert ICD9/9/2012
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series II 2012-09-16Cornelia Freeman Concert Series: Concert IICD9/16/2012
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series V 2012-09-23Cornelia Freeman Concert Series: Concert IIICD9/23/2012
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series V 2012-09-30Cornelia Freeman Concert Series: Concert IVCD9/30/2012
R-CD Cornelia Freeman Concert Series V 2012-10-07Cornelia Freeman Concert Series: Concert VCD10/7/2012
R-CD Cornelia Freeman September Concert 2011-09-18Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series IICD9/18/2011
R-CD Cornelia Freeman September Concert 2011-09-25Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series IIICD9/25/2011
R-CD Cornelia Freeman September Concert 2011-10- 02Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series IVCD10/2/2011
R-CD Cornelia Freeman September Concert 2011-10- 09Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series vCD10/9/2011
R-CD Correa, Oswaldo Correa 2012-04-23Zapata Graduate RecitalCD4/23/2012
R-CD Correa-Cruz, Victor 2004-03-04Correa-Cruz Conducting RecitalCD3/4/2004
R-CD Correa/ Rushing / Geiger 2011-03-30Correa / Rushing / Geiger Graduate RecitalCD3/30/2011
R-CD Craswell, Brandon 2-10-09-27Craswell Guest Artist RecitalCD9/27/2010
R-CD Creviston / Swoboda 2014-04-16Creviston / Swoboda Guest Artist RecitalCD4/16/2014
R-CD Creviston, Christopher 2010-11-15Creviston Guest Artist RecitalCD11/15/2010
R-CD Cripe , Cameron N.F.2013-11-18Cripe Graduate RecitalCD11/18/2013
R-CD Cripe, Camerson 2013-01-22Cripe Graduate RecitalCD1/22/2013
R-CD Crisp, Ronnie 2014-02-28Crisp Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2014
R-CD Crisp, Ronnie 2015-02-26Crisp Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2015
R-CD Crone, Jay 2000-04-10Crone/Hallauer Guest Artist ConcertCD4/10/2000
R-CD CSAM 2004-02-05CSAM: In Dis Here SkinCD2/5/2004
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-12Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: String Faculty RecitalCD6/12/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-16Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student Chamber RecitalCD6/16/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-17Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student Chamber RecitalCD6/17/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-26Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Faculty RecitalCD6/26/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-28Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Faculty RecitalCD6/28/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-29Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student RecitalCD6/29/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-06-30Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student Recital IICD6/30/2006
R-CD CSMC 2006-07-01Carolina Summer Music Conservatory: Student Chamber Music RecitalCD7/1/2006
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-11CSMC: String Faculty RecitalCD6/11/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-152007 Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Student RecitalCD6/15/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-162007 CSMC Student Chamber ConcertCD6/16/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-252007 CSMC: Faculty RecitalCD6/25/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-262007 CSMC: Faculty RecitalCD6/26/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-272007 CSMC: Student RecitalCD6/27/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-282007 CSMC: Student RecitalCD6/28/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-292007 Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Student RecitalCD6/29/2007
R-CD CSMC 2007-06-302007 Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Chamber RecitalCD6/30/2007
R-CD CSMC 2008-06-232008 CSMC Faculty RecitalCD6/23/2008
R-CD CSMC 2008-06-242008 CSMC Faculty RecitalCD6/24/2008
R-CD CSMC 2008-06-252008 CSMC Student RecitalCD6/25/2008
R-CD CSMC 2008-06-262008 CSMC Student RecitalCD6/26/2008
R-CD CSMC 2008-06-272008 CSMC Student RecitalCD6/27/2008
R-CD CSMC 2008-06-282008 CSMC Student RecitalCD6/28/2008
R-CD CSMC 2013-06-17aCarolina Summer Music Conservatory ; Faculty Recital ICD6/17/2013
R-CD CSMC 2013-06-18Carolina Summer Music Conservatory : Faculty Recital IICD6/18/2013
R-CD CSMC 2013-06-20Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Recital 1CD6/20/2013
R-CD CSMC 2013-06-21Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Recital 2CD6/21/2013
R-CD CSMC 2013-06-22Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Recital 3CD6/22/2013
R-CD CSMC 2014 2014-06-10CSMC Faculty RecitalCD6/10/2014
R-CD CSMC 2014 2014-06-12CSMC Faculty RecitalCD6/9/2014
R-CD CSMC 2014 2014-06-14Carolina Summer Music Conservatory 2014 Student Chamber RecitalCD6/14/2014
R-CD CSMC 2015-06-11Carolina Summer Music Conservatory ParticipantsCD6/11/2015
R-CD CSMC 2016-06-20Carolina Summer Music ConservatoryCD6/20/2016
R-CD CSMC Faculty 2015-06-08Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Faculty Recital 1CD6/8/2015
R-CD CSMC Faculty 2015-06-09Carolina Summer Music Conservatory Faculty Recital 2CD6/9/2015
R-CD CSMC2014 2014-06-12Carolina Summer Music Conservatory 2014 Student RecitalCD6/14/2014
R-CD Cull, Levi V. 2014-02-24Cull Graduate RecitalCD2/24/2014
R-CD Curran, George 2008-03-17Curran Guest Artist RecitalCD3/17/2008
R-CD Curry, Jerry 2002-11-24Fortepiano ConcertCD11/24/2002
R-CD Curry, Jerry 2003-06-10Curry Faculty Recital: Harpsichords & MoreCD6/10/2003
R-CD Curry, Jerry 2007-04-13Curry/Crenshaw Faculty RecitalCD4/13/2007
R-CD Cutler, David 2013--4-09One Million Kinds of PianoCD4/9/2013
R-CD Dan Haerle Trio 2002-02-13The Dan Haerle TrioCD2/13/2002
R-CD Daniels, Lakeatra 2014-04-10Daniels Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2014
R-CD Darmiento, Madeleine 2004-04-01Darmiento Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2004
R-CD Darmiento, Madeleine 2004-04-30Darmiento Graduate RecitalCD4/30/2004
R-CD David, Ronald 2002-10-28Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/28/2002
R-CD Davis, Christopher 2008-03-20Davis Candidacy RecitalCD3/20/2008
R-CD Davis, Christopher A. 2009-01-29Davis Doctoral RecitalCD1/29/2009
R-CD Davis, Christopher A. 2010-09-15Davis Doctoral RecitalCD9/15/2010
R-CD Davis, Christopher A. 2011-03-30Davis Graduate RecitalCD3/30/2011
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2000-10-30Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/30/2000
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2003-10-20Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/20/2003
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2004-10-25Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/25/2004
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2005-10-24Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/24/2005
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2006-11-09Davis Faculty RecitalCD11/6/2006
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2012-10-09Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/9/2012
R-CD Davis, Ronald 2013-10-22Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/22/2013
R-CD Davis, Ronald A 2015-10-13Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/13/2015
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2007-10-30David Faculty RecitalCD10/30/2007
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2008 10-27Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/27/2008
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2009-10-05Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/5/2009
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2010-10-05Davis faculty RecitalCD10/5/2010
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2011-11-01Davis Faculty RecitalCD11/1/2011
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2014-10-28Davis Faculty RecitalCD10/28/2014
R-CD Davis, Ronald A. 2017-02-02Davis Faculty RecitalsCD2/2/2017
R-CD Day Chamber Music 2004-10-04Day Chamber Music RecitalCD10/4/2004
R-CD Day, Dave 2004-02-02Day Graduate RecitalCD2/2/2004
R-CD Day, Dave 2005-02-28Day Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2005
R-CD de Araujo, Amandy Bandeirade 2008-04-03de Araujo Graduate RecitalCD4/3/2008
R-CD de Araujo, Amandy Bandiera 2009-03-06de Araujo Graduate RecitalCD3/6/2009
R-CD de Wetter-Smith, Brooks 2009-11-14de Wetter-Smith Guest Artist ConcertCD11/14/2009
R-CD Dean, Marietta 2007-03-29Dean Guest Artist ConcertCD3/29/2007
R-CD Delangle Duo 2-16-04-14Delangle Duo Guest Artist RectalCD4/14/2016
R-CD Della Tonia, Vicente 2010-11-22Della Tonia Candidacy RecitalCD11/22/2010
R-CD Della Tonia, Vicente 2012-04-05Della Tonia Doctoal RecitalCD4/5/2012
R-CD Deltregia, Claudia 2010-04-19Deltregia Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2010
R-CD Deltregia, Claudia F. 2009-08-24Deltregia Doctoral RecitalCD8/24/2009
R-CD Denton, William 2004-03-17Denton Doctoral RecitalCD3/17/2004
R-CD Denton, William 2004-10-06Denton Doctoral RecitalCD10/6/2004
R-CD Denton, William 2005-03-23Denton Doctoral RecitalCD3/23/2005
R-CD DePriest, Adam A. 2012-03-19DePriest Graduate RecitalCD3/19/2012
R-CD DePriest, Adam A. 2012-11-19DePriest Graduate RecitalCD11/19/2012
R-CD DeVault, Elizabeth 2013-03-22DeVault Graduate RecitalCD3/22/2013
R-CD Deypalan,Nove 2011-12-02Deypalan Lecture RecitalCD12/2/2011
R-CD Dez Cordas - Butterfield/Slotkin 2007-08-24Dez Cordas - Butterfield/SlotkinCD8/24/2007
R-CD Dez Cordes 2009-08-29Dez Cordes Faculty/ Guest Artist RecitalCD8/29/2009
R-CD Diaz, Diana 2002-02-08Little Red Riding HoodCD2/8/2002
R-CD Dilutis, Robert 2012-10-22Dilutis Guest Artist RecitalCD10/22/2012
R-CD Dirkse, Scott 2008-11-17Dirkse Graduate RecitalCD11/17/2008
R-CD Djangirov, Eldar 2013-10-31Djangirov Guest Artist RecitalCD11/31/2013
R-CD Dobrrzelewski, Jean-Chritoph 2011-08-24Dobrzelewski Guest Artist RecitalCD8/24/2011
R-CD Dohnal, Karel 2008-01-32Dohnal Guest Artist ConcertCD1/31/2008
R-CD Doman, Nathan 2010-04-08Doman Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2010
R-CD Drake, Kenneth 2005-09-23Drake Guest Artist ConcertCD9/23/2005
R-CD Dubois, Samantha 2017-04-17Dubois Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2017
R-CD Dunn, Stephen 2013-10-14Dunn Guest Artist RecitalCD10/14/2013
R-CD Duo Firenze 2007-02-19Duo Firenze Guest Artist ConcertCD2/19/2007
R-CD Duo Fujin 2012-04-05Duo Fujin Gueast Artist RecitalCD4/5/2012
R-CD Duo Montagnard 2007-10-15Duo Montagnard Guest Artist RecitalCD10/15/2007
R-CD Duo Tierra Fria 2016-08-29Duo Tierra Fria Guest Artist RecitalCD8/29/2016
R-CD Early Music Concert 2007-02-23Early Music ConcertCD2/23/2007
R-CD Easley, Tabatha 2012-02-13Easley Guest Artist RecitalCD2/13/2012
R-CD Easteppe, James 2010-03-15Easteppe Graduate RecitalCD3/15/2010
R-CD Ebo, Ken 2000-03-26Ebo Graduate RecitalCD3/26/2000
R-CD Eckard, Kevin 2000-04-28Eckard Graduate RecitalCD4/28/2000
R-CD Eckard, Kevin 2002-04-09Eckard Graduate RecitalCD4/9/2001
R-CD Eckert/Cooperstock 2005-01-10Eckert/Cooperstock Guest RecitalCD1/10/2005
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2001-02-27Edwards Faculty RecitalCD2/27/2001
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2002-03-18Edwards Faculty RecitalCD3/18/2002
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2003-01-27Edwards Faculty RecitalCD1/27/2003
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2003-09-22Edwards Faculty RecitalCD9/22/2003
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2004-10-18Edwards Faculty RecitalCD10/18/2004
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2005-10-10Edwards Faculty RecitalCD10/10/2005
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2006-10-23Edwards Faculty RecitalCD10/23/2006
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2007-09-24Edwards Faculty RecitalCD9/24/2007
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2009-10-12Brad Edwards Faculty RecitalCD10/12/2009
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2010-09-13Edwards Faculty RecitalCD9/13/2010
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2012-04-11Edwards faculty RecitalCD4/11/2012
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2013-02-13Edwareds Faculty Trombone RecitalCD2/13/2013
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2015-01-25Edwards Faculty RecitalCD1/25/2015
R-CD Edwards, Brad 2016-02-07Edwards faculty RecitalCD2/7/2016
R-CD Eichner, Solomon 2012-09-30Eichner Candidacy RecitalCD9/30/2013
R-CD Eichner, Solomon 2014-11-24Eichner Graduate RecitalCD11/24/2014
R-CD Eichner, Solomon 2015-04-06Eichner Graduate RecitalCD4/6/2015
R-Cd Eichner, Solomon 2016-11-28Eichner Doctoral RecitalCD11/28/2016
R-CD Eischeid, Susan J. 2012-04-20Silenced Voices - Music of the HolocaustCD4/20/2012
R-CD Eke, Funmilayo 1999-11-30Eke Graduate RecitalCD11/30/1999
R-CD Ekpo, Nseobong 2014-09-16Ekpo Conducting RecitalCD9/16/2014
R-CD Ekpo, Nseobong 2014-10-28Ekpo Graduate RecitalCD10/28/2014
R-CD Elfer, Misty 2004-05-02Elfer Graduate RecitalCD5/2/2004
R-CD Elfer, Misty 2005-05-18Elfer Graduate RecitalCD5/18/2005
R-CD Eller, Joseph 2007-02-27Eller Faculty RecitalCD2/27/2007
R-CD Eller, Joseph 2007-10-02Eller Faculty RecitalCD10/2/2007
R-CD Eller, Joseph 2008-11-11Eller Faculty RecitalCD11/11/2008
R-CD Eller, Joseph 2009-10-28Eller Faculty RecitalCD10/28/2009
R-CD Eller, Joseph 2013-09-23Eller Faculty RecitalCD9/23/2013
R-CD Eller, Joseph 2014-10-02Eller Faculty RecitalCD10/2/2014
R-CD Elliott, Lee 2003-04-23Lee Graduate RecitalCD4/23/2003
R-CD Embassy Brass Quintet 2003-03-24Embassy Brass QuintetCD3/24/2003
R-CD Emory, Philip R. 2010-03-03Emory Graduate Certificate RecitalCD3/3/2010
R-CD Emory, Philip Ryan 2012-09-14Emory Graduate RecitalCD9/14/2012
R-CD Epstein, Nomi 2015-12-04Epstein Guest Artist RecitalCD12/4/2015
R-CD Ernst / Price Faculty Rcital 2016-02-15Carolina Lifesong InitiativeCD2/15/2016
R-CD Ernst, Sarah 2016-03-14Ernst Faculty Lecture RecitalCD3/14/2016
R-CD Ernst, Sarah 2017-02-20Ernst Faculty Lecture RecitalCD2/20/2017
R-CD Essig, Christopher 2007-04-04Essig Graduate RecitalCD4/4/2007
R-CD Essig, Christopher A. 2008-04-22Essig Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2008
R-CD Esteppe, James 2011-02-22Esteppe Graduate RecitalCD2/22/2011
R-CD Esteppe, James 2015-11-10Esteppe Candidacy RecitalCD11/10/2015
R-CD Estes & Tyner Concerto Recital 2004-03-24Estes & Tyner Concerto RecitalCD3/24/2004
R-CD Estes, Adam 2004-04-19Estes Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2004
R-CD Estes, Adam 2005-03-01Estes Graduate RecitalCD3/1/2005
R-CD Estes, Adam 2005-04-25Estes Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2005
R-CD Estes, Adam 2006-02-22Estes Doctoral RecitalCD2/22/2006
R-CD Estes, Adam 2006-09-30Estes Graduate RecitalCD9/30/2006
R-CD Estes, Adam 2006-10-27Estes Docroral RecitalCD10/27/2006
R-CD Estes, Adam 2007-04-12Estes Doctoral RecitalCD4/12/2007
R-CD Evans, Jay 2006-02-20Evans Guest Artist RecitalCD2/20/2006
R-CD Evening of Chamber Music 2013-04-22An evening of Chamber Music and MoreCD4/22/2013
R-CD Excelsior Trio 2002-04-13The Excelsior Trio ConcertCD4/13/2002
R-CD Faculty Chamber 2004-03-21Faculty Chamber Music ConcertCD3/21/2004
R-CD Faculty Chamber Recital 2005-04-16Faculty Chamber RecitalCD4/16/2005
R-CD Faculty Jazz 1999-11-30Faculty Jazz ConcertCD11/30/1999
R-CD Faculty Jazz 2007-12-04Faculty JazzCD12/4/2007
R-CD Faculty Jazz 2012-10-10Faculty Jazz RecitalCD10/10/2012
R-CD Faculty Jazz 2013-10-10USC Faculty JazzCD10/10/2013
R-CD Faculty Jazz 2014-10-09USC Faculty Jazz and FriendsCD10/9/2014
R-CD Faculty Jazz 2015-11-11Faculty JazzCD11/11/2015
R-CD Faculty Jazz Quartet 2008-12-02Faculty Jazz QuartetCD12/2/2008
R-CD Faculty Trio 2010-10-31Faculty Trio ConcertCD10/31/2010
R-CD Fadale, Gabriel 2013-02-05Fadale Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD2/5/2013
R-CD Fadale, Gabriel 2013-09-24Fadale Graduate RecitalCD9/24/2013
R-CD Fadale, Gabriel 2014-11-11Fadale Graduate RecitalCD11/11/2014
R-CD Fadale, Gabriel 2015-03-24Fadale Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2015
R-CD Falcon, Jacquelene 2016-04-08Falcon Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2016
R-CD Falcon, Jacqueline 2013-12-03Falcon Graduate RecitalCD12/3/2013
R-CD Fall Trombone Night 2008-11-10Fall Trombone NightCD11/10/2008
R-CD Fall Trombone Night 2009-11-23Fall Trombone NightCD11/23/2009
R-CD Fall Trombone Night 2011-10-16Fall Trombone NightCD10/16/2011
R-CD Fall Trombone Night 2012-12-02Fall Trombone NightCD12/2/2012
R-CD Fall Trombone Night 2015-11-01Fall Trombone NightCD11/1/2015
R-CD Fan, Zen 2016-02-15Fan Graduate RecitalCD2/15/2016
R-CD Fang, Chenwei Luke 2016-02-17Fang Graduate RecitalCD2/17/2016
R-CD Fang, Zen 2016-11-01Fan Doctoral RecitalCD11/1/2016
R-CD Farwell, Douglas 2002-09-23Farwell Guest Artist ConcertCD9/23/2002
R-CD Felber, Jill 2010-03-24Felber Guest Artist RecitalCD3/24/2010
R-CD Felber,. Jill 2013-04-20Felber Guest Artist RecitalCD4/20/2013
R-CD felder, Johnnie 2016-11-01Felder Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD11/1/2016
R-CD Felder, Johnnie J. 2013-10-25Felder Graduate RecitalCD10/25/2013
R-CD Fincher, Aimee 2010-01-22Fincher Graduate RecitalCD1/22/2010
R-CD Fincher, Aimee 2011-04-22Fincher Chamber RecitalCD4/22/2011
R-CD Fincher, Aimee E. 2008-04-15Fincher Graduate RecitalCD4/15/2008
R-CD Fink, Matthew 2011-04-14Finlk Graduate RecitalCD4/14/2011
R-CD Finney, Cera 2015-04-16Finney Graduate RecitalCD4/16/2015
R-CD Fireworks Gala 2008-06-082008 Southeastern Piano Festival Piano Fireworks GalaCD6/8/2008
R-CD Firkus, Krista M. 2011-10-06Firkus Graduate RecitalCD10/6/2011
R-CD Flory, Jolene 2011-10-28Flory Candidacy RecitalCD10/21/2011
R-CD Flory, Jolene 2012-04-04Flory Doctoral RecitalCD4/4/2012
R-CD Flory, Jolene 2012-10-05Flory Doctorate RecitalCD10/5/2012
R-CD Flory, Jolene 2013-10-05Flory Doctoral RecitalCD10/5/2013
R-CD Flowe, Ethan 2017-04-18Flowe Graduate Certificate RecitalCD4/18/2017
R-CD Floyd, Brent 2011-04-18Floyd Graduate RecitalCD4/18/2011
R-CD Floyd, Brett 2007-11-15Floyd Masters RecitalCD11/15/2007
R-CD Floyd, Brett 2009-11-16Floyd Graduate RecitalCD11/16/2009
R-CD Floyd, Brett A. 2012-11-28Floyd Graduate RecitalCD11/28/2012
R-CD Floyd, Brett E. 2009-03-03Floyd Graduate RecitalCD3/3/2009
R-CD Floyd, Brett E. 2014-02-05Floyd Graduate RecitalCD2/5/2014
R-CD Ford-Lee, Joyce 2000-11-02Ford-Lee Doctoral RecitalCD11/2/2000
R-CD Ford-Lee, Joyce 2001-03-05Ford-Lee Doctoral RecitalCD3/5/2001
R-CD Ford-Lee, Joyce 2001-06-18Ford-Lee Doctoral RecitalCD6/18/2001
R-CD Forscher-Milter, Teri 2012-01-23Forscher-Milter Guest Artist RecitalCD1/23/2012
R-CD Fort, Jr., Thomas M. 2008-04-24Fort Graduate RecitalCD4/24/2008
R-CD Fort, Thomas 2008-02-27Fort Graduate RecitalCD2/27/2008
R-CD Fowler, KurtFowler, Blythe, and Bro Guest RecitalCD10/21/2003
R-CD Fowler, Nephi 2009-11-17Fowler Graduate RecitalCD11/17/2009
R-CD Francis, Daniel Paul 2009-02-13Francis Graduate RecitalCD2/13/2009
R-CD Frank, Elliot 2005-11-09Frank Guest Artist RecitalCD11/9/2005
R-CD Frechette, Erinn 2009-09-14Frechette Guest Artist RecitalCD9/14/2009
R-CD Freeman Chamber Music Series 2016-09-04The Freeman Sunday Chamber Music SeriesCD9/4/2016
R-CD Freeman Chamber Music Series 2017-03-19Freeman Sundays Chamber Music Serie: Music and WordsCD3/19/2017
R-CD Freeman Chamber Music Series 2017-04-02The Freeman Sundays Chamber Music SeriesCD4/2/2017
R-CD Freeman Concert Series 2017-02-05The Freeman Concert Series ; Mozart and MirimbaCD2/5/2017
R-CD Friesen, David 2003-10-08Friesen and Kropinski Guest RecitalCD10/8/2003
R-CD Frigo, Connie 2003-04-28Frigo Graduate RecitalCD4/28/2003
R-CD Frigo, Connie 2003-11-19Frigo Doctoral RecitalCD11/19/2003
R-CD Frigo, Connie 2004-10-26Frigo Graduate RecitalCD10/26/2004
R-CD Frigo, Connie 2013-03-03Frgo Guest Artist RecitalCD3/3/2013
R-CD Frisof, Sarah 2015-10-14Frisof Guest Artist RecitalCD10/14/2015
R-CD Frye, Melanie 2010-04-23Frye Graduate RecitalCD4/23/2010
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2001-01-23Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/23/2001
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2002-02-20Fugo Faculty RecitalCD2/20/2002
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2003-01-28Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/28/2003
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2004-01-27Fugo Faculty Recital: A Chopin ProgramCD1/27/2004
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2005-01-18Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/18/2005
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2006-01-17Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/17/2006
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2007-01-23Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/23/2007
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2008-01-22Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/22/2008
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2009-01-20Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/20/2009
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2010-01-26Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/26/2010
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2012-01-17Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/17/2012
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2013-01-22Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/22/2013
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2014-01-21Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/21/2014
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2015-02-10Fugo Faculty RecitalCD2/10/2015
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2016-01-19Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/19/2016
R-CD Fugo, Charles 2017-01-18Fugo Faculty Piano RecitalCD1/18/2017
R-CD Fugo,Charles 2011-01-18Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/18/2011
R-CD Funaro, Elaine 2005-02-11Funaro Guest Artist RecitalCD2/11/2005
R-CD Futch, Brianna 2017-03-02Futch Masters Concerto RecitalCD3/2/2017
R-CD Gaboriau, Austin 2016-10-30Gaboriau Doctoral RecitalCD10/30/2016
R-CD Gaboriau, Austin P. 2013-10-26Gaboriau Graduate RecitalCD10/26/2013
R-CD Gaboriau, Austin P. 2015-04-13Gaboriau Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD4/13/2015
R-CD Gaboriau, Matthew 2014-03-22Gaboriau Graduate RecitalCD3/22/2014
R-CD Gabos, Judit 2011-02-21Gabos Faculty RecitalCD2/21/2011
R-CD Gallo, Sergio 2010-10-29Gallo/Chavaldas/Ucbasaran Guest Artist RecitalCD10/29/2010
R-CD Gandy, Virginia 1999-10-18Gandy Doctoral Recital: The CreationCD10/18/1999
R-CD Gangi, Jonathan 2009-02-04Gangi Candidacy RecitalCD2/4/2009
R-CD Gangi, Jonathan 2010-04-12Gangi Graduate RecitalCD4/12/2010
R-CD Gangi, Jonathan 2011-10-18Gangi Draduate RecitalCD10/18/2011
R-CD Gangi, Jonathan 2012-11-20Gangi Graduate RecitalCD11/20/2012
R-CD Gangwer, Micah 2008-03-31Gangwer Doctoral RecitalCD3/31/2008
R-CD Gangwer, Micah 2010-03-22Gangwer Doctoral RecitalCD3/22/2010
R-CD Gantt, Philip A. 2004-10-22Gantt Graduate RecitalCD10/22/2004
R-Cd Garcia, Washington 2015-03-30Garcia guest Artist RecitalCD3/30/2015
R-CD Gardiner, Robert 2006-04-11Gardiner Doctoral RecitalCD4/11/2006
R-CD Gardiner, Robert 2006-09-07Gardiner Doctoral RecitalCD9/7/2006
R-CD Gardiner, Robert 2007-03-08Gardiner Doctoral RecitalCD3/8/2007
R-CD Gardiner, Robert A. 2007-12-05Gardiner Doctoral RecitalCD12/5/2007
R-CD Garner, Brad 2008-03-21Garner Guest Artist RectialCD3/21/2008
R-CD Garriott, Erik 2016-03-17Garriott Graduate Conducting RecitalCD3/17/2016
R-CD Gaston, John 2010-09-13Gaston Graduate RecitalCD9/13/2010
R-CD Gaston, John 2011-02-18Gaston Graduate RecitalCD2/18/2011
R-CD Gatch, Katherine 2014-04-18Gatch Graduate RecitalCD4/18/2014
R-CD Gate City Saxophone Duo 2015-03-16Gate City Saxophone DuoCD3/16/2015
R-CD Gee / Fugo 2011-02-18Gee / Fugo Faculy RecitalCD2/18/2011
R-CD Gee, Constance 2007-02-18Gee Faculty RecitalCD2/18/2007
R-CD Gee, Constance 2008-02-24Gee Faculty RecitalCD2/24/2008
R-CD Gee, Constance 2008-11-22Gee Faculty RecitalCD11/22/2008
R-CD Gee, Constance 2010-01-31Gee Faculty RecitalCD1/31/2010
R-CD Gee, Constance 2012-03-18Gee faculty RecitalCD3/18/2012
R-CD Geiger, James T. 2012-02-15Geiger Graduate RecitalCD2/15/2012
R-CD Geiss, Philippe 2010-01-20Geiss Guest Artist RecitalCD1/20/2010
R-CD Geldrich, Peter M. 2013-10-14-2013Geldrich Graduate RecitalCD10/14/2013
R-CD Geldrich, Peter M. 2014-10-20Geldrich Graduate RecitalCD10/20/2014
R-CD Geldrich, Peter M. 2015-03-25Geldrich Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2015
R-CD George/Mauro 2008-09-25"The Old Wicked Songs" of Heinrich Heine George/Mauro Guest Artist RecitalCD9/25/2008
R-CD Gerling, Daphne 2010-04-13Gerling Guest Artist RecitalCD4/13/2010
R-CD Glaeser, John 2012-01-17Glaeser Graduate RecitalCD1/17/2012
R-CD Glaeser, John 2012-03-21Glaeser Graduate RecitalCD3/21/2012
R-CD Glass, Jason 2008-03-05Glass Graduate RecitalCD3/5/2008
R-CD Go, Young-Shin 1999-11-01Young-Shin Go Composition RecitalCD11/1/1999
R-CD Godfrey, Joseph 2012-04-19Godfrey Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2012
R-CD Goel, Noelle 2012-03-29Goel Graduate RecitalCD3/29/2012
R-CD Gokcen, Selma 2009-03-29Gokcen Guest Artist RecitalCD3/29/2009
R-CD Goss, Matt 2016-04-07Goss Graduate RecitalCD4/7/2016
R-CD Goury, Jean-Michel 2010-03-02Goury / Josset Guest Artist RecitalCD3/2/2010
R-CD Goury, Jean-Michel 2014-03-31Goury Guest Artist RecitalCD3/31/2014
R-CD Grad. String Quartet 2006-12-10Graduate String QuartetCD12/10/2006
R-CD Grad. Vocal Ensemble 2005-12-01Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD12/1/2005
R-CD Grad. Vocal Ensemble 2006-12-07Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD12/7/2006
R-CD Graduate String Quartet 2009-12-04USC Graduate String QuartetCD12/4/2009
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ens. 2015-10-13Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD10/13/2015
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ens. 2016-12-01Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD12/1/2016
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2009-02-05Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD2/5/2009
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2009-02-28Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD2/28/2009
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2009-04-21Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD4/21/2009
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2014-10-14Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD10/14/2014
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2015-02-24Graduate Vocal Ensemble RecitalCD2/24/2015
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2015-12-03Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD12/3/2015
R-Cd Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2016-04-21Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD4/21/2016
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2017-02-28Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD2/26/2017
R-CD Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2017-04-24Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD4/24/2017
R-CD Grausam Graduate Chamber Recital 2004-10-24Grausam Graduate Chamber RecitalCD10/24/2004
R-CD Grausam, Rebecca V. 2004-04-23Grausam Graduate RecitalCD4/23/2004
R-CD Graves, Judy 2016-03-29Graves Guest Artist Lecture RecitalCD3/29/2016
R-CD Gray, Donald 1982-02-07Donald Gray ; A Program of Lieder by Hugo WolfCD2/7/1982
R-CD Gray, Donald 1980-10-23Gray Faculty RecitalCD10/23/1980
R-CD Gray, Donald 1990-01-02MussorgskyCD1/2/1990
R-CD Gray, Donald 1990-01-03Schubert ; Die WinterreiseCD1/3/1990
R-CD Gray, Donald 1992-11-17Gray Faculty RecitalCD11/17/1992
R-CD Gray, Donald 1992-11-18Gray Faculty RecitalCD11/18/1992
R-CD Gray, Donald 1993-11-09Gray Faculty Recital : Twice Told TalesCD11/9/1993
R-CD Gray, Donald 2013-09-15Gray Faculty Recital: (C. Freeman Cocert Series)CD9/15/2013
R-CD Gray, Michael 2014-10-28Gray Candidacy RecitalCD10/28/2014
R-CD Gray, Michael 2015-12-04Gray Graduate RecitalCD12/4/2015
R-CD Gray, Michael David 2012-04-23Gray Graduate Voice RecitalCD4/23/2012
R-CD Greene, Cheryl 2000-03-28Greene Doctoral RecitalCD3/28/2000
R-CD Grezeszak, Amanda 2008-04-02Grezeszak Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2008
R-CD Grezeszak, Amanda 2009-04-08Grezeszak Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2009
R-CD Grill, Kelly 2012-03-15Grill Candidacy RecitalCD3/15/2012
R-CD Grill, Kelly 2013-03-01Grill Doctoral RecitalCD3/1/2013
R-CD Grill, Kelly 2013-04-19Grill Doctoral RecitalCD4/19/2013
R-CD Grill, Kelly 2014-02-11Grill Graduate RecitalCD2/11/2014
R-CD Grill, Kelly 2014-12-05Grill Graduate RecitalCD12/5/2014
R-CD Gross, Nicole 2011-03-31Gross Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2011
R-CD Gross, Nicole 2012-04-11Gross Doctoral RecitalCD4/11/2012
R-CD Gruber, Hannah 2005-03-01Gruber Graduate RecitalCD3/1/2005
R-CD Grupo Siquisiri 2007-05-03Grupo Siquisiri Guest Artist RecitalCD5/3/2007
R-CD Guiliano, Nicholas 2011-03-30Guiliano Graduate RecitalCD3/30/2011
R-CD Guiliano, Nicholas 2012-04-10Guliano Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2012
R-CD Guiliano, Nicholas C. 2011-11-03Guiliano Graduate RecitalCD11/3/2011
R-CD Guitar Concert 2003-09-2725th Anniversary Guitar ConcertCD9/27/2003
R-CD Gunderson, Matthew 2003-04-10Gunderson Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2003
R-CD Haimovitz, Matt 2010-11-20Southern Exposure New Music Series Presents Matt HaimovitzCD11/20/2010
R-CD Hall, Timothy 2017-04-10Hall Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2017
R-CD Hall, Timothy R. 2016-11-17Hall Graduate RecitalCD11/17/2016
R-CD Hall, Tracy 2003-03-03Hall Graduate RecitalCD3/3/2003
R-CD Hallman, Jonathan W. 2016-03-18Hallman Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2016
R-CD Ham, Jason 2003-02-25Ham Guest RecitalCD2/25/2003
R-CD Ham, Jason 2008-03-19Ham Guest Artist RecitalCD3/19/2008
R-CD Hamilton, anna 2007-02-26Hamilton Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2007
R-CD Hampton, Bonnie 2006-03-25Bonnie Hampton Guest Artist RecitalCD3/25/2006
R-CD Hancock, Barbara 2007-01-31Hancock Graduate RecitalCD1/31/2007
R-CD Hands-on Horowitz 2007-06-122007 SE Piano Festival: Piano MarathonCD6/12/2007
R-CD Haning, Jarrod 2000-02-21Haning Graduate RecitalCD2/21/2000
R-CD Haning, Jarrod 2000-12-01Haning Graduate RecitalCD12/1/2000
R-CD Haning, Jarrod 2001-04-25Haning Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2001
R-CD Hanna, Reed 2013-10-01Hanna Doctoral recitalCD10/1/2013
R-CD Hanna, Reed 2014-09-29Hanna Graduate RecitalCD9/29/2014
R-CD Hanna, Reed 2015-04-20Hanna Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2015
R-CD Hanna, Reed A. 2015-03-23Hanna Graduate Chamber RecitalCD3/23/2015
R-CD Hanna, Reedl 2013-02-11Hanna Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD2/11/2013
R-CD Hannon, Andrew 2008-03-02Hannon Graduate RecitalCD3/2/2008
R-CD Harada, Junichira 2003-03-04Harada Graduate RecitalCD3/4/2003
R-CD Harada, Junichiro 2001-04-20Harada Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2001
R-CD Harada, Junichiro 2002-02-27Harada Graduate RecitalCD2/27/2002
R-CD Harada, Junichiro 2005-12-03Harada Doctoral RecitalCD12/3/2005
R-CD Harada, Junichiro 2006-04-19Harada Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2006
R-CD Harada, Junichiro 2007-04-10Harada Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2007
R-CD Haraway, Charles 2003-07-01Summer I Chorus / Haraway Doctoral RecitalCD7/1/2003
R-CD Harding, Christopher 2013-09-25Harding Guest Artist RecitalCD9/25/2013
R-CD Hardwick, J. Aaron 2016-09-14Hardwick Graduate Recital wih USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/14/2016
R-CD Hardy, Max 2008-11-10Hardy Graduate RecitalCD11/10/2008
R-CD Hardy, Max 2009-11-19Hardy Graduate RecitalCD11/19/2009
R-CD Hardy, Max 2014-11-05Hardy Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD11/5/2014
R-CD Harley ? bush 2014-02-16Harley / Bush Faculty RecitalCD2/16/2014
R-CD Harley, Michael 2009-12-03A Specific Poetical Quality: Basson Music of Philippe HersantCD12/3/2009
R-CD Harley, Michael 2012-10-05Harley Faculty RecitalCD10/5/2012
R-CD Harley, Michael 2015-01-26Harley Faculty RecitalCD1/26/2015
R-CD Harley, Michael 2017-04-05Harley Faculty RecitalCD4/5/2017
R-CD Harley. Michael 2016-02-21Harley Faculty RecitalCD2/21/2016
R-CD Harnsberger, Andy 2013-10-02Harnsberger Guest Artist RecitalCD10/2/2013
R-CD Harper, Jordan 2013-10-03Harper Graduate RecitalCD10/3/2013
R-CD Harris, Kristen E. 2011-02-24Harris Graduate RecitalCD2/24/2011
R-CD Harris, Kristen E. 2012-04-06Harris Graduate RecitalCD4/6/2012
R-CD Harrison Wind Ens. 2012-02-182012 USC Band Clinic : Harrison Wind EnsembleCD2/18/2012
R-CD Hassan, Monica Farid 2016-11-01Hassan Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD11/1/2016
R-CD Hassan, Monica Farid 2017-03-29Hassan Graduate RecitalCD3/29/2017
R-CD Hauser, Joshua 2007-10-01Hauser Guest Artist ConcertCD10/1/2007
R-CD Hazan, Catherine 2014-08-24Hazan Alumni RecitalCD8/24/2014
R-CD Hazan, Catherine C. 2007-10-04Hazan Graduate RecitalCD10/4/2007
R-CD Hazan, Catherine C. 2008-04-08Hazan Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2008
R-CD Hazel, Marilyn 2013-04-11Hazel Graduate RecitalCD4/11/2013
R-CD Heald, Michael 2013-02-06Heald / Lovelace Guest Artist RecitalCD2/6/2013
R-Cd Heare Ensemble 2016-09-20Heare Ensemble Guest Artist RecitalCD9/20/2016
R-CD Heinen, Julia 2013-01-24Heinen Guest Artist RecitalCD1/24/2013
R-CD Heintzkill, Mary-Therese 2009-10-16Heintzkill Graduate RecitalCD10/16/2009
R-CD Hemke, Frederick 2011-02-24Hemke Guest Artist RecitalCD2/24/2011
R-CD Henderson, Matthew 2008-02-26Henderson Candidacy RecitalCD2/26/2008
R-CD Henderson, Matthew 2009-11-30Henderson Graduate RecitalCD11/30/2009
R-CD Henderson, Matthew C. 2008-10-27Henderson Graduate RecitalCD10/27/2008
R-CD Henderson, Matthew C. 2010-04-27Henderson Graduate RecitalCD4/27/2010
R-CD Henson, Eric 2016-09-01Henson Doctoral RecitalCD9/1/2016
R-Cd henson, Eric T 2017-01-22Henson Doctoral RecitalCD1/22/2017
R-CD Henson, Eric T. 2016-01-26Henson Candidacy RecitalCD1/26/2016
R-Cd Henson, Eric T. 2017-02-18Henson Doctoral RecitalCD2/18/2017
R-CD Herndon, Hillary 2016-02-21Herndon Guest Artist RecitalCD2/21/2016
r-cd hERNHernandez, Esmeider 2017-01-31Hernandez Guest Artist ReitalCD1/31/2017
R-CD Herring, Scott 2004-09-09Herring Faculty RecitalCD9/9/2004
R-CD Herring, Scott 2006-09-19Herring Faculty RecitalCD9/19/2006
R-CD Herring, Scott 2008-10-22Herring Faculty RecitalCD10/22/2008
R-CD Herring/Leaman/Rackers 2015-02-23Herring, Leaman and Rackers Faculty RecitalCD2/23/2015
R-CD Heywood, David 2002-04-10Heywood Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2002
R-CD Hiatt, Christa 2012-11-16Hiatt Graduate RecitalCD11/16/2012
R-CD Hicken, Gordon 2009-04-15Hicken Graduate RecitalCD4/15/2009
R-CD Hicken, Gordon 2010-04-14Hicken Master′s RecitalCD4/14/2010
R-CD Hicken, Gordon 2013-05-01Hicken Faculty RecitalCD5/1/2013
R-CD Hickey, Monica 2014-03-27Hickey Graduate RecitalCD3/27/2014
R-CD High, Cory 2017-02-25High Doctoral RecitalCD2/25/2017
R-CD High, Cory James 2016-03-21High Candidacy RecitalCD3/21/2016
R-CD Hijar, Miguel 2016-10-20Hijar Graduate RecitalCD10/20/2016
R-CD Hijar, Miguel 2017-04-21Hijar Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2017
R-CD Hill, Elizabeth 2006-02-24Hill Graduate RecitalCD2/24/2006
R-CD Hill, Serena 2003-02-11Hill Graduate RecitalCD2/11/2003
R-CD Hill, Serena 2010-07-15Hill Doctoral RecitalCD7/15/2010
R-CD Hill, Serena 2011-01-25Sugar and spice and everything nice?CD1/25/2011
R-CD Hill, Serena 2011-10-06Child′s Play : An Evening of SongCD10/6/2011
R-CD Hill, Serena D. 2008-09-11Hill Candidacy RecitalCD9/11/2008
R-CD Hill, Serena D. 2009-03-02Hill Graduate RecitalCD3/2/2009
R-CD Hill, Serena D. 2009-11-23Hill Graduate RecitalCD11/23/2009
R-CD Hilliard, Lindsay 2008-01-24Hilliard Graduate RecitalCD1/24/2008
R-CD Hoffman, Jennifer 2012-04-16Hoffman Masters Concerto RecitalCD4/16/2012
R-CD Hoffman, Jennifer 2013-03-20Hoffman Graduate RecitalCD3/20/2013
R-CD Hoffman, Jennifer E. 2013-12-02Hoffman Graduate RecitalCD12/2/2013
R-CD Hogg, Lesley 2008-04-20Hogg Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2008
R-CD Hogg, Lesley 2009-04-26Hogg Graduate RecitalCD4/26/2009
R-CD Holding, Ella 2005-10-17Evening Music Club of Cola: Holding and AdamsCD10/17/2005
R-CD Holladay, Jack 2004-02-24Holladay Conducting RecitalCD2/24/2004
R-CD Hollenbeck, Eric 2006-02-07Hollenbeck Guest Artist RecitalCD2/7/2006
R-CD Holliday, Stacey 2005-11-28Holliday Graduate RecitalCD11/28/2005
R-CD Holliday, Stacey 2007-04-01Holliday Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2007
R-CD Holliday, Stacey 2007-11-14Holliday Graduate RecitalCD11/14/2007
R-CD Holmes, J. Michael 2010-10-27Holmes Guest Artist RecitalCD10/27/2010
R-CD Holmes, Phil 2001-01-19Holmes Graduate RecitalCD1/19/2001
R-CD Hoover, Kimberly 2011-04-01Hoover Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2011
R-CD Houch, Caleb 2013-03-05Houck Graduate RecitalCD3/5/2013
R-CD Houck, Caleb 2014-12-03Houck Graduate RecitalCD12/3/2014
R-CD Houck, Caleb 2015-04-25Houck Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2015
R-CD Hough, Michael 2007-01-30Hough Candidacy RecitalCD1/30/2007
R-CD Hough, Michael 2007-11-29Hough Doctoral RecitalCD11/29/2007
R-CD Hough, Michael B. 2008-04-08Michael B. Hough Doctoral RecitalCD4/8/2008
R-CD Hough, Michael B. 2008-11-19Hough Doctoral RecitalCD11/19/2008
R-CD Houlik, James 2009-03-04Houlik Guest Artist RecitalCD3/4/2009
R-CD Howard, Anthony 2016-04-15Howard Graduate RecitalCD4/15/2016
R-CD Hsu, Jung-Chieh 2014-02-19Hsu Graduate RecitalCD2/19/2014
R-CD Hsu,Jung-Chieh 2015-03-03Hsu Graduate RecitalCD3/3/2015
R-CD Huang, Chu-Fang 2004-06-082004 SE Piano Festival Huang GARCD6/8/2004
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R-CD Huang, Guo-sheng 1999-09-30Guo-sheng Huang Graduate RecitalCD9/30/1999
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R-CD Hudson, Terry 2011-03-21Hudson Guest Artist RecitalCD3/21/2010
R-CD Hultgren, Graig 2015-10-21Hultgren Guest Artist RecitalCD10/21/2015
R-CD Humphrey, Ryan 2010-04-02Humphrey Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2010
R-CD Hunsucker / Falcon Recital 2015-11-17Hunsucker Senior Recital /Falcon Graduate Concerto RecitalCD11/17/2015
R-CD Hunter, Rebecca 2012-04-22Hunter Faculty RecitalCD4/22/2012
R-CD Hurst-Wajszczuk, Kristine 2015-03-31The Jewish SoulCD3/31/2015
R-CD Hynds, Aaron 2016-03-03Hynds Guest Artist RecitalCD3/3/2016
R-CD Igodan, Imade 2010-11-19Igodan Graduate RecitalCD11/19/2010
R-CD Illinyhk, Ksenia 2012-02-01Ilinyhk Graduate RecitalCD2/1/2012
R-CD IM, Hyunjung 2016-10-19Im Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD10/19/2016
R-CD Imani Winds 2016-10-28Southern Exposure New Music Series presents Imani SeriesCD10/28/2016
R-CD Imani Winds 2017-02-23Imani Winds Guest Artist RecitalCD2/23/2017
R-CD Imler, Randy 2003-08-03Summer II Chorus / Imler Doctoral RecitalCD8/3/2003
R-CD Imsand, Patrick 2006-02-22Imsand Graduate RecitalCD2/22/2006
R-CD Indiana Jazz Quintet 2000-03-16Indiana Jazz QuintetCD3/16/2000
R-CD Inflame 2013-10-30InflameCD10/30/2013
R-CD Ingle, Ethan 2015-04-15Ingle Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD4/15/2015
R-CD Ingle, Ethan 2017-02-20Ingle Graduate RecitalCD2/20/2017
R-CD Inman, Christie 2001-04-17Inman Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2001
R-CD Int. Spanish Music 2006-02-27Benefit Recital: Int. Spanish Music CourseCD2/27/2006
R-CD International Spanish 2006-10-17International Spanish Music Course 2006 ConcertCD10/17/2006
R-CD Isenhour, Justin R. 2010-01-27Isenhour Graduate RecitalCD1/27/2010
R-CD Isenhour, Justin R. 2010-09-27Isenhour Graduate RecitalCD9/27/2010
R-CD Isenhour, Justin R. 2011-02-16Isenhour Graduate RecitalCD2/16/2011
R-CD Isenhour, Justin R. 2011-10-12Isenhour Graduate RecitalCD10/12/2011
R-CD Ishizaka, Kimiko 2013-11-06Ishizaka Guest Artist RecitalCD11/6/2013
R-CD Ito, Yuri 2009-10-23Ito Graduate RecitalCD10/23/2009
R-CD Jackson, Sarah 2012-10-12Jackson Faculty RecitalCD10/12/2012
R-CD James, Douglas 2004-02-12Douglas Guest Artist RecitalCD2/12/2004
R-CD Jang, Hye Jee 2016-08-26Jang Doctoral RecitalCD8/26/2016
R-CD Jazz Combo 2006-04-06Jazz Combo ConcertCD4/6/2006
R-CD Jazz Combo 2012-03-27Jazz Combos RecitalCD3/27/2012
R-CD Jazz Combo 2016-04-05Jazz ComboCD4/5/2016
R-CD Jazz Combo 2016-11-17Jazz Combo : The Golden Goose QuartetCD11/17/2016
R-CD Jazz Combos 2007-10-31Jazz CombosCD10/31/2007
R-CD Jazz Combos 2008-04-08Jazz CombosCD4/8/2008
R-CD Jazz Combos 2008-10-29Jazz CombosCD10/29/2008
R-CD Jazz Combos 2009-04-07Jazz CombosCD4/7/2009
R-CD Jazz Combos 2010-04-06Jazz Combos ConcertCD4/6/2010
R-CD Jazz Combos 2010-11-18Jazz CombosCD11/18/2010
R-CD Jazz Combos 2011-04-12Jazz CombosCD4/12/2011
R-CD Jazz Combos 2016-04-19Jazz CombosCD4/19/2016
R-CD Jazz Combos2012-11-30Jazz CombosCD11/30/2012
R-CD Jazz Guitar Ensemble 2015-04-14Jazz Guitar EnsembleCD4/14/2015
R-CD Jazz Strings 2005-10-30Jazz StringsCD10/30/2005
R-CD Jazz Trio 2006-10-02Jazz Trio ConcertCD10/2/2006
R-CD Jeffress, Ian 2006-04-06Jeffress Doctoral RecitalCD4/6/2006
R-CD Jeffress, Ian 2006-11-15Jeffress Doctoral RecitalCD11/15/2006
R-CD Jeffress, Ian 2007-04-30Jeffress Doctoral RecitalCD4/30/2007
R-CD Jeffress, Ian 2013-09-20Jeffres Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD9/20/2013
R-CD Jeffreys, C. Shannon 2005-04-25Jeffreys Doctoral RecitalCD4/25/2005
R-CD Jenkins, Christopher 2010-04-13Jenkins Graduate RecitalCD4/13/2010
R-CD Jenkins, Christopher 2011-02-22Jenkins Graduate RecitalCD2/22/2011
R-CD Jenkins, J. Daniel 2010-03-18Jenkins Faculty Lectuer RecitalCD3/18/2010
R-CD Jeremy Kittel Band 2012-01-13jeremy Kittel Band Guest Artist ConcertCD1/13/2012
R-CD Jesselson / Fugo 2016-11-20Jesselson / Fugo Faculty RecitalCD11/20/2016
R-CD Jesselson / Fugo Duo 2011-11-10Jesselson / Fugo DuoCD11/10/2011
R-CD Jesselson, Robert 2003-02-18Jesselson Faculty RecitalCD2/18/2003
R-CD Jesselson, Robert 2004-01-13Jesselson & Fugo Faculty RecitalCD1/13/2004
R-CD Jesselson, Robert 2005-02-10Jesselson Faculty RecitalCD2/10/2005
R-CD Jesselson/ Fugo 2012-02-27Jesselson / Fugo Faculty RecitalCD2/27/2012
R-CD Jesselson/Fugo 2008-11-13Jesselson / Fugo Faculty RecitalCD11/13/2008
R-CD Jesselson/Fugo Faculty Recital 2008-02-17Jesselson/Fugo Faculty RecitalCD2/17/2008
R-CD Jewish Soul 2012-04-17The Jewish SoulCD4/17/2012
R-CD Jia, Liu 2015-0121Jia Graduate RecitalCD1/21/2015
R-CD Jia, Liu 2015-04-19Jia Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2015
R-CD Jimenez, Mariano Garcia 2008-12-16Jimenez Guest Artist RecitalCD12/16/2008
R-CD Jiminez, Mariano Garcia 2009-02-16Garcia Jimenez Guest Artist RecitalCD2/16/2009
R-CD Jiminez, Mario Garcia 2012-02-13Jiminez Guest Artist RecitalCD2/13/2012
R-CD Johnson performance Hall 2014-09-12Johnson Performance Hall Grand OpeningCD9/12/2014
R-CD Johnson, Sheldon 2014-03-03Johnson Candidacy RecitalCD3/3/2014
R-CD Johnson, Sheldon 2014-10-21Johnson Graduate RecitalCD10/21/2014
R-CD Johnson, Sheldon 2015-04-01Johnson Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2015
R-CD Johnson, Sheldon 2015-10-26Johnson Graduate RecitalCD10/26/2015
R-CD Johnson/Fadale/Chang 2014-04-18Johnson / Fadale/ Chang Graduate Chamber RecitalCD4/18/2014
R-CD Jones - Robinson, Ginger 2017-04-07Jones - Robinson Doctoral RecitalCD4/7/2017
R-CD Jones, Andrew 2015-0510Jones Graduate RecitalCD5/10/2015
R-CD Jones, Caitlin 2017-03-18Jones Doctoral RecitalCD3/17/2017
R-CD Jones, Jared 2014-04-04Jones Doctoral RecitalCD4/4/2014
R-CD Jones, Jared 2015-10-30Jones Graduate RecitalCD10/30/2015
R-CD Jones, Kevin 2008-03-30Jones Graduate RecitalCD3/30/2008
R-CD Jones-Robinson, Ginger 2016-03-31Jones-Robinson Candidacy RecitalCD3/31/2016
R-CD Joseph, Lucy Manning 2004-01-29Joseph Conducting RecitalCD1/29/2004
R-CD Jung, Eunsung 2012-04-23Jung Graduate Lecture RecitalCD4/23/2012
R-CD Jurik, Andrew 2015-02-26Jurik Doctoral RecitalCD2/26/2015
R-CD Jurik, Andy 2013-03-07Jurik Candidacy RecitalCD3/7/2013
R-CD Jurik, Andy 2014-02-18Jurik Doctoral RecitalCD2/18/2014
R-CD Jurik, Andy 2015-04-16Jurik Doctoral RecitalCD4/16/2015
R-CD Jurik, Andy 2016-03-15Jurik Graduate RecitalCD3/15/2016
R-CD Kameyama, Kentaro 2004-02-27Kameyama Graduate RecitalCD2/27/2004
R-CD Kammerer, John 2015-11-24Kammerer Concerto RecitalCD11/24/2015
R-CD Kammerer, John 2016-03-22Kammerer Graduate RecitalCD3/22/2016
R-CD Kampiziones, Joanne 2003-04-30Kampiziones Graduate RecitalCD4/30/2003
R-CD Kanda, Megumi 2016-02-25Kanda Guest Artist RecitalCD2/25/2016
R-CD Kantor, Shie 2013-04-20Kantor Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2013
R-CD Kattan, Ariel 2014-11-22Kattan Graduate RectalCD11/22/2014
R-CD Kay, Peter B. 2012-05-12Kay Graduate RecitalCD5/12/2012
R-CD Kazakh Chamber Orchestra 2003-02-26Kazakh State Chamber OrchestraCD2/26/2003
R-CD Keesler, Brad 2013-10-25Keesler Doctoral RecitalCD10/25/2013
R-CD Keesler, Bradley 2015-01-15Keesler Graduate RecitalCD1/15/2015
R-CD Keesler, Bradley J. 2013-03-04Keesler Candidacy RecitalCD3/4/2013
R-CD Keeton, Kristopher 2007-04-23USC Percussion EnsembleCD4/23/2007
R-CD Kehl, Adam 2013-09-23Kehl Graduate Lecture RecitalCD9/23/2013
R-CD Keith, Kris 2013-11-04Keith Guest Artist RecitalCD11/4/2013
R-CD kelly, Susan M. 2012-04-17Holocaust Cantata: Songs from the CampsCD4/17/2012
R-CD Kern, Olga 2008-06-092008 SE Piano Festival Kern Guest Artist ConcertCD6/9/2008
R-CD Kerr, Yewon 2015-02-06Kerr Candidacy RecitalCD2/6/2015
R-CD Kerr, Yewon 2016-02-26Kerr Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2016
R-CD Kerr, Yewon 2017-03-20Kerr Doctoral RecitalCD3/20/2017
R-CD Kerr, Yuwon 2016-04-21Kerr Graduate Chamber RecitalCD4/21/2016
R-CD Kesler, Eric 2011-11-15Kesler Candidacy RecitalCD11/15/2011
R-CD Kesler, Eric 2012-09-20Kesler Doctoral RecitalCD9/20/2012
R-CD Kesler, Eric 2013-10-01Kesler Doctoral RecitalCD10/1/2013
R-CD Kesler, Eric 2014-04-22Kesler Doctoral RecitalCD4/22/2014
R-CD Kessel, Diane 2012-11-14Kessel Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD11/14/2012
R-CD Kessel, Diane 2014-03-20Kessel Doctoral RecitalCD3/20/2014
R-CD Kessel, Diane 2014-11-07Kessel Chamber RecitalCD11/7/2014
R-CD Kessel, Diane 2015-02-10Kessel Doctoral RecitalCD2/10/2015
R-CD Kessel, Diane 2015-08-21Kessel Graduate RecitalCD8/21/2015
R-CD Key Color2014-02-28Key Color: Miller Guest Artist RecitalCD2/28/2014
R-CD Kim, David 2014-10-14Kim Guest Artist RecitalCD10/14/2014
R-CD Kim, Jaeyoon 2003-01-29Kim Graduate RecitalCD1/29/2003
R-CD Kim, Jaeyoon 2004-03-30Kim Doctoral RecitalCD3/30/2004
R-CD Kim, Jaeyoon 2005-04-26Kim Doctoral RecitalCD4/26/2005
R-CD Kim, Michael 2000-03-17Kim Guest Artist RecitalCD3/17/2000
R-CD Kim, Seung-Ah 2005-04-19Kim Doctoral RecitalCD4/19/2005
R-CD Kim, Seung-Ah 2006-02-28Kim Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2006
R-CD Kim, Seung-Ah 2007-03-21Kim Graduate RecitalCD3/21/2007
R-CD Kim, Song E 2014-01-24Kim Graduate RecitalCD1/24/2014
R-CD Kim, Song E. 2012-08-31Kim Graduate RecitalCD8/31/2012
R-CD Kim, Song E. 2016-01-20Kim Graduate RecitalCD1/20/2016
R-CD Kim, Song E. 2016-11-11Kim Doctoral RecitalCD11/11/2016
R-CD Kim, Soon Bae 2002-04-19Kim Faculty RecitalCD4/19/2002
R-CD Kim, Taeseong 2003-11-20Kim Doctoral RecitalCD11/20/2003
R-CD Kim, Taeseong 2005-09-29Kim Graduate RecitalCD9/29/2005
R-CD Kim?Landry/Terry 2014-04-28Kim / Landry/ Terry Graduate Chamber RecitalCD4/28/2014
R-CD King, Dustin 2012-01-30King Masters RecitalCD1/30/2012
R-CD King, Nancy Ambrose 2000-01-23Nancy Ambrose KingCD1/23/2000
R-CD Kirk, Dorothy 2013-10-06Kirk Guest ArtistCD10/6/2013
R-CD Kish, Kelsey L. 2014-04-24Kish Doctoral RecitalCD4/24/2014
R-CD Kish, Kelsey L. 2015-03-16Kish Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2015
R-CD Kish, Kelsey L. 2016-04-06Kish Graduate RecitalCD4/6/2016
R-CD Kish, Kelsey Lauren 2012-02-13Kish Graduate RecitalCD2/13/2012
R-CD Kobayashi, Laura 2007-04-22Kobayashi/Gray Duo RecitalCD4/22/2007
R-CD Koch, Andrew 2001-05-03Koch Graduate RecitalCD5/3/2001
R-CD Kohl, Jack 1999-01-22Jack Kohl Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape1/22/1999
R-CD Kohl, Jack 1999-12-01Kohl RecitalCD12/1/1999
R-CD Kolkay, Peter 2007-02-11Kolkay Faculty RecitalCD2/11/2007
R-CD Kolkay, Peter 2008-04-14Kolkay Faculty RecitalCD4/14/2008
R-CD Kolkay, Peter 2009-03-23Kolkay Faculty RecitalCD3/23/2009
R-CD Kolkay, Peter 2010-03-30Kolkay Faculty RecitalCD3/30/2010
R-CD Kolkay, Peter 2011-10-31Kolkay Faculty RecitalCD10/31/2011
R-CD Kompass, Lynn 2003-01-31Kompass Faculty RecitalCD1/31/2003
R-CD Kovach, Haley 2017-04-10Kovach Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2017
R-CD Kramar, John 2001-02-12Kramar and Keene RecitalCD2/12/2001
R-CD Kreisberg Trio 2013-03-28Kreisberg Trio Guest Artist ConcertCD3/28/2013
R-CD Kremer, Damian 2003-10-28Kremer and Vorobiev Guest RecitalCD10/28/2003
R-CD Kristich, Christopher 2012-04-23Kristich Candidacy RecitalCD4/23/2012
R-CD Kristich, Christopher R. 2011-03-27Kristich Candidacy RecitalCD3/27/2011
R-CD Kristich, Christopher R. 2011-11-03Kristich Candidacy RecitalCD11/3/2011
R-CD Krznarich, Leah 2004-02-13Krznarich Graduate RecitalCD2/13/2004
R-CD Kuleshov, Valery 2007-06-142007 SE Piano Festival: Kuleshov Guest Artist RecitalCD6/14/2007
R-CD La Boheme 2004-02-06Opera at USC presents La BohemeCD2/6/2004
R-CD La Boheme 2004-02-08Opera at USC presents La BohemeCD2/8/2004
R-CD Landry, Brett 2013-03-01Landry Candidacy RecitalCD3/1/2013
R-CD Landry, Brett 2014-01-27Landry Graduate RecitalCD1/27/2014
R-CD Landry, Brett B. 2015-02-18Landry Graduate RecitalCD2/18/2015
R-CD Landry, Brett B.2016-04-18Landry Doctoral RecitalCD4/18/2016
R-CD Lane, Constance 2000-10-09Lane/Fugo Faculty RecitalCD10/9/2000
R-CD Lane, Constance 2001-10-08Lane/Fugo Faculty RecitalCD10/8/2001
R-CD Lane, Constance 2002-11-06Lane/Fugo Faculty RecitalCD11/6/2002
R-CD Lapin, Eric 2008-03-06Lapin Graduate RecitalCD3/6/2008
R-CD Lapin, Eric J. 2009-03-06Lapin Graduate RecitalCD3/6/2009
R-CD Laroche, Michael 2009-10-06La Roche Graduate RecitalCD10/6/2009
R-CD LaRoche, Michael 2010-10-01La Roche Graduate RecitalCD10/1/2010
R-CD LaRoche, Michael 2012-02-10LaRoche Graduate RecitalCD2/10/2012
R-CD LaRoche, Serena Hill 2012-04-18Celebration of InspirationCD4/18/2012
R-CD Larrabee, Heather 2005-04-08Larrabee Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2005
R-CD Larsen Masterclass 1999-10-20Libby Larsen Composition MasterClassCD10/20/1999
R-CD Larsen, Laurel 2005-04-18Larsen Graduate RecitalCD4/18/2005
R-CD Larsen, Laurel 2006-04-07Larsen Graduate RecitalCD7/4/2006
R-CD Larsen, Melanie 2017-03-31Larsen Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2017
R-CD Law, Kenneth 2001-03-07Law Doctoral RecitalCD3/7/2001
R-CD Lawrence, Kevin 2013-10-27Lawrence Guest Artist RecitalCD10/27/2013
R-CD Lazcano, Jose Manuel 2016-10-19Lezcano Guest Artist RecitalCD10/19/2016
R-CD Leaman / Rackers 2011-04-20Leaman / Rackers Faculty RecitalCD4/20/2011
R-CD Leaman / Rackers 2011-11-06Leaman / Rackers Faculty RecitalCD11/6/2011
R-CD Leaman / Rackers 2016-01-20Leaman / Rackers Faculty RecitalCD1/20/2016
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2001-01-30Leaman Faculty RecitalCD1/30/2001
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2002-01-24Leaman Faculty RecitalCD1/24/2002
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2002-10-10Leaman Faculty RecitalCD10/10/2002
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2003-11-21Leaman Faculty RecitalCD11/21/2003
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2005-02-07Leaman Faculty RecitalCD2/7/2005
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2005-10-23Leaman and Herring Faculty RecitalCD10/23/2005
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2006-02-09Leaman Faculty RecitalCD2/9/2006
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2007-02-08Leaman Faculty RecitalCD2/8/2007
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2007-03-28Leaman/Herring Faculty RecitalCD3/28/2007
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2009-02-04Leaman Faculty RecitalCD2/4/2009
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2009-03-03Leaman Faculty RecitalCD3/3/2009
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2010-03-15Leaman Faculty RecitalCD3/15/2010
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2013-01-17Leaman / Rackers Faculty RecitalCD1/17/2013
R-CD Leaman, Clifford 2013-10-21Leaman Faculty RecitalCD10/21/2013
R-CD Leavitt, Todd 2009-09-11Leavitt Guest Artist RecitalCD9/11/2009
R-CD LeDoux, Albert 1999-11-16LeDoux Doctoral Recital/Madrigal EnsembleCD11/16/1999
R-CD Lee, Chris 2000-10-10Lee Doctoral RecitalCD10/10/2000
R-CD Lee, Chris 2000-12-06Lee Doctoral RecitalCD12/6/2000
R-CD Lee, Chris 2001-05-03Lee Doctoral RecitalCD5/3/2001
R-CD Lee, Hwan-Ah 2001-01-19Lee Graduate RecitalCD1/19/2001
R-CD Lee, Hwan-An 2000-04-25Lee Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2000
R-CD Lee, Jiyeon 2016-02-25Lee Graduate RecitalCD2/25/2016
R-CD Lee, Ka-Young 2010-04-14Lee Graduate RecitalCD4/14/2010
R-CD Lee, Ka-Young 2012-04-19Lee Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2012
R-CD Lee, Lisa 2003-11-03Lee Doctoral RecitalCD11/3/2003
R-CD Lee, Lisa 2011-04-25Lee Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2011
R-CD Lee, Lisa Won Jung 2010-04-07Lee Graduate RecitalCD4/7/2010
R-CD Lee, Sunjoo 2017-03-03Lee Doctoral RecitalCD3/3/2017
R-CD Leeth, Jessica D. 2010-04-07Leeth Graduate RecitalCD4/7/2010
R-CD Leeth, Jessica Dixon 2009-11-04Leeth Doctoral RecitalCD11/4/2009
R-CD Leeth, Jessica Dixon 2011-02-17Leeth Doctoral RecitalCD2/17/2011
R-CD Left Bank 2001-10-25 Disc 2Left Bank Big Band with Dave Pietro 2 of 2CD10/25/2001
R-CD Left Bank 2003-10-16Left Bank Big BandCD10/16/2003
R-CD Left Bank 2003-11-04Left Bank Jazz ComboCD11/4/2003
R-CD Left Bank 2005-04-21Left Bank Big BandCD4/21/2005
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2004-10-28Left Bank Big BandCD10/28/2004
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2005-10-18Left Bank Big BandCD10/18/2005
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2006-02-16USC Band Clinic - Percussion and JazzCD2/16/2006
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2006-04-20Left Bank Big Band with Shelley CarrolCD4/20/2006
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2006-10-26Left Bank Big BandCD10/26/2006
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2007-02-15USC Band Clinic: Jazz and PercussionCD2/15/2007
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2007-04-19Left Bank Big BandCD4/19/2007
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2007-11-01Left Bank Big BandCD11/1/2007
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2008-04-24Left Bank Big BandCD4/24/2008
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2008-10-30Left Bank Big BandCD10/30/2008
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2009-10-29Left Bank Big Band Jazz RecitalCD10/29/2009
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2010-04-22Left Bank Big BandCD4/22/2010
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2010-10-28Left Bank Big BandCD10/28/2010
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2011-04-21Left Bank Big BandCD4/21/2011
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2011-10-27Left Bank Big BandCD10/27/2011
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2012-04-10Left Bank Big BandCD4/10/2012
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2012-10-31Left Bank Big BandCD10/31/2012
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2013-04-18USC Left bank Big BaandCD4/18/2013
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2014-10-22Left Bank Big BandCD10/22/2014
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2015-04-07Left Bank Big bandCD4/7/2015
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2015-11-05Left Bank Big BandCD11/5/2015
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2016-04-06Left Bank Big BandCD4/6/2016
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2016-10-27Left Bank Big BandCD10/27/2016
R-CD Left Bank Big Band 2017-04-11Left Bank Big BandCD4/11/2017
R-CD Left bank Big Band 29014-04-23Left Bank Big BandCD4/23/2014
R-CD Left Bank Jazz 2009-04-23Left Bank Jazz RecitalCD4/23/2009
R-CD Lei, Fan 2012-12-03Lei Guest Artist RecitalCD12/3/2012
R-CD Leitner, Genevieve 2011-02-16Leitner Guest Artist ConcertCD2/16/2011
R-CD Lekov, Bobby 2003-02-28Lekov Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2003
R-CD Lekov, Bobby 2005-03-17Lekov Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD3/17/2005
R-CD Lekov, Boyan 2006-04-12Lekov Graduate RecitalCD4/12/2006
R-CD Lekov, Boyan 2007-04-26Lekov Graduate RecitalCD4/26/2007
R-CD Lekov, Boyan 2008-04-17Lekov Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD4/17/2008
R-CD Lekov, Boyan 2009-04-17Lekov Doctoral RecitalCD4/17/2009
R-CD Leonard, Brenda 2006-01-19Leonard Doctoral RecitalCD1/19/2006
R-CD Leonard, Brenda 2006-04-26Leonard Doctoral Chamber Music RecitalCD4/26/2006
R-CD Leonard, Brenda 2007-03-01Leonard Doctoral RecitalCD3/1/2007
R-CD Leonard, Brenda H. 3009-10-29Leonard Doctoral RecitalCD10/29/2009
R-CD Lewandoski/Brown 2009-01-12Lewandoski/Brown Guest Artist RecitalCD1/12/2009
R-CD Lewis, Jill 1999-11-10Lewis Doctoral RecitalCD11/10/1999
R-CD Lewis, Jill 2000-10-26Lewis Graduate RecitalCD10/26/2000
R-CD Lewis, Ryan 2006-04-22Lewis Doctoral RecitalCD4/22/2006
R-CD Lewis, Ryan 2007-03-19Lewis Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD3/19/2007
R-CD Lewis, Ryan 2008-01-25Lewis Doctoral RecitalCD1/25/2008
R-CD Lewis, Ryan C. 2008-12-05Lewis Doctoral RecitalCD12/5/2008
R-CD Li, Haichen 2016-02-22Li Graduate RecitalCD2/22/2016
R-CD LI, Mengdi 2015-12-02Li Candidacy RecitalCD12/2/2015
R-CD Li, Mengdi 2017-04-10Li Doctoral RecitalCD4/10/2017
R-CD LI,Mengdi 2017-02-13Li Doctoral RecitalCD2/13/2017
R-CD Liang, Huiyun 2015-11-19Liang Doctoral RecitalCD11/19/2015
R-CD Liang/Zou/Reed -2017-01-30Liang/Zou/Reed Doctoral RecitalCD1/30/2017
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Liang 2016-04-17Liao Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2016
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Ling 2013-03-24Liao Graduate RecitalCD3/24/2013
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Ying 2010-11-08Liao Graduate RecitalCD11/8/2010
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Ying 2011-11-01Liao Graduate RecitalCD11/1/2011
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Ying 2013-12-02Liao Graduate RecitalCD12/2/2013
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Ying 2014-11-03Liao Graduate RecitalCD11/3/2014
R-CD Liao, Tzu-Ying 2015-10-01Liao Graduate RecitalCD10/1/2015
R-CD Licata, Julie 2004-03-16Licata Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2004
R-CD Licata, Julie M. 2005-01-25Licata Graduate RecitalCD1/25/2005
R-CD Light the Way 2009-04-30Light the Way; An Evening of Music , Dance, and PoetryCD4/30/2009
R-CD Ligon, Bert 2003-04-16Ligon Faculty Recital: Great American SongsCD4/16/2003
R-CD Ligon, Bert 2005-09-14Ligon/Butterfield/Helbing TrioCD9/14/2005
R-CD Ligon/Butterfield Jazz Duo 2008-04-22Ligon/Butterfield Jazz DuoCD4/22/2008
R-CD Lim, Ernest 2004-03-30Lim Doctoral RecitalCD3/30/2004
R-CD Lim, Ernest 2005-11-29Lim Graduate RecitalCD11/29/2005
R-CD Lim, Jeong Sun 2003-04-01Lim Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2003
R-CD Lim, Jeong-Sun 2001-02-15Lim Graduate RecitalCD2/15/2001
R-CD Line upon line 2012-10-03line upon line Guest Artist ConcertCD10/3/2012
R-CD Liu, Chun-Yi 2008-09-10Liu Doctoral Conducting RecitalCD9/10/2008
R-CD Liu, Chun-Yi 2009-01-28Liu Doctoral Conductiing RecitalCD1/28/2009
R-CD Liu, Chun-Yi 2009-09-29Liu Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD9/29/2009
R-CD Loeffler Graduate Recital 2005-08-29Loeffler Graduate RecitalCD8/29/2005
R-CD Loeffler, Andrew 2004-09-29Loeffler Graduate Concerto RecitalCD9/29/2004
R-CD Loeffler, Andrew 2005-01-19Loeffler Graduate Concerto RecitalCD1/19/2004
R-CD Loftin, G. Tyler 2010-11-05Loftin Graduate RecitalCD11/5/2010
R-CD Loftin, G. Tyler 2011-03-25Loftin Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2011
R-CD Lomazov / Rackers 2016-02-22Lomazov / Rackers Faculty RecitalCD2/22/2016
R-CD Lomazov / Rackers Duo 2013-02-25Lomazov / Rackers Piano DuoCD2/25/2013
R-CD Lomazov / Rackers Piano Duo 2014-03-23Lomazov / Rackers piano DuoCD3/23/2014
R-CD Lomazov, Marina 2002-11-20Lomazov Faculty RecitalCD11/20/2002
R-CD Lomazov, Marina 2004-02-17Lomazov Faculty RecitalCD2/17/2004
R-CD Lomazov, Marina 2005-11-18Lomazov Faculty RecitalCD11/18/2005
R-CD Lomazov, Marina 2007-03-02Lomazov Faculty RecitalCD3/2/2007
R-CD Lomazov, Marina 2007-10-09Lomazov Faculty RecitalCD10/9/2007
R-CD Lomazov, Marina 2011-10-31Lomazov Faculty RecitalCD10/31/2011
R-CD Lomazov/Rackers Faculty Recital 2004-11-23Lomazov/Rackers Faculty RecitalCD11/23/2004
R-CD Lomazov/Rackers Faculty Recital 2005-04-14Lomazov/Rackers Faculty RecitalCD4/14/2005
R-CD Long Graduate Recital 2012-02-02Long Graduate RecitalCD2/2/2012
R-CD Long, Gregory 2004-12-02Long Doctoral Conducting RecitalCD12/2/2004
R-CD Long, Gregory 2005-01-30Long Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD1/30/2005
R-CD Long, Julia 2011-10-03Long Graduate RecitalCD10/3/2011
R-CD Long, Julia E. 2011-02-17Long Graduate RecitalCD2/17/2011
R-CD Lowe, Shannon 2013-04-16Lowe guest Artist RecitalCD4/16/2013
R-CD Lowenthal, Jerome 2005-06-162005 SE Piano Festival: Jerome LowenthalCD6/16/2005
R-CD Lu Yungshang 2016-11-15Lu Doctoral RecitalCD11/15/2016
R-CD Luby, Nicholas 2016-02-26Luby Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2016
R-CD Luby, Nicholas 2017- 03-16Luby Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2017
R-CD Ludwig, Pedro 2006-11-15Ludwig Graduate RecitalCD11/15/2006
R-CD Ludwig, Pedro 2007-11-16Pedro Ludwig RecitalCD11/16/2007
R-CD Luiken, Jennifer 2001-01-18Luiken Graduate RecitalCD1/18/2001
R-CD Luiken, Jennifer 2001-11-27Luiken Graduate RecitalCD11/27/2000
R-CD Luloff, Joseph 2011-11-14Luloff Guest Artist RecitalCD11/14/2011
R-CD Lupis, Giuseppi 2013-03-03Lupis Guest Artist RecitalCD3/3/2013
R-CD Lynch, Brendan 2014-01-23Lynch Graduate RecitalCD1/24/2014
R-CD Lynch, Bryan J. 2013-04-04Lynch Graduate RecitalCD4/4/2013
R-CD Macarez, Frederic 2016-02-01Macarez Guest Artist RecitalCD2/1/2016
R-CD Macavoy, Nathan 2016-02-25MacAvoy Graduate RecitalCD2/25/2016
R-CD MacPhail, Valerie 2000-01-28MacPhail Doctoral RecitalCD1/28/2000
R-CD MacPhail, Valerie 2000-11-30MacPhail Doctoral RecitalCD11/30/2000
R-CD Malone, Russell 2006-09-21Malone and Russell Guest Artist RecitalCD9/21/2006
R-CD Malphrus, Burton 2003-04-24Malphrus Graduate RecitalCD4/24/2003
R-CD Man, Wu 2009-11-13Southern Exposure New Music SeriesCD11/13/2009
R-CD Mandel, Jac 2003-04-10Mandel Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2003
R-CD Mandel, Jac 2003-12-03Mandel Graduate RecitalCD12/3/2003
R-CD Mandel, Jac 2006-04-25Mandel Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2006
R-CD Mandel, Jac 2007-11-13Mandel Doctoral RecitalCD11/13/2007
R-CD mandel, Jac 2010-09-30Mandel Graduate RecitalCD9/30/2010
R-CD Mandel, Jac 2013-02-18Mandel Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2013
R-CD Manning, Lucy 2004-10-29Manning Conducting Recital: Histoire du SoldatCD10/29/2004
R-CD Manning, Lucy 2005-03-29Manning Graduate Lecture RecitalCD3/29/2005
R-CD Marcellus, John 2002-02-24Marcellus Guest Artist RecitalCD2/24/2002
R-CD Marchioni, Tonimarie 2016-03-16Marchioni Guest Artist RecitalCD3/16/2016
R-CD Marcus, Richard C. 2011-04-06Marcus Graduate Lecture RecitalCD4/6/2011
R-CD Marcusson, Goran 2008-11-11Marcusson Guest Artist ConcertCD11/11/2008
R-CD Marcusson, Goran 2016-03-02Marcussen Guest Artist RecitalCD3/2/2015
R-CD Marimon, Cesar 2000-04-14Marimon Doctoral RecitalCD4/14/2000
R-CD Marimon, Cesar 2001-04-06Marimon Doctoral RecitalCD4/6/2001
R-CD Marimon, Cesar 2001-11-05Marimon, Lecture RecitalCD11/5/2001
R-CD Marimon, Cesar 2003-09-10Marimon Doctoral RecitalCD9/10/2003
R-CD Marine Saxophone Quartet 2010-01-25The President′s Own Marine Saxophone Quartet TourCD1/25/2010
R-CD Mark O'Connor & Hot Swing 2005-11-01Mark O′Connor & Hot Swing Concer/ClinicCD11/1/2005
R-CD Marlow, Alison 2002-03-18Marlow Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2002
R-CD Marsalis, Delfeayo 2015-09-22Marsqalis MasterclassCD9/22/2015
R-CD Marshall, Jennifer Z. 2011-1-19Marshall Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD11/19/2011
R-CD Marshall, Jennifer Zoellner 2011-08-26Marshall Doctoral RecitalCD8/26/2011
R-CD Marshall, Zachary 2010-07-15Marshall Doctoral RecitalCD7/15/2010
R-CD Marshall, Zachary A. 2011-03-31Marshall Doctoral RecitalCD3/31/2011
R-CD Marshall, Zachary K. 2009-10-01Marshall Doctoral RecitalCD10/1/2009
R-CD Mastrogiacomo, Stephen 2007-04-12Mastrogiacomo Graduate RecitalCD4/12/2007
R-CD Mastrogiacomo, Steven 2008-03-24Mastrogiacomo Doctal Chamber RecitalCD3/24/2008
R-CD Mastrogiacomo, Steven 2008-04-25Mastrogiacomo Doctoral RecitalCD4/25/2008
R-CD Mastrogiacomo, Steven 2009-03-26Mastrogiacomo Doctoral RecitalCD3/26/2009
R-CD Matsuo, Jun 2001-02-12Matsuo Graduate RecitalCD2/12/2001
R-CD Matthews, Aaron 2013-11-08Matthews Graduate Lecture RecitalCD11/8/2013
R-CD Matthews, Aaron B. 2012-08-31Matthews Graduate RecitalCD8/31/2012
R-CD Mauk, Steven 2013-03-26Mauk Guest Artist RecitalCD3/26/2013
R-CD Maurer-Helton 2007-12-03Maurer-Helton Guest Artist RecitalCD12/7/2007
R-CD Maxwell, Sarita 2005-03-15Maxwell Candidacy RecitalCD3/15/2005
R-CD Maxwell, Sarita 2008-03-26Maxwell Graduate RecitalCD3/26/2008
R-CD Maxwell, Sarita J.2009-04-22Maxwell Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2009
R-CD Maynard, John 2010-04-23Maynard Graduate Composition RecitalCD4/23/2010
R-CD McClellan, Ray 2006-11-30McClellan Guest RecitalCD11/30/2006
R-CD McCurdy, Ron 2009-09-24Ron McCurdy MasterclassCD9/24/2009
R-CD McDonald, Susan 2000-03-20McDonald Guest Artist RecitalCD3/20/2000
R-CD McKay, John 2006-11-18McKay Guest Artist RecitalCD11/18/2006
R-CD McKinney, Harold 2004-03-15McKinney/Jones/ Robertson Guest Artist RecitalCD3/15/2004
R-CD McLin, Katie 2003-11-09McLin/Campbell Guest Artist RecitalCD11/9/2003
R-CD McMillan Doctoral Recital 2005-06-29McMillan Doctoral RecitalCD6/29/2005
R-CD McMillan, Ben 2005-11-29McMillan Graduate RecitalCD11/29/2005
R-CD McNair, William 2005-04-24McNair Graduate RecitalCD4/24/2005
R-CD Mead, Maurita 2008-11-06Mead Guest Artist RecitalCD11/6/2008
R-CD Mears, Elizabeth 2000-04-04University ChorusCD4/4/2000
R-CD Meccia, Lauren 2006-09-26Meccia Masters RecitalCD9/26/2006
R-CD Meir, Baruch 2009-04-02Meir Guest Artist RecitalCD4/2/2009
R-CD Melton, Laura 2012-01-19Melton Guest Artist RecitalCD1/19/2012
R-CD Mennel, Kelsy 2007-03-24Mennel Graduate RecitalCD3/24/2007
R-CD Mercado, Luis A. 2010-11-21Mercado Graduate RecitalCD11/21/2010
R-CD Merling Trio 2011-03-23Merling TrioCD3/23/2011
R-CD Messich, Reid 2012-01-29Messich / Marinello Guest Artist RecitalCD1/29/2012
R-CD Mettens / Steman Recital 2012-04-22Mettens-Juniior / Steman Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2012
R-CD Meyer, Brad 2007-02-05Meyer Graduate RecitalCD2/5/2007
R-CD Meyer, Bradley 2009-01-30Meyer Guest Artist RecitalCD1/30/2009
R-CD Miller, Cherisse 2004-09-28Miller Graduate RecitalCD9/28/2004
R-CD Miller, Christopher 2009-02-02Miller Graduate RecitalCD2/2/2009
R-CD Miller, James 2006-09-18Miller Guest Artist RecitalCD9/18/2006
R-CD Miller, Noa 2017-02-06Miller Doctoral RecitalCD2/6/2017
R-CD Milnes Masterclass 2004-01-30Sherrill Milnes Masterclass (5 sound discs)CD1/30/2004
R-CD Milnes Masterclass 2004-01-31Sherrill Milnes Masterclass ( 5 sound discs)CD1/31/2004
R-CD Minacapelli, Mary Ann 2012-10-24Minacapelli Graduate RecitalCD10/24/2012
R-CD Mincapeli, Karly Ann 2013-04-18Mincapeli Graduate RecitalCD4/18/2013
R-CD Minor, Janice and Gabriel Dobner 2008-02-28Minor/Dobner Guest RecitalCD2/28/2008
R-CD Miranda, Gianna 2015-03-19Miranda Graduate RecitalCD3/19/2015
R-CD Misenheimer, Aaron 2006-03-13Misenheimer Guest Artist RecitalCD3/13/2006
R-CD Mitchell, Jennifer 2017-02-03Mitchell Graduate RecitalCD2/3/2017
R-CD MLK Gospelfest 2013-01-20MLK Gospelfest 2013CD1/20/2013
R-CD Monsieur Choufleuri 2004-11-07Opera at USC: Monsieur Choufleuri (11/05 & 11/07)CD11/7/2004
R-CD Montilla, Jorge 2015-03-23Montilla Guest Artiet RecitalCD3/23/2015
R-CD Moore III, Joe W. 2011-03-26Moore Masters Concerto RecitalCD3/26/2011
R-CD Moore, Dan 2008-11-16Moore Guest Artist RecitalCD11/16/2008
R-CD Moore, Deanna 2004-03-16Moore Doctoral RecitalCD3/16/2004
R-CD Moore, Deanna 2005-01-14Moore Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD1/14/2005
R-CD Moore, Deanna 2005-10-04Moore Doctoral RecitalCD10/4/2005
R-CD Moore, Deanna 2006-04-14Moore Doctoral RecitalCD4/14/2006
R-CD Moore, Joe W. III 2010-04-10Moore Master RecitalCD4/10/2010
R-CD Moriski Zvutsi 2000-10-21Moriski Zvutsi - Choir of Varna, BulgariaCD10/21/2000
R-CD Murray, Robert 2013-09-21Murray Guest Artist RecitalCD9/21/2013
R-CD Musique du Baroque Francais 2004-11-09Musique du Baroque FrancaisCD11/9/2004
R-CD Myers, Denise 2011-02-05The Black Woman′s Experience in AmericaCD2/5/2011
R-CD Nagel, Rebecca 2015-02-11Nagel Faculty RecitalCD2/11/2015
R-CD Nagel, Rebecca S. 2008-10-26Nagel Faculty RecitalCD10/26/2008
R-CD Nahra, Samantha 2013-03-04Nahra Graduate RecitalCD3/4/2013
R-CD NASA/Boulogne 2008-04-18North American Saxophone Alliance: Boulogne-Billancourt National ConservatoryCD4/18/2008
R-CD NASA/Left Bank Big Band 2008-04-18North American Saxophone Alliance and the Left Bank Big BandCD4/18/2008
R-CD NASA/Symphonic/Concert Bands 2008-04-17North American Saxophone Alliance and the Symphonic and Concert BandsCD4/17/2008
R-CD NASA/Symphony Orchestra 2008-04-16North American Saxophone Alliance and USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/16/2008
R-CD NASA: Walt Weiskopf 2008-04-19North American Saxophone Alliance and the Walt Weiskopf QuartetCD4/19/2008
R-CD Nash, Mary Jo 2000-03-28University ChorusCD3/28/2000
R-CD NASM Recital 2010-02-22NASM RecitalCD2/22/2010
R-CD Nestler, Eric Guest Artist Recital 2003-04-14Nestler Guest Artist RecitalCD4/14/2003
R-CD Neuberger, Julie Ann 2004-04-17Neuberger Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2004
R-CD Neuberger, Julie Ann 2005-03-31Neuberger Graduate Chamber RecitalCD3/31/2005
R-CD Neuberger, Julie Ann 2005-04-22Neuberger Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2005
R-CD New Voices 2013-04-26New Voices RecitalCD4/26/2013
R-CD New Voices 2013-11-21New VoicesCD11/21/2013
R-CD New Voices 2014-04-26New Voices:Music by USC Student ComposersCD4/26/2014
R-CD New Voices 2015-12-03New VoicesConcertCD12/3/2015
R-CD New Voices 2016-11-29New Voices; Music by USC Student ComposersCD11/29/2016
R-cd NEW voices 2017-04-22New Voices : Music by USC Student ComposersCD4/22/2017
R-CD Nicolella, Michael 2003-11-14Southern Exposure: Michael NicolellaCD11/14/2003
R-CD Nova, James 2014-10-01Nova Gyest Artist RecitalCD10/1/2014
R-CD Nutter, Meredith 2001-11-06Nutter Doctoral RecitalCD11/6/2001
R-CD Nutter, Meredith 2002-09-30Meredith C. Nutter, sopranoCD9/30/2002
R-CD Nutter, Meredith 2003-09-30Nutter Doctoral RecitalCD9/30/2003
R-CD Odom, Lisa 2005-04-29Odom Doctoral RecitalCD4/29/2005
R-CD Odom, Lisa 2006-05-02Odom Graduate RecitalCD5/2/2006
R-CD Odom, Lisa Sain 2005-10-10Odom Graduate RecitalCD10/10/2005
R-CD Oh, Jun-Joo 2003-02-21Oh Graduate RecitalCD2/21/2003
R-CD Oh, Sun-Joo 2004-04-09Oh Doctoral RecitalCD4/9/2004
R-CD Oh, Sun-Joo 2005-04-07Oh Graduate RecitalCD4/7/2005
R-CD Ohio University Lyric Duo 2015-04-01Ohio University Lyric DuoCD4/1/2015
R-CD Okesson, Katherine Anne 2009-02-03Okesson Candidacy RecitalCD2/3/2009
R-CD Okesson, Katherine Anne 2009-11-30Okesson Graduate RecitalCD11/30/2009
R-CD Okesson, Katherine Anne 2011-04-25Okesson Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2011
R-CD Olivera, Claudio 2009-10-07Olivera Graduate RecitalCD10/7/2009
R-CD Olivera, Claudio 2011-04-17Olivera Graduate RecitalCD4/17/2011
R-CD Olivera, Claudio 2011-11-11Olivera Candidacy RecitalCD11/11/2011
R-CD Olivera, Claudio 2013-09-13Olivera Graduate RecitalCD9/13/2013
R-CD Olivera, Claudio 2014-10-03Olivera Graduate RecitalCD10/3/2014
R-CD Olivera, Claudio J. 2012-12-06Olivera Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD12/6/2012
R-CD Oliveras, Claudio 2015-12-04Oliveras Graduate RecitalCD12/4/2015
R-CD Olszewski, Daniel 2016-01-19Olzewski Graduate RecitalCD1/19/2016
R-CD Olszewski, Daniel 2016-04-14Olszewski Graduate RecitalCD4/14/2016
R-CD Omojo Duo 2014-03-26Omojo DuoCD3/26/2014
R-CD Opera # USC 2017-02-24Opera @ USC presents: Later That Same EveningCD2/24/2017
R-CD Opera @ USC 2012-11-02Opera @ USC Presents: Don GiovanniCD11/2/2012
R-CD Opera @ USC 2014-03-01Opera@USC presents Lelisir d′ AmoreCD3/1/2014
R-CD Opera @ USC 2015 02-20Opera @ USC Presents: Cosi fan tuttiCD2/20/2015
R-CD Opera @ USC 2016-02-27Opera at USC Presents: Il barbiere di SivigliaCD2/27/2016
R-CD Opera @ USC 2016-04-098Opera at USC Presents: Speed Dating Tonight !CD4/9/2016
R-CD Opera @ USC 2017-04-15Opera @ USC: one Act Opera SeriesCD4/15/2017
R-CD Opera @USC 2014-04-11Opera @ USC presents: An Evening of One ActsCD4/11/2014
R-CD Opera @USC 2014-11-07Opera at USC presents Hansel and GretelCD11/7/2014
R-CD Opera @USC 2015-04-12Opera@USC Presents:An Evening of One ActsCD4/12/2015
R-CD Opera @USC 2015-11-06Opera at USC Presents: La PericholeCD11/6/2015
R-CD Opera at USC 2006-02-04Opera at USC Presents: An Evening of One ActsCD2/4/2006
R-CD Opera at USC 2006-04-07Opera at USC: A Little Night MusicCD4/7/2006
R-CD Opera at USC 2006-04-08Opera at USC: A Little Night MusicCD4/8/2006
R-CD Opera at USC 2006-04-09Opera at USC: A Little Night MusicCD4/9/2006
R-CD Opera at USC 2007-11-09Opera at USC: Giaani Schicchi/Amahl and the Night VisitorsCD11/9/2007
R-CD Opera at USC 2007-11-11Opera at USC: Giaani Schicchi/Amahl and the Night VisitorsCD11/11/2007
R-CD Opera at USC 2008-02-09USC Opera and Southern Exposure present: The Threepenny OperaCD2/9/2008
R-CD Opera at USC 2008-02-10USC Opera and Southern Exposure present: The Threepenny OperaCD2/10/2008
R-CD Opera at USC 2008-11-09Opera at USC presents: The Tales of Hoffmann-OffenbachCD11/9/2008
R-CD Opera at USC 2009-04-26Opera at USC presents Our Town by Ned RoremCD4/26/2009
R-CD OPera at USC 2010-02-07Opera at USC: An Evening of One ActsCD2/7/2010
R-CD Opera at USC 2010-03-26Opera at USC Presents: Le Nozze de FigaroCD3/28/2010
R-CD Opera at USC 2011-02-25Opera at USC presents CendrillonCD2/25/2011
R-CD Opera at USC 2011-04-09Opera at USC: An Evening of One ActsCD4/9/2011
R-CD Opera at USC 2011-11-04Opera at USC presents: Two by Gian Carlo MenottiCD11/4/2011
R-CD Opera at USC 2011-11-05Opera @ USC presents: a Dickens of an EveningCD11/5/2010
R-CD Opera at USC 2012-03-31Opera at USC: Pepito & RitaCD3/31/2012
R-CD Opera at USC 2013-04-05Opera at USC Presents: Copland, the Tender LandCD4/5/2013
R-CD Opera at USC 2013-04-07Opera at USC Persents; Copland: The Tender LandCD4/7/2013
R-CD Opera at USC 2013-05-10Bambino : A One Act OperaCD5/10/2013
R-CD Opera at USC 2013-11-06Opera@USC : CandideCD11/6/2013
R-CD Opera atUSC 2013-02-01Opera at USC:Das BarbecuCD2/1/2013
R-CD Opera atUSC 2013-04-06Opera at USC Presents; Copland: The Tender LandCD4/6/2013
R-CD Opera@USC 2018=11-04Opera @ USC: Sunday in the Park with GeorgeCD11/4/2016
R-CD Oppens, Ursula 2005-06-152005 SE Piano Festival: Ursula OppensCD6/15/2005
R-CD Opus Two 2006-09-16Opus TwoCD9/16/2006
R-CD Opus Two 2011-09-17Opus TwoCD9/17/2011
R-CD Opus Two 2012-11-10Opus TwoCD11/10/2012
R-CD Opus Two 2014-04-22OPus Two: Around the World in 80 MinutesCD4/22/2014
R-CD Opus Two 2015-03-29Opus TwoCD3/29/2015
R-CD Opus Two 2016-03-24Opus Two: Carolina GalleryCD3/24/2016
R-CD Opus Two 2017-03-29Opus Two Faculty / Guest RecitalCD3/29/2017
R-CD Ortiz-Laboy, Maqria 2016-10-26Ortiz-Laboy Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD10/26/2016
R-CD Ortiz-Laboy, Maria 2015-11-05Ortiz-Laboy Doctoral RecitalCD11/5/2015
R-CD Ortiz-Laboy, maria 2016-0831Ortiz-Laboy Doctoral RecitalCD8/31/2016
R-CD Ortiz-Laboy, Maria 2017-03-22Ortiz-Laboy Doctoral RecitalCD3/22/2017
R-CD Ortiz-Laboy, Mario 2015-04-07Otiz-Laboy Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD4/7/2015
R-CD Osland, Miles 2011-10-13Osland Guest Artist RecitalCD10/13/2011
R-CD Oswald, Georgianna E. 2015-03-16Oswald Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2015
R-CD Otamendi, Ana 2006-10-25Otamendi Graduate RecitalCD10/25/2006
R-CD Otamendi, Ana 2007-04-10Otamendi Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2007
R-CD Otero, Isabel 2002-09-20Otero Graduate RecitalCD9/20/2002
R-CD Ousley, Dustin C. 2015-02-22Ousley Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD2/22/2015
R-CD Ousley, Lee W. 2014-03-18Ousley Doctoral RecitalCD3/18/2014
R-CD Ousley, Lee W. 2015-01-29Ousley Graduate RecitalCD1/29/2015
R-CD Ousley, Lee Whittington 2013-04-25Ousley Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2013
R-CD Ouyang, Qin 2016-03-03Ouyang Graduate RecitalCD4/3/2016
R-CD Ouyang, Qin 2016-10-18Ouyang Doctoral RecitalCD10/18/2016
R-CD Owens, Christin 2006-10-23Owens Graduate RecitalCD10/23/2006
R-CD Owens, Christin 2007-04-20Owens Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2007
R-CD Owens, Christin 2008-01-14Owens Graduate RecitalCD1/14/2008
R-CD Owens, Douglas 2002-04-02Owens Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2002
R-CD Owens, Douglas 2002-04-29Owens Graduate RecitalCD4/29/2002
R-CD Pacific, David 2016-03-03Pacific Graduate RecitalCD3/3/2016
R-CD Palmer, Bradley 2011-01-31Palmer Guest Artist RecitalCD1/31/2011
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 1999-02-20Palmetto Concert BandCD2/20/1999
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 1999-12-06Palmetto Concert BandCD12/6/1999
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2000-02-19Palmetto Band @ Band ClinicCD2/19/2000
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2001-02-24Palmetto Concert BandCD2/24/2001
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2002-02-16Band Clinic: Palmetto Concert BandCD2/16/2002
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2003-02-15USC Band Clinic - Palmetto Concert BandCD2/15/2003
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2005-02-19Palmetto Concert BandCD2/19/2005
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2006-02-18USC Band Clinic - The Palmetto Concert BandCD2/18/2006
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2007-02-17USC Band Clinic: Palmetto Concert BandCD2/17/2007
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2008-02-16USC Band Clinic: Palmetto Concert BandCD2/16/2008
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2009-02-21USC Band Clinic : Palmetto Concert BandCD2/21/2009
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2011-02-19Palmetto Concert bandCD2/19/2011
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2012-02-182012 USC Band Clinic : Palmetto Concert BandCD2/18/2012
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2013-02-16USC Band Clinic: Palmetto Concert BandCD2/16/2013
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2015-02-142015 USC Band Clinic : Palmetto Concert BandCD2/14/2015
R-CD Palmetto Concert Band 2016-02-132016 USC Band Clinic: The Palmetto Concert BandCD2/13/2016
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2005-10-26The Palmetto PansCD10/26/2005
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2006-03-23The Palmetto PansCD3/23/2006
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2006-10-30The Palmetto PansCD10/30/2006
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2007-03-26The Palmetto PansCD3/26/2007
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2009-04-16The Palmetto PansCD4/16/2009
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2009-10-22The Palmetto PansCD10/22/2009
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2009-10-28Palmetto PansCD10/28/2008
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2010-03-25The Palmetto PansCD3/25/2010
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2010-10-21The Palmetto PansCD10/21/2010
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2011-03-24The Palmetto PansCD3/24/2011
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2012-04-03Palmetto PansCD4/3/2012
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2012-11-03The Palmetto PansCD11/3/2011
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2012-11-15The Palmetto PansCD11/15/2012
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2013-04-11The Palmetto PansCD4/11/2013
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2013-11-07The Palmetto PansCD11/7/2013
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2014-04-03The Palmetto PansCD4/3/2014
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2014-11-05The Palmetto PansCD11/5/2014
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2015-04-02The Palmetto PansCD4/2/2015
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2015-11-02The Palmetto PansCD11/2/2015
R-CD Palmetto Pans 2016-04-12The Palmetto PansCD4/11/2016
R-CD Pan, Yang-Li 2011-10-14Pan Doctoral RecitalCD10/14/2011
R-CD Pan, Ying-Li 2011-03-01Pan Graduate RecitalCD3/1/2011
R-CD Pan, Ying-Li 2012-04-10Pan Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2012
R-CD Pan, Ying-Li 2012-10-24Pan Graduate RecitalCD10/24/2012
R-CD Panascia, Marco 2015-03-28Panascia Guest Artist RecitalCD3/28/2015
R-CD Pannel-Yates, Rebecca L. 2005-03-31Pannel-Yates Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2005
R-CD Pappas, Daniel 2008-04-05Pappas Graduate Composition RecitalCD4/5/2008
R-CD Paredes Graduate Recital 2010-04-15Paredes Graduate RecitalCD4/15/2010
R-CD Park Street Quartet 2016-11-03Jazz Combo RecitalCD11/3/2016
R-CD Park Street Quintet 2015-10-29The Park Street QuintetCD10/29/2015
R-CD Park, Jinha 2006-09-21Park Candidacy RecitalCD9/21/2006
R-CD Park, Jinha 2007-11-16Park Graduate RecitalCD11/16/2007
R-CD Park, Jinha 2008-04-29Park Graduate RecitalCD4/29/2008
R-CD Park, Jinha 2009-02-09Park Graduate RecitalCD2/9/2009
R-CD Parker Quartet 2013-04-15Parker QuartetCD4/15/2013
R-CD Parker Quartet 2013-04-19Parker QuartetCD4/19/2013
R-CD Parker Quartet 2014-03-30The Parker QuartetCD3/30/2014
R-CD Parker Quartet 2015-03-22Parker QuartetCD3/22/2015
R-CD Parker Quartet 2015-11-10Parker QuartetCD11/10/2015
R-CD Parker Quartet 2015-11-15Parker QuartetCD11/15/2015
R-CD Parker Quartet 2016-03-15Parker Quartet Guest Artist ConcertCD3/15/2016
R-CD Parker Quartet 2016-03-20Parker Quartet Guest Artist ConcertCD3/20/2016
R-CD Parker Quartet 2016-11-03Parker Quartet Guest Artist RecitalCD11/3/2016
R-CD Parker Quartet 2016-11-06Parker Quartet Guest RecitalCD11/6/2016
R-CD Parker Quartet 2017-04-06Parker String Quartet Guest Artist RecitalCD4/6/2017
R-CD Parker Quartet 2017-04-09Parker String Quartet Guest Artist ConcertCD4/9/2017
R-CD Parker String Quartet 2013-11-19Parker String QuartetCD11/19/2013
R-CD Parker String Quartet 2013-11-24Parker String QuartetCD11/23/2013
R-CD Parker String Quartet 2014-03-25Parker String QuartetCD3/25/2014
R-CD Parker String Quartet 2014-10-15Parker String QuartetCD10/15/2014
R-CD Parker String Quartet 2014-10-19Parker String QuartetCD10/19/2014
R-CD Parker-Harley, Jennifer 2009-02-08Parker-Harley Faculty RecitalCD2/8/2009
R-CD Parker-Harley, Jennifer 2010-02-01Parker-Harley Faculty RecitalCD2/1/2010
R-CD Parker-Harley, Jennifer 2011-10-05Parker-Harley Faculty RecitalCD10/5/2011
R-CD Parker-Harley, Jennifer 2013-10-09Parker-Harley Faculty RecitalCD10/9/2013
R-CD Parker-Harley, Jennifer 2015-04-18Parker-Harley Faculty RecitalCD4/18/2015
R-CD Parker-Harley, Jennifer 2017-03-20Parker- Harley Faculty RecitalCD3/20/2017
R-CD Parker-Harley/ Gee 2010-02-25Parker-Harley/ Gee Faculty RecitalCD2/25/2010
R-CD Payne Family 1999-09-21The Payne Family ConcertCD9/21/1999
R-CD Payne Family 2002-09-17Payne Family ConcertCD9/17/2002
R-CD Payne Family 2006-10-10Payne Family ConcertCD10/10/2006
R-CD Payne Family 2008-10-20Payne Family ConcertCD10/20/2008
R-CD Payne Family Concert 2004-09-21Payne Family ConcertCD9/21/2004
R-CD Pearson, Robert 2007-04-16Pearson Graduate RecitalCD4/16/2007
R-CD Pegher, Lisa 2008-03-04Pegher Guest Artist RecitalCD3/4/2008
R-CD Pegues, Max 2017-02-24Pegues Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD2/24/2017
R-CD Pen Trio 2012-03-21Pen Trio Guest Artist recitalCD3/21/2012
R-CD Percussion Festival 2012-09-272012 Percussion Festival / Sothern ExposureCD9/27/2012
R-CD Perry, Richard 2009-10-06Perry Guest Artist RecitalCD10/6/2009
R-CD Peterkova, Ludmila 2014-10-16Peterkova Guest Artist RecitalCD10/16/2014
R-CD Petersen, Leif 2008-02-12Petersen Graduate RecitalCD2/12/2008
R-CD Pevzner, Irina 2006-10-11Pevzner Candidacy RecitalCD10/11/2006
R-CD Pevzner, Irina 2007-04-16Pevzner Doctoral RecitalCD4/16/2007
R-CD Pevzner, Irina 2007-10-24Pevzner Doctoral RecitalCD10/24/2007
R-CD Pevzner, Irina 2008-10-07Pevzner Doctoral RecitalCD10/7/2008
R-CD Pevzner, Irina 2009-09-25Pevzner Doctoral RecitalCD9/25/2009
R-CD Phoenix-Neal, Diane 2011-09-26She Inspired : Modern Music for Viola Composed and Inspired by WomenCD9/26/2011
R-CD Piano Festival Winners 2007-06-162007 SE Piano Festival: Winners′ ConcertCD6/16/2007
R-CD Piano Festival Winners 2008-06-14Southeastern Piano Festival Winners ConcertCD6/14/2008
R-CD Piano Fireworks Gala 2007-06-102007 SE Piano Festival: Piano Fireworks GalaCD6/10/2007
R-CD Pietro, Dave 2001-10-24Dave Pietro Jazz ClinicCD10/24/2001
R-CD Pinnacle Brass 2004-10-07Pinnacle BrassCD10/7/2004
R-CD Pinnacle Brass 2004-11-30Pinnacle BrassCD11/30/2004
R-CD Pinnacle Brass 2005-03-14Pinnacle BrassCD3/14/2005
R-CD Poe-Kiser, Lucas 2002-11-26Poe-Kiser Concerto RecitalCD11/26/2002
R-CD Poe-Kiser, Lucas 2004-04-27Poe-Kiser Graduate RecitalCD4/27/2004
R-CD Pollard, Denson Paul 2012-11-18Pollard Guest Artist RecitalCD11/18/2012
R-CD Polley, Jeremy 2012-02-28Polley Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2012
R-CD Polley, Jeremy 2013-03-07Polley Graduate RecitalCD3/7/2013
R-CD Pollock, Stephen 2004-11-14Pollock Guest Artist RecitalCD11/14/2004
R-CD Ponge, Almond 2017-04-14Ponge Graduate RecitalCD4/14/2017
R-CD Ponge, Almond See 2016-03-16Ponge Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2016
R-CD Pool, Scott 2013-10-15Pool Guest Artist RecitalCD10/15/2013
R-CD Pop, Nicolae 2009-02-17Pop Doctoral RecitalCD2/17/2009
R-CD Pop, Nicole and Jana Pop 2008-03-18Pop Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2008
R-CD Pope, Patrick 2011-03-18Pope Alumni RecitalCD3/18/2011
R-CD Porter, Marcia 2004-04-14Kompass/Porter Faculty and Guest Artist RecitalCD4/14/2004
R-CD Postma, Neal 2016-02-22Postma Graduate Candidacy RecitalCD2/22/2016
R-CD Postma, Neal 2017-03-27Postma Doctoral RecitalCD3/27/2017
R-CD Postma/ Tu recital 2016-11-15Postma / Tu Doctoral RecitalCD11/15/2016
R-CD Preacher, Patrick 2011-02-04Preacher Graduate RecitalCD2/4/2011
R-CD Preacher, Patrick 2011-04-05Preacher Concerto RecitalCD4/5/2011
R-CD Premiere 2013-02-18Premiere: RemixCD2/18/2013
R-CD Prewitt, Ken 2007-10-10Prewitt Guest Artist ConcertCD10/10/2007
R-CD Price, Andrea 2006-04-03Price Doctoral RecitalCD4/3/2000
R-CD Price, Scott 2000-04-10Price Faculty RecitalCD4/10/2000
R-CD Price, Scott 2006-04-24Price Faculty RecitalCD4/24/2006
R-CD Price, Scott 2007-04-25Price Faculty RecitalCD4/25/2007
R-CD Price, Scott 2010-02-09Price Faculty RecitalCD2/9/2010
R-CD Price, Scott 2011-01-20Price Faculty RecitalCD1/20/2011
R-CD Price, Scott 2012 -01-26Price Faculty RecitalCD1/26/2012
R-CD Price, Scott 2013-01-16Price Faculty RecitalCD1/16/2013
R-CD Price, Scott 2014-03-07Price Faculty RecitalCD3/7/2014
R-CD Price, Scott 2016-01-25Price Faculty RecitalCD1/25/2016
R-CD Price, Scott 2017-01-20Beethoven Piano EveningCD1/20/2017
R-CD Price-Baxley 2005-09-20Price-Baxley Doctoral RecitalCD9/20/2005
R-CD Price-Baxley, Andrea 2004-10-05Price-Baxley Doctoral RecitalCD10/5/2004
R-CD Pritchard, John 2010-12-021Pritchard DMA Candidacy RecitalCD12/1/2010
R-CD Pritchard, John H. 2011-10-19Pritchard Doctoral RecitalCD10/19/2011
R-CD Pritchard, John H. 2013-09-23Pritchard Doctoral RecitalCD9/23/2013
R-CD Programa Curso Internacional 2006-06-23Programa Curso Internacional de Musica EspanolaCD6/23/2006
R-CD Pruzin, Robert 2009-02-05Pruzin Faculty RecitalCD2/5/2009
R-CD Pullano, Ariana 2007-02-28Pullano Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2007
R-CD Quintanilla, Alejandra 2006-10-29Quintanilla/Jacob Guest Artist RecitalCD10/29/2006
R-CD Quitain, Jillorlyn M. 2011-01-20Quitain Graduate RecitalCD1/20/2011
R-CD Quitain, Joilorlyn M. 2009-11-10Quitain Graduate RecitalCD11/10/2009
R-CD Quitain, Joilorlyn M. 2010 -04-01Quitain Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2010
R-CD Quyang, Qin 2014-11-25Quyang Graduate RecitalCD11/25/2014
R-CD Rachmanov, Dimitry 2014-03-04Rachmanov Guest Artist RecitalCD3/4/2014
R-CD Rackers, Joseph 2005-02-15Rackers Faculty RecitalCD2/15/2005
R-CD Rackers, Joseph 2005-11-30Rackers Faculty RecitalCD11/30/2005
R-CD Rackers, Joseph 2006-11-27Rackers Faculty RecitalCD11/27/2006
R-CD Rackers, Joseph 2008-04-09Rackers Faculty RecitalCD4/9/2008
R-CD Rackers, Joseph 2009-03-20Rackers Faculty RecitalCD3/20/2009
R-CD Rackers, Joseph 2011-03-31Rackers Faculty RecitalCD3/31/2011
R-CD Rada, Raphael 2004-04-26Rada Doctoral RecitalCD4/26/2004
R-CD Rada, Raphael 2005-04-29Rada Doctoral RecitalCD4/29/2005
R-CD Rada, Raphael 2005-11-18Rada Graduate RecitalCD11/18/2005
R-CD Raffield, R. Andre 2013-01-16Raffield Graduate RecitalCD1/16/2013
R-CD Raffield, Robert Andrae 2013-11-15Raffield Masters Concerto RecitalCD11/15/2013
R-CD Rawls, Bryan J. 2010-03-02Rawls Graduate RecitalCD3/2/2010
R-CD Rawls, Kate 2011-10-03Rawls Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD10/3/2011
R-CD Rawls, Kate 2012-04-01Rawls Doctoral RecitalCD4/1/2012
R-CD Rawls, Kate 2012-10-12Rawls Graduate RecitalCD10/12/2012
R-CD Rawls, Kate 2013-10-04Rawls Doctoral RecitalCD10/4/2013
R-CD Rawls, Scott 2005-03-20Rawls Guest Artist RecitalCD3/20/2005
R-CD Reese, William 2010-03-23Reese Graduate RecitalCD3/23/2010
R-CD Reese, William 2011-03-29Reese Graduate RecitalCD3/29/2011
R-CD Reeves, Richard Shane 2010 04-11Reeves Doctoral RecitalCD4/11/2010
R-CD Reeves, Richard Shane 2011-10-26Reeves Doctoral RecitalCD10/26/2011
R-CD Reeves, Richard Shane 2012-01-14Reeves Doctoral RecitalCD1/14/2012
R-CD Reeves, Richard Shane 2012-03-22Reeves Doctoral RecitalCD3/22/2012
R-CD Reeves, Richard Shane 2013 -01-1412-01-14Reeves Doctoral RecitalCD1/14/2013
R-CD Reeves, Richard Shane 2013-08-26Reeves Doctoral RecitalCD8/26/2013
R-CD Renaissance Singers 2005-11-17USC Renaissance SingersCD11/17/2005
R-CD Renaissance Singers 2007-03-22USC Renaissance SingersCD3/22/2007
R-CD Rentz, Heather 2004-04-19Rentz Doctoral RecitalCD4/19/2004
R-CD Rentz, Heather 2004-09-27Rentz Doctoral RecitalCD9/27/2004
R-CD Rentz, Heather 2005-04-22Rentz Doctoral RecitalCD4/22/2005
R-CD Retzlaff, Dustin 2009-03-27Retzlaff Graduate Jazz RecitalCD3/27/2009
R-CD Rhodes, Jami 2003-01-21Rhodes Graduate RecitalCD1/21/2003
R-CD Riddle, Paula 2000-04-20Riddle Graduate RecitalCD4/20/2000
R-CD Riddle, Paula 2000-11-12Riddle Graduate RecitalCD11/12/2000
R-CD Riddle, Paula 2001-04-02Riddle Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2001
R-CD Riddle, Paula 2004-03-23Riddle Doctoral RecitalCD3/23/2004
R-CD Rivera, Luis 2008-04-02Rivera Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2008
R-CD Rivera, Luis 2009-04-03Rivera Masters Concerto RecitalCD4/3/2009
R-CD Roberson, Nicole Victoria 2009-02-27Roberson Graduate RecitalCD2/27/2009
R-CD Robert Pruzin Celebration 2014-01-26Robert Pruzin CelebrationCD1/26/2014
R-CD Roberts, Kerri 2000-10-05Roberts Graduate RecitalCD10/5/2000
R-CD Roberts, Timothy 2012-10-01Roberts Guest Artist RecitalCD10/1/2012
R-CD Roberts, Timothy 2015-03-26Roberts Guest Artist RecitalCD3/26/2015
R-CD Robin, Greg 2002-04-25Robin Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2002
R-CD Robin, Greg 2002-11-21Robin Graduate RecitalCD11/21/2002
R-CD Robinson, Eddenia 2008-02-12Robinson Graduate RecitalCD2/12/2008
R-CD Robinson, Eddenia Z. 2014-11-18Robinson Graduate RecitalCD11/18/2014
R-CD Robinson, Sarah 2009-10-30Robinson Graduate RecitalCD10/30/2009
R-CD Robinson, Sarah 2010-01-21Robinson Graduate RecitalCD1/21/2010
R-CD Robinson, Sarah 2010-09-02Robinson Candidacy RecitalCD9/2/2010
R-CD Robinson, Sarah 2011-04-25Robinson Graduate RecitalCD4/25/2011
R-CD Robinson, Sarah 2011-11-16Robinson Doctoral RecitalCD11/16/2011
R-CD Roddey, Jason 2002-04-08Roddey/Wingard Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2002
R-CD Roddey, Jason 2003-04-24Roddey Graduate RecitalCD4/24/2003
R-CD Rodriguez, Santiago 2007-06-132007 SE Piano Fest: Rodriguez Guest Artist RecitalCD6/13/2007
R-CD Roebuck, Tony 2003-10-29Roebuck Graduate RecitalCD10/29/2003
R-CD Roebuck, Tony 2004-02-03Roebuck Degree RecitalCD2/3/2004
R-CD Roebuck, Tony 2004-09-13Roebuck Graduate RecitalCD9/13/2004
R-CD Roebuck, Tony 2006-01-24Roebuck Graduate RecitalCD1/24/2006
R-CD Roebuck, Tony D. 2003-06-17Roebuck Graduate RecitalCD6/17/2003
R-CD Rosario Guitar Festival 2010 -05-14Sartor Guest Artist ConcertCD5/14/2010
R-CD Rosario Guitar Festival 2010-05-13/16Rosario Guitar FestivalCD5/13/2010
R-CD Rosario Guitar Festival 2010-05-14AAron Guest Artist RecitalCD5/14/2010
R-CD Rosario Guitar Festival 2011-05-12Rosario Guitar FestivalCD5/12/2011
R-CD Rose Wind Duo 2010-02-02Rose Wind DuoCD2/2/2010
R-CD Rose, Saxton 2009-02-16Saxton Rose Guest Artist RecitalCD2/16/2009
R-CD RosewInd duo 2013-03-05Rosewind DuoCD3/5/2013
R-CD Rosewind Duo 2016-02-09Rosewind Duo Faculty RecitalCD2/9/2016
R-CD Rosewind Duo 2017-02-17Rosewind Duo Faculty RecitalCD2/17/2017
R-CD Rossi, Jamal 2003-10-06Rossi Faculty RecitalCD10/6/2003
R-CD Rossignol Duo 1999-10-17The Rossignol DuoCD10/17/1999
R-CD Rouse, Jonathan 2016-10-19Rouse Graduat RecitalCD10/19/2016
R-CD Rubio, Pedro 2013-09-17Rubio Guest Artist RecitalCD9/17/2013
R-CD Rudd, Wiff 2016-09-13Rudd Guest Artist RecitalCD9/13/2016
R-CD Rudell, Alan 2005-03-25Rudell Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2005
R-CD Rudell, Alan 2009-02-07Rudell Graduate RecitalCD2/7/2009
R-CD Rudell, Alan 2010-04-23Rudell Candidacy RecitalCD4/23/2010
R-CD Rudell, Alan 2011-04-22Rudell Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2011
R-CD Rudell, Alan 2012-04-17Rudell Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD4/17/2012
R-CD Rudell, Alan 2013-03-06Rudell Graduate RecitalCD3/6/2013
R-CD Rudell, Alan M. 2014-04-14Rudell Doctoral RecitalCD4/14/2014
R-CD Rudell, Denise 2010-01-22Rudell Doctoral RecitalCD1/22/2010
R-CD Rudell, Denise C. 2010-04-13Rudell Graduate RecitalCD4/13/2010
R-CD Rudell, Denise C. 2011-09-30Denise Cummins Rudell Doctoral RecitalCD9/30/2011
R-CD Rudell, Denise C. 2014-10-29Rudell Doctoral RecitalCD10/29/2014
R-CD Rudell, Denise CumminsRudell Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD4/23/2012
R-CD Rudell, Denise Cummins 2009-03-02Rudell (Denise C ) Graduate RecitalCD3/2/2009
R-CD Rudell, Denise Cummins 2013-10-31Rudell Doctoral recitalCD10/31/2013
R-CD Rukavishnikova Marina 2001-02-28Rukavishnikova Graduate RecitalCD2/28/2001
R-CD Rukavishnikova, Marina 2000-04-16Rukavishnikova Graduate RecitalCD4/16/2000
R-CD Rushing, Steven D. 2012-02-23Rushing Graduate RecitalCD2/23/2012
R-CD Russell, Candace L. 2002-05-01Russell Graduate RecitalCD5/1/2002
R-CD Russell, Candace L. 2002-11-26Russell Graduate RecitalCD11/26/2002
R-CD Russell, Candace L. 2003-04-09Russell Graduate RecitalCD4/9/2003
R-CD Russell, Candace L. 2003-04-23Russell Graduate RecitalCD4/23/2003
R-CD Russell, Clifton 1999-10-05Russell Recital/USC Grad Vocal Ens.CD10/5/1999
R-CD Russell, Mark R. 1999-11-30Russell Recital/USC Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD11/30/1999
R-CD Russell, Stacey 2014-09-25Russell Graduate RecitalCD9/25/2014
R-CD Russell, Stacey 2015-03-26Russell Graduate RecitalCD3/26/2015
R-CD Russell, Stacey 2015-11-23Russell Graduate RecitalCD11/23/2015
R-CD Russell, Stacey 2016-03-04Russell Graduate RecitalCD3/4/2016
R-CD Russell, Stacey L. 2014-03-27Russell Candidacy RecitalCD3/27/2014
R-CD Ryoo, Sophia 2015-04-10Ryoo Graduate RecitalCD4/10/2015
R-CD Saenz, Charles 2013-11-12Saenz Guest Artist RecitalCD11/12/2013
R-CD Sampen, John 2001-02-26Sampen Guest Artist RecitalCD2/26/2001
R-CD Sampen, John 2009-10-01Mysterious Morning:Spiritual Music of Asia and the AmericasCD10/1/2009
R-CD Sanders, Rachel 2007-04-21Sanders Certificate RecitalCD4/21/2007
R-CD Sanders, Rachel 2008-03-28Sanders Graduate RecitalCD3/28/2008
R-CD Sanders, Rachel 2010-04-02Sanders Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2010
R-CD Sanders, Rachel J. 2009-04-09Sanders Graduate RecitalCD4/9/2009
R-CD Sanders, Raphael 2011-03-22Sanders Guest Artist RecitalCD3/22/2011
R-CD Sandlapper Singers 2016-02-19Sandlapper Singers: An Evening of Libby LarsenCD2/19/2016
R-CD Santiago, Myrmarie Velez 2011-03-03Santiago Graduate RecitalCD3/3/2011
R-CD Savitski, Edisher 2007-06-122007 SE Piano Festival: Edisher SavitskiCD6/12/2007
R-CD Savvy Musician 2016-06-08Savvy Musician in Action: Chamber Ensemble ConcertCD6/8/2016
R-CD Saxophone Ensembles / Quartets 2016-04-16Saxophone Ensembles and QuartetsCD4/16/2016
R-CD Saxophone Ensembles / Quartets 2016-11-28Saxophne Quartets and EnsemblesCD11/28/2016
R-CD saxophone Extravaganza 2013-12-04Saxophone ExtravaganzaCD12/4/2013
R-CD Saxophone Studio Recital 2015-12-02Saxophone Studio RecitalCD12/2/2015
R-CD Saxton, Judith A. 2013-04-14Saxton Guest Artist RecitalCD4/14/2013
R-CD SC ASTA Workshop 2011-01-29SC American String Teachers AssoiationCD1/29/2011
R-CD SC Cello Choir 2005-09-172005 SC Cello ChoirCD9/17/2005
R-CD SC Cello Choir 2007-09-292007 SC Cello ChoirCD9/29/2007
R-CD SC Cello Choir 2011-09-1720111 SC Cello ChoirCD9/17/2011
R-CD Schaik, Harold Van 2010-03-31Schaik Guest Artist RecitalCD3/31/2010
R-CD Schmidt, James 2001-04-09Schmidt Doctoral RecitalCD4/9/2001
R-CD Schoelen, christopher 2017-04-17Schoelen Candidacy RecitalCD4/17/2017
R-CD Schultz, Jon 2010-03-04Schultz Graduate RecitalCD3/4/2010
R-CD Schultz, Jonathan P. 2009-02-11Schultz Graduate RecitalCD2/11/2009
R-CD Schuman, Mohamad 2008-04-28Preferred Masterworks of a Master TeacherCD4/28/2008
R-CD SCI National Conference 2010-11-11/14SCI 2010 National ConferenceCD11/11/2010
R-CD SCMTA Concert 2012-11-02SCMTA Commissionsd Composer ConcertCD11/2/2012
R-CD SCMTA Guest Artist Recital 2012-11-02SCMTA Halim Gyest Artist RecitalCD11/2/2012
R-CD SCMTNA Faculty 2012-11-01SCMTA Faculty RecitalCD11/1/2012
R-CD SCPAS 2010-04-17SCPAS Collegiate Honors Percussion EnsembleCD4/17/2010
R-CD SE Piano Festival 2005-06-182005 SE Piano Festival: Concerto Competition Winners′ ConcertCD6/18/2005
R-CD SE Piano Festival Antonova GAR 2004-06-092004 SE Piano Festival Antonova Guest Artist RecitalCD6/9/2004
R-CD SE Piano Festival Fireworks Gala 2004-06-062004 SE Piano Festival: Fireworks GalaCD6/6/2004
R-CD SE Piano Festival Fireworks Gala 2005-06-122005 SE Piano Festival: Piano Fireworks Gala ConcertCD6/12/2005
R-CD SE Piano Festival Huang MC 2004-06-102004 SE Piano Festival Huang Master ClassCD6/10/2004
R-CD SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi GAR Disc 1 2004-06-102004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi Guest Artist Recital Disc 1CD6/10/2004
R-CD SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi GAR Disc 2 2004-06-102004 SE Piano Festival Pompa-Baldi Guest Artist Recital Disc 2CD6/10/2004
R-CD SE Piano/Conductors Institute 2008-06-122008 SE Piano Festival and Conductors Institute Orchestra with Olga KernCD6/12/2008
R-CD Seabury, Benjamin 2016-04-16Seabury Candidacy RecitalCD4/16/2016
R-CD Seabury, Benjamin 2016-11-02Seabury Doctoral RecitalCD11/2/2016
R-CD Sehic, Alma 2011-11-21Sehic Doctoral RecitalCD11/21/2011
R-CD Sehic, Alma 2012-11-27Sehic Graduate RecitalCD11/27/2012
R-CD Seiberg, Matthew 2014-06-23Sieberg Graduate RecitalCD6/23/2014
R-CD Selby, Margaret 2002-11-20Selby Concerto RecitalCD11/20/2002
R-CD Selby, Margaret 2003-10-14Selby Graduate RecitalCD10/14/2003
R-CD Seo, Eunseok 2015-12-01Seo Graduate RecitalCD12/1/2015
R-CD September Concert Series 2014-09-07September Concert Series: Concert ICD9/7/2014
R-CD September Concert Series 2014-09-14September Concert Series: Concert IICD9/14/2014
R-CD September Concerts 1999-09-19Sept Concert No. 3CD9/19/1999
R-CD September Concerts 1999-09-26Sept Concert No. 4CD9/26/1999
R-CD September Concerts 2000-09-05September Concert No. 1CD9/5/2000
R-CD September Concerts 2000-09-10September Concert No. 2CD9/10/2000
R-CD September Concerts 2000-09-17September Concert No. 3CD9/17/2000
R-CD September Concerts 2000-09-24September Conc. No. 4CD9/24/2000
R-CD September Concerts 2000-10-01September Conc. No. 5CD10/1/2000
R-CD September Concerts 2001-09-23September Concert Series Program No. 4CD9/23/2001
R-CD September Concerts 2001-09-30September Concert Series Program No. 5CD9/30/2001
R-CD September Concerts 2002-09-08September Concert ICD9/8/2002
R-CD September Concerts 2002-09-15September Concert IICD9/15/2002
R-CD September Concerts 2002-09-22September Concert IIICD9/22/2002
R-CD September Concerts 2002-09-29September Concert IVCD9/29/2002
R-CD September Concerts 2002-10-06September Concert VCD10/3/2002
R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-07University September Concerts #1CD9/7/2003
R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-14University September Concerts #2CD9/14/2003
R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-21University September Concerts #3CD9/21/2003
R-CD September Concerts 2003-09-28University September Concerts #4CD9/28/2003
R-CD September Concerts 2003-10-05University September Concerts #5CD10/5/2003
R-CD September Concerts 2005-09-04September Concert Series #1: EuropeanCD9/4/2005
R-CD September Concerts 2005-09-11September Concert Series #2: GermanCD9/11/2005
R-CD September Concerts 2005-09-18September Copncert Series #3: Slavic/RussianCD9/18/2005
R-CD September Concerts 2005-09-25September Concert Series #4: LatinCD9/25/2005
R-CD September Concerts 2005-10-02September Concert Series #5: AmericanCD10/2/2005
R-CD September Concerts 2006-09-03Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series 2009 # 1CD9/3/2006
R-CD September Concerts 2006-09-10September Concerts #2: Sacred and ProfaneCD9/10/2006
R-CD September Concerts 2006-09-17September Concert #3: Grand RomanticsCD9/17/2006
R-CD September Concerts 2006-09-24September Concerts #4: Women ComposersCD9/24/2006
R-CD September Concerts 2006-10-01September Concert Series #5: Musical PotpourriCD10/1/2006
R-CD September Concerts 2007-09-02Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series #1CD9/2/2007
R-CD September Concerts 2007-09-09Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #2CD9/9/2007
R-CD September Concerts 2007-09-16Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #3CD9/16/2007
R-CD September Concerts 2007-09-23Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #4CD9/23/2007
R-CD September Concerts 2007-09-30Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #5CD9/30/2007
R-CD September Concerts 2008-09-14Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series #2CD9/14/2008
R-CD September Concerts 2008-09-21Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series #3CD9/21/2008
R-CD September Concerts 2008-09-28Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series #4CD9/28/2008
R-CD September Concerts 2008-10-05Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series #5CD10/5/2008
R-CD September Concerts 2009-09-27Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series 2009 # 4CD9/27/2009
R-CD September Concerts 2009-10-04Cornelia Freeman University September Concert Series 2009 #5CD10/4/2009
R-CD September Concerts 2010--09-19Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #3CD9/19/2010
R-CD September Concerts 2010-09-26Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #4CD9/26/2010
R-CD September Concerts 2014-09-21September Concert Series: Concert IIICD9/21/2014
R-CD September Concerts 2014-10-05September Concert Series: Concert VCD10/5/2014
R-CD Septmber Concerts 2014-09-28September Concert Series: Concert IVCD9/28/2014
R-CD Sepulveda, Sonja 2005-10-06Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD10/6/2005
R-CD Sepulveda, Sonja 2006-10-10Sepulveda Lecture RecitalCD10/10/2006
R-CD Serhic, Uma 2014-03-17Serhic Doctoral RecitalCD3/17/2014
R-CD Setaro, Essena 2005-10-26Setaro Graduate RecitalCD10/26/2005
R-CD Setaro, Essena 2006-03-15Setaro Graduate RecitalCD3/15/2006
R-CD Setaro, Essena 2017-03-22Setaro Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD3/22/2017
R-CD Setaro, Essena L. 2009-11-17Setaro Graduate RecitalCD11/17/2009
R-CD Setaro, Essena L. 2013-04-29Setaro Doctoral RecitalCD4/29/2013
R-CD Setaro, Essena L. 2014-11-13Setaro Doctoral RecitalCD11/13/2014
R-CD Setaro, Essena Liah 2009-02-12Setaro Graduate RecitalCD2/12/2009
R-CD Setaro, Essena Liah 2010-11-01Setaro Candidacy RecitalCD11/1/2010
R-CD Setaro, Essena Liah 2011-11-07Setaro Doctoral RecitalCD11/7/2011
R-CD Shackley, Lawrence 2000-03-16Shackley Doctoral RecitalCD3/16/2000
R-CD Shafer, Keith 2007-03-23Shafer Guest Artist ConcertCD3/23/2007
R-CD Shaomian, Arman 2014-11-08Shaomian Guest Artist ConcertCD11/8/2014
R-CD Shaomian, Armen 2017-05-03Shaomian Guest Artist RecitalCD5/3/2017
R-CD Sharpe, Paul 2011-04-03Sharpe Guest Artist RecitalCD4/3/2011
R-CD Sharrock, Barry 2007-02-22Sharrock Graduate RecitalCD2/22/2007
R-CD Shaw, J.D. 2016-03-14Shaw Faculty Recital: Cones and TonesCD3/14/2016
R-CD Sherman, David 2015-02-17Sherman Graduate RecitalCD2/17/2015
R-CD Sherman, Devin 2015-11-16Sherman Graduate RecitalCD11/16/2015
R-CD Shields, Joel 2001-11-14Joel S. Shields, Graduate RecitalCD11/14/2001
R-CD Shin, Donna 2007-04-09Shin Faculty RecitalCD4/9/2007
R-CD Shiraz 2007-01-16Shiraz TrioCD1/16/2007
R-CD Shiraz, Percussion Trio 2003-03-18Shiraz Percussion TrioCD3/18/2003
R-CD Shooting Stars 2014-03-02Shooting StarsCD3/2/2014
R-CD Shpachenko-Gottesman, Nadia 2014-09-18Shpachenko-Gottesman Guest Artist RecitalCD9/18/2014
R-CD Siarris, Catherine 2005-11-07Siarris Doctoral RecitalCD11/7/2005
R-CD Siarris, Catherine 2006-08-31Siarris Doctoral RecitalCD8/31/2006
R-CD Siarris, Catherine Froneberger 2007-08-31Siarris Doctoral RecitalCD8/31/2007
R-CD Sickles, Linda 2002-02-26Sickles Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2002
R-CD Sickles, Linda 2002-11-04Sickles Graduate RecitalCD11/4/2002
R-CD Sickles, Linda 2003-03-19Sickles Graduate RecitalCD3/19/2003
R-CD Sieberg, Matthew 2014-04-14Sieberg Graduate Recital iCD4/14/2014
R-CD Siemon, Brittnee 2005-10-06Siemon Graduate RecitalCD10/6/2005
R-CD Siemon, Brittnee 2006-04-14Siemon Doctoral RecitalCD4/14/2006
R-CD Silver, Daniel 2013-02-26Silver Guest Artist RecitalCD2/26/2013
R-CD Simmons, Evan 2006-04-01Simmons Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2006
R-CD Simmons, Evan T. 2005-03-15Simmons Graduate RecitalCD3/15/2005
R-CD Simmons, Stephen 1999-11-17Simmons Recital/University ChorusCD11/17/1999
R-CD Sinatra 100th Birthday 2015-12-12Frank Sinatra′s 100th Birthday CelebrationCD12/12/2015
R-CD Slice, Bailey 2005-03-02Slice Graduate Concerto RecitalCD3/2/2005
R-CD Slice, Bailey 2006-03-27Slice Graduate RecitalCD3/27/2006
R-CD Sloan, Kaye A. 2009-03-27Sloan Candidacy RecitalCD3/27/2009
R-CD Sloan, Stephen R. 2009-10-14Sloan Graduate RecitalCD10/14/2009
R-CD Sloan, Steven R. 2009-03-18Sloan Graduate Concerto RecitalCD3/18/2009
R-CD Sloane/Jackson 2015-02-23Sloane & Jackson RecitalCD2/23/2015
R-CD Smith, Jane Luther 2002-04-26Smith Graduate RecitalCD4/26/2002
R-CD Smith, Korinne 2015-02-19smith Doctoral RecitalCD2/19/2015
R-CD Smith, Korrine 2011-02-08Smith Graduate RecitalCD2/8/2011
R-CD Smith, Korrine 2012-10-09Smith Concerto RecitalCD10/9/2012
R-CD Smith, Korrine 2013-09-19Smith Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD9/19/2013
R-CD Smith, Korrine 2014-11-13Smith Doctoral RecitalCD11/13/2014
R-CD Smith, Korrine M. 2013-11-14Smith Doctoral RecitalCD11/14/2013
R-CD Smith, Korrine M. 2014-01-30Smith Doctoral RecitalCD1/30/2014
R-CD Smith, Ryan 2006-10-13Smith Graduate RecitalCD10/13/2006
R-CD Smith, Ryan 2007-10-18Smith Doctoral RecitalCD10/18/2007
R-CD Smith, Ryan 2009-04-13Smith Graduate RecitalCD4/13/2009
R-CD Smith, Ryan F. 2010-11-22Smith Doctoral RecitalCD11/22/2010
R-CD Smith, Timothy 2012-01-18Smith Guest Artist RecitalCD1/18/2012
R-CD Smith/Petersen 2008-04-18Smith/Petersen Graduate Chamber RecitalCD4/18/2008
R-CD Smithh, Korinne 2011-10-13Smith Graduate RecitalCD10/13/2011
R-CD Snyder, Philip 2014-11-17Snyder Graduate RecitalCD11/17/2014
R-CD Snyder, Philip 2015-11-02Snyder Candidacy RecitalCD11/2/2015
R-CD Snyder, Philip 2016-02-10Snyder Doctoral RecitalCD2/10/2016
R-CD Snyder, Phillip 2014-04-17Snyder Graduate Recital: The Flute in World CultureCD4/17/2014
R-CD Son, Hee-Ok 2000-04-07Son Doctoral RecitalCD4/7/2000
R-CD Son, Hee-Ok 2002-12-02Son Lecture RecitalCD12/2/2002
R-CD Son, Hee-Ok 2003-09-05Son Doctoral RecitalCD9/5/2003
R-CD Sotheastern Piano Festival 2016-06-122016 Sotheastern Piano Festival June 12-18CD6/12/2016
R-CD Sothern Exposure 2008 -12-03Sothern Exposuue New Music SeriesCD12/3/2008
R-CD Sothern Exposure 2012-01-21Sothern Exposure and xMuse present Exposed Wiring IVCD1/21/2012
R-CD Sothern Exposure 2012-02-29Sothern Exposure New Music Series: Imani WindsCD2/29/2012
R-CD Sothern Exposure 20120-10-26Southern ExposureCD10/26/2012
R-CD Sothern Exposure 2015-10-02Southern Exposure: ApparitionCD10/2/2015
R-CD Soukhovetski, Konstantin 2005-06-14SE Piano Festival: Konstantin SoukhovetskiCD6/14/2005
R-CD Soulful Strings 2015-09-05Soulful Strings: Indian Classical Music ConcertCD9/5/2015
R-CD Southeastern Piano Festival 2014 2014-06-162014 Southeastern Piano FestivalCD6/16/2014
R-CD Southeastern String Orchestra 2011-09-24Southeastern String Orchestra FestivalCD9/24/2011
R-CD Southeastern Summer Piano 2003-06-132003 SE Piano Festival: Gala RecitalCD6/13/2003
R-CD Southeastern Summer Piano 2003-06-142003 SE Summer Piano Festival: Winner′s RecitalCD6/14/2003
R-CD Southern Expos. 2002-02-19Southern Exposure ConcertCD2/19/2002
R-CD Southern Exposure 2001-03-30Southern ExposureCD3/30/2001
R-CD Southern Exposure 2001-11-30Southern ExposureCD11/30/2001
R-CD Southern Exposure 2002-10-11Southern Exposure New Music EnsembleCD10/11/2002
R-CD Southern Exposure 2002-11-22Southern Exposure: "Autumn Color"CD11/22/2002
R-CD Southern Exposure 2003-01-30Southern Exposure: Ciompi String QuartetCD1/30/2003
R-CD Southern Exposure 2003-04-08Southern Exposure/USC Computer Music ConcertCD4/8/2003
R-CD Southern Exposure 2003-04-29Southern Exposure: "A Strange Quiet: The Art and Music of Rothko and Feldman"CD4/29/2003
R-CD Southern Exposure 2004-01-18Southern Exposure: Featuring Ensemble XCD1/18/2004
R-CD Southern Exposure 2004-03-19Southern Exposure: Modern Masters IICD3/19/2004
R-CD Southern Exposure 2004-04-25Southern Exposure: Marina and FriendsCD4/25/2004
R-CD Southern Exposure 2006-04-13Southern Exposure: Spring FeverCD4/13/2006
R-CD Southern Exposure 2006-10-07Southern Exposure: New York Lyric Chamber PlayersCD10/7/2006
R-CD Southern Exposure 2006-11-11Southern Exposure: New Century Saxophone QuartetCD11/11/2006
R-CD Southern Exposure 2007-02-01Southern Exposure: Exposed Wiring IIICD2/1/2007
R-CD Southern Exposure 2007-04-05Southern Exposure: So PercussionCD4/5/2007
R-CD Southern Exposure 2007-09-29Southern Exposure: Amernet String QuartetCD9/29/2007
R-CD Southern Exposure 2008-10-04Southern Exposure New Music Series Presents ICE - International Contemporary EnsembleCD10/4/2008
R-CD Southern Exposure 2009-03-04Southern Exposure New Music SeriesCD3/4/2009
R-CD Southern Exposure 2009-10-02Southern Exposure New Music Series Presents Real QuietCD10/2/2009
R-CD Southern Exposure 2010-04-16Southern Exposure Presents: Los Angeles Piano QuartetCD4/16/2010
R-CD Southern Exposure 2010-09-25Southern Exposure New Music Series Presents NOW EnsembleCD9/25/2010
R-CD Southern Exposure 2011-04-15Chamber Innovista and Southern Exposure Present JACK QuartetCD4/15/2011
R-CD Southern Exposure 2011-10-07Southern Exposure New Music Series : American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME)CD10/7/2011
R-CD Southern Exposure 2012-09-28Southern Exposure New Music Series: Percussion All-Star ExtravaganzaCD9/28/2012
R-CD Southern Exposure 2013-02-22Southern Exposure: New Music SeriesCD2/22/2013
R-CD Southern Exposure 2013-04-12Sothern Exposure New Music Series PresentsCD4/12/2013
R-CD Southern Exposure 2013-10-11Southern Exposure New Music Sreies Presents: Two SenseCD10/11/2013
R-CD Southern Exposure 2014-02-22Southern Exposure presents: Trinity Cathedral Chamber SingersCD2/22/2014
R-CD Southern Exposure 2014-03-21Southern Exposure Presents yMusicCD3/21/2014
R-CD Southern Exposure 2014-11-14Southern Exposure New Music Series Presents Seshardri & Bannerjee Guest Artist RecitalCD11/14/2014
R-CD Southern Exposure 2015-02-25Southern Exposure: Dolce Suono EnsembleCD2/25/2015
R-CD Southern Exposure 2015-03-20Southern Exposure: Music and SocietyCD3/20/2015
R-CD Southern Exposure 2015-08-28Sothern Exposure: Classical DiscriminationCD8/28/2015
R-CD Southern Exposure 2016-04-01Southern Exposure New Music SeriesCD4/1/2016
R-CD Southern Exposure 2016-04-14Southern Exposure: Indie GritsCD4/16/2016
R-CD Southern Exposure 2016-09-04Sothern Exposure New Music Series: FretXCD9/4/2016
R-cd Southern Exposure 2017-02-16Southern Exposure New Music Series presents SaVaSa TrioCD2/16/2017
R-CD Southern Exposure 2017-03-24Southern Exposure New Music Series presents Third Coast PercussionCD3/24/2017
R-CD Southern Exposure/USC Computer Music Concert 2005-04-05Southern Exposure/USC Computer Music ConcertCD4/5/2005
R-CD Southern Exposure: Gamelan Galak Tika 2008-03-29Southern Exposure New Music Series: Gamelan Galak TikaCD3/29/2008
R-CD Southern Exposure: New Music from Russia 2007-11-12Southern Exposure New Music Series: Music from RussiaCD11/12/2007
R-CD Southern Exposure: So Percussion 2004-11-22Southern Exposure: So PercussionCD11/22/2004
R-CD Southern Exposure: The World of Charles Ives 2005-03-03Southern Exposure: The World of Charles IvesCD3/3/2005
R-CD Spice, Drew 2010-11-17Spice Graduate RecitalCD11/17/2010
R-CD Spice, Drew 2011-12-02Spice Graduate RecitalCD12/2/2011
R-CD Spiritual Intimacy 2011-05-21Spiritial Intimacy - Gospel ConcertCD5/21/2011
R-CD Spring / Starling 2011-03-03Spring / Starling Guest Artist RecitalCD3/3/2011
R-CD Spring Trombone 2008-04-07Spring Trombone NightCD4/7/2008
R-CD Spring Trombone Night 2012-04-01Spring Trombone NightCD4/1/2012
R-CD Spring Trombone Night 2014-04-13Spring Trombone Night 2014CD4/13/2014
R-CD Spring Trombone Night 2015-03-02Spring Trombone NightCD3/2/2015
R-CD Spring Trombone Night 2016-03-28Spring Trombone NightCD3/28/2016
R-CD Springfield, David 2007-03-18The Springfield-Cain-Springfield TrioCD3/18/2007
R-CD Sriji, Poovalur 2006-01-11Sriji/Helbing/ButterfieldCD1/11/2006
R-CD Stallard / Kompass 2010-02-16Stallard / Kompass Faculty RecitalCD2/16/2010
R-CD Stallard / Kompass 2015-09-14Stallard / Kompass Faculty RecitalCD9/14/2015
R-CD Stallard, Tina 2006-10-16Stallard Faculty RecitalCD10/16/2006
R-CD Stallard, Tina 2008-02-22Stallard Faculty RecitalCD2/22/2008
R-CD Stallard, Tina 2011-02-08Stallard Faculty RecitalCD2/8/2011
R-CD Stallard/Eller/ Kompass 2012-02-21Stallard / Eller / Kompass Faculty RecitalCD2/21/2012
R-CD Stallard/Eller/Kompass 2009-03-31Stallard/Eller/Kompass Faculty RecitalCD3/31/2009
R-CD Stambler, David 2011-04-11Stambler Guest Artist RecitalCD4/11/2011
R-CD Stamm, Marvin 2000-04-19Stellar Jazz: Marvin Stamm ClinicCD4/19/2000
R-CD Stamm, Marvin 2000-04-20 Disc 1Stellar Jazz: Stamm Guest Artist Disc 1 of 2CD4/20/2000
R-CD Stamm, Marvin 2000-04-20 Disc 2Stellar Jazz: Stamm Guest Artist Disc 2 of 2CD4/20/2000
R-CD Steeves, Sarah 2014-01-22Steeves Graduate RecitalCD1/22/2014
R-CD Steeves, Sarah 2014-12-03Steeves Graduate RecitalCD12/3/2014
R-CD Steiner, Oliver 2004-10-10Steiner/Haydon Guest RecitalCD10/10/2004
R-CD Steman 2011-11-28Steman Graduate RecitalCD11/28/2011
R-CD Steman, John 2012-02-27Steman Graduate RecitalCD2/27/2012
R-CD Stephen Anderson Trio 2017-02-22Stephen Anderson TrioCD2/22/2017
R-CD Stern, Mike 2010-09-30Mike Stern TrioCD9/30/2010
R-CD Stevens, Milton 2000-10-23Stevens Guest Artist RecitalCD10/23/2000
R-CD Stoner, Kristen 2012-02-20Stoner Guest Artist RecitalCD2/20/2012
R-CD Streisfeld, Ari 2017-02-08Streisfeld Faculty RecitalCD2/8/2017
R-CD Strike 2013-01-15StrikeCD1/15/2013
R-CD String Project 2007-05-07String Project: 32nd Annual Spring ConcertCD5/7/2007
R-CD String Project 2008-05-05USC String Project: 33rd Annual ConcertCD5/5/2008
R-CD String Theory 2012-11-29String Theory : Jazz Guitar EnsembleCD11/29/2012
R-CD Strings in Silhouette 2007-01-21ASTA Benefit Concert: Strings in SilhouetteCD1/21/2007
R-CD Strings in Silhouette 2008-01-20Strings in SilhouetteCD1/20/2008
R-CD Strings in Silhouette 2010-01-23ASTA Benefit Concert : Strings in SilhouetteCD1/23/2010
R-CD Strings in Silhouette 2011-01-22Strings in SilhouetteCD1/22/2011
R-CD Strings in Silhouette 2012-02-11Strings in SilhouetteCD2/11/2012
R-CD Strings in Silhouette 2017-02-18Strings in SilhouetteCD2/18/2017
R-CD Stuart, Greg 2015-02-20The Music of Michael PisaroCD2/20/2015
R-CD Student Composers 2005-12-01Student Composers ConcertCD12/1/2005
R-CD Student Composers 2006-04-22Student Composers′ ConcertCD4/22/2006
R-CD Student Composers Concert 2012-12-05Student Composers ConcertCD12/5/2012
R-CD Studio 333 2015-03-31Studio 333 ; Horn StudioCD3/31/2015
R-CD Stumpf / Vickers 2015-04-02Stumpf / Vickers Joint Graduate Chamber RecitalCD4/2/2015
R-CD Stumpf, Emily 2013-11-08Stumpf Graduate Concerto RecitalCD11/8/2013
R-CD Stumpf, Emily 2014-02-06Stumpf Graduate RecitalCD2/6/2014
R-CD Stumpf, Emily 2014-11-25Stumpf Candidacy RecitalCD11/25/2014
R-CD Stumpf, Emily 2015-11-13Stumpf Graduate RecitalCD11/13/2015
R-CD Stumpf, Emily 2016-04-11Stumpf Graduate RecitalCD4/11/2016
R-CD Stumpf. Emily 2017-02-20Stumpf Graduate RecitalCD2/20/2017
R-CD Stusek, Steven 2003-09-08Stusek Guest RecitalCD9/8/2003
R-CD Su, Hsiang-Ching 2009-03-23Su Graduate RecitalCD3/23/2009
R-CD Suk, Mykola 2012-02-19Suk Guest Artist RecitalCD2/19/2013
R-CD Summer Chamber Music 2010-06-11"Beyond the Notes" at CarolinaCD6/11/2010
R-CD Summer Chorus I 2015-06-28Summer Chorus ICD6/28/2015
R-CD Summer Chorus II 2004-08-01Summer II ChorusCD8/1/2004
R-CD Summer Chorus II 2004-08-03Summer II ChorusCD8/3/2004
R-CD Summer Chorus II 2016-07-29Summer Chorus IICD7/29/2016
R-CD Summer I 2008-07-01Summer I ChorusCD7/1/2008
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2004-06-27Summer I ChorusCD6/27/2004
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2004-06-29Summer I ChorusCD6/29/2004
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2005-06-26Summer I ChorusCD6/26/2005
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2005-06-28Summer I Chorus / Clark Conducting RecitalCD6/28/2005
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2007-06-29Summer I ChorusCD6/29/2007
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2008-06-29Summer I ChorusCD6/29/2008
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2009-06-30Summer I ChorusCD6/30/2009
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2010-06-29Summer I chorusCD6/29/2010
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2011-06-28Summer I Chorus: A German RequiemCD6/28/2011
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2012-06-24Summer I ChorusCD6/24/2012
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2013-06-30Summer I ChorusCD6/30/2013
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2013-07-02Summer I ChorusCD7/2/2013
R-CD Summer I Chorus 2016-06-24Summer I ChorusCD6/24/2016
R-CD Summer II ChorusSummer II ChorusCD8/2/2009
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2005-07-31Summer II Chorus / Sepulveda Conducting RecitalCD7/31/2005
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2005-08-02Summer II ChorusCD8/2/2005
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2008-08-03Summer II ChorusCD8/3/2008
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2008-08-05Summer II ChorusCD8/5/2008
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2010-08-01Summer II ChorusCD8/1/2010
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2011-08-02Summer II Chorus : Mozart RequiemCD8/2/2011
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2012-07-31Summer II ChorusCD7/31/2012
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2013-08-02Summer II ChorusCD8/2/2013
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2013-08-04Summer II ChorusCD8/4/2013
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2014-08-01Summer II ChorusCD8/1/2014
R-CD Summer II Chorus 2015-07-31Summer II ChorusCD7/31/2015
R-CD Sung, Janet 2016-10-31Sung Guest RecitalCD10/31/2016
R-CD Suniga, Rosemarie 2009-01-29Suniga Graduate RecitalCD1/29/2009
R-CD Suniga, Rosemarie 2010-03-15Suniga Graduate RecitalCD3/15/2010
R-CD Sweaney, daniel 2016-02-03Sweaney Faculty RecitalCD2/3/2016
R-CD Swett / Li 2015-03-29Swett & Li Graduate RecitalCD3/29/2015
R-CD Swett, Cameron 2016-01-19Swett Graduate RecitalCD1/19/2016
R-CD Swing Shift 2017 -04-13Swing Shift Big BandCD4/13/2017
R-CD Swing Shift Big band 2014-11-12Swing Shift Big BandCD11/12/2014
R-CD Swing Shift Big Band 2015-04-20Swing Shift Big BandCD4/20/2015
R-CD Swing Shift Big Band 2015-11-12Swing Shift Big BandCD11/12/2015
R-CD Swing Shift Big Band 2016-04-11Swing Shift Big BandCD4/11/2016
R-CD Swing Shift Big Band 2016-11-10Swing Shift Big BandCD11/10/2016
R-CD Swing Shift Jazz Combo 2005-11-03Swing Shift Jazz ComboCD11/3/2005
R-CD Swingshift Big Band 2014-04-03Swing Shift Big BandCD4/3/2014
R-CD Symphonic and Concert Band 2007-03-29Symphonic & Concert BandCD3/29/2007
R-CD Symphonic and Concert Band 2008-03-27Symphonic and Concert BandCD3/27/2008
R-CD Symphony Orch 1999-10-07USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/7/1999
R-CD Tark, Tyerin 2016-02-26Tark Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2016
R-CD Tauchi, Byron 2003-09-23Tauchi / Weeks Guest Artist RecitalCD9/23/2003
R-CD Tawa, Ryoko 2003-04-28Tawa Graduate RecitalCD4/28/2003
R-CD Taylor, James A.Taylor Conducting RecitalCD4/3/2011
R-CD Taylor, James W. 2013-12-06Taylor Graduate Lecture RecitalCD12/6/2013
R-CD Taylor, Stephen 2000-03-16Taylor Faculty RecitalCD3/16/2000
R-CD Tchonev, Kalin 2002-04-12Tchonev Graduate RecitalCD4/12/2000
R-CD Tchonev, Kalin 2003-11-01Tchonev Graduate RecitalCD11/1/2003
R-CD Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble 2007-02-07Tennessee Tech Tuba EnsembleCD2/7/2007
R-CD Terry, Jason 2012-10-22Terry Candidacy RecitalCD10/22/2012
R-CD Terry, Jason 2013-11-01Terry Graduate RecitalCD11/1/2013
R-CD Terry, Jason 2014-11-24Terry Graduate RecitalCD11/24/2014
R-CD Terry, Jason 2015 - 12-01Terry Graduate RecitalCD12/1/2015
R-CD Terwilliger, William 1999-10-02Terwilliger/Cooperstock: Copland Violin and PianoCD10/2/1999
R-CD Terwilliger, William 2001-03-03Terwilliger-Cooperstock Duo and Trio ContrasteCD3/3/2001
R-CD Terwilliger, William 2009-10-13Opus TwoCD10/13/2009
R-CD Terwilliger, William 2010-09-11Opus TwoCD9/11/2010
R-CD Terwilliger-Cooperstock 2001-10-20Terwilliger-Cooperstock DuoCD10/20/2001
R-CD Terwilliger-Cooperstock 2002-09-14Terwilliger-Cooperstock DuoCD9/14/2002
R-CD Terwilliger-Cooperstock 2003-09-06Terwilliger-Cooperstock Duo with Andres Diaz: Chamber Works of Lowell LiebermannCD9/6/2003
R-CD Terwilliger-Cooperstock 2005-10-07Terwilliger-Cooperstock DuoCD10/7/2005
R-CD Terwilliger-Cooperstock Duo 2004-09-30Terwilliger-Cooperstock Duo RecitalCD9/30/2004
R-CD Teuber, Fred W. 2009-01-27Music of Fred TeuberCD1/27/2009
R-CD the Declassified 2012-04-16The DeclassifiedCD4/16/2012
R-CD The Declassified 2013-03-27The DeclassifiedCD3/27/2013
R-CD The Fourth Wall 2015-09-11The Fourth Wall - Hybrid arts ensembleCD9/11/2015
R-CD The Gift of Music 2004-03-27The Gift of MusicCD3/27/2004
R-CD The Palmetto Pans 2004-11-05The Palmetto PansCD11/5/2004
R-CD The Palmetto Pans 2005-04-07The Palmetto PansCD4/7/2005
R-CD The Seven Deadly Sins 2004-11-04The Seven Deadly SinsCD11/4/2004
R-CD The University Chorus 2005-02-11The University ChorusCD2/11/2005
R-CD Thigpen, Alison 2006-04-07Thigpen Graduate RecitalCD4/7/2006
R-CD Thigpen, Alison 2007-04-14Thigpen Masters RecitalCD4/14/2007
R-CD Thigpen, Katie 2006-10-02Thigpen Senior RecitalCD10/2/2006
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R-CD USC Concert Choir 2016-02-04USC Concert Choir: Concerts for a CauseCD2/4/2016
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R-CD USC Faculty Br. Quint. 2002-02-11Faculty Brass QuintetCD2/11/2002
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R-CD USC Faculty Jazz 2000-04-25Faculty Jazz ConcertCD4/25/2000
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R-CD USC Faculty Jazz 2010-04-20USC Faculty Jazz RecitalCD4/20/2010
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R-CD USC Fall Trombone Night 2013-11-18USC Fall Trombone NightCD11/18/2013
R-CD USC Flutists 2008-03-21South Carolina Flutists RecitalCD3/21/2008
R-CD USC Gospel Choir 2011-04-15USC Gospel ChoirCD4/15/2011
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R-CD USC Gospel Choir 2016-11-10USC Gospel Choi presents Glorious PraiseCD11/10/2016
R-CD USC Gospel Chor 2013-10-01USC Gospel ChoirCD10/1/2013
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R-CD USC Graduate String Quartet 2014-11-21USC Graduate String QuartetCD11/21/2014
R-CD USC Graduate String Quartet 2015-04-19The USC Graduate String QuartetCD4/19/2015
R-CD USC Graduate String Quartet 2015-12-022015USC Graduate String QuartetCD12/2/2015
R-CD USC Graduate String Quartet 2017-04-21USC Graduate String QuartetCD4/21/2017
R-CD USC Graduate Vocal Ensemble 2014 -12-04Graduate Vocal EnsembleCD12/4/2014
R-CD USC Gradute String Quartet 2016-11-12USC Gradute String QuartetCD11/12/2016
R-Cd USC Guitar Ensemble 2014 -04-01USC Guitar EnsembleCD4/1/2014
R-CD USC ind Ensemble 017-03-30USC Wind EnsembleCD3/30/2017
R-CD USC Jazz Combo 2017-04-04USC Jazz ComboCD4/4/2017
R-CD USC Jazz Combo 2017-04-24USC Jazz ComboCD4/24/2017
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R-CD USC Jazz Combos 2000-04-03Jazz Combos Spring ConcertCD4/3/2000
R-CD USC Jazz Combos 2002-04-04Jazz CombosCD4/4/2002
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R-CD USC Jazz Combos 2014-04-24USC Jazz CombosCD4/24/2014
R-CD USC Jazz Combos 2014-10-30Jazz CombosCD10/30/2014
R-CD USC Jazz Combos 2014-11-02USC Jazz CombosCD11/2/2014
R-CD USC Jazz Guitar Ensemble 2014-11-20USC Jazz Guitar EnsembleCD11/20/2014
R-CD USC Jazz Stings 2016-01-23USC Jazz StringsCD10/23/2016
R-CD USC Jazz Strings 2011-03-04USC Jazz StringsCD3/4/2011
R-CD USC Jazz Strings Quintet 2017-04-23The USC Jazz Strings QuintetCD4/23/2017
R-CD USC Left Bank 1999-10-28Left Bank Big BandCD10/28/1999
R-CD USC Left Bank 2000-02-25Ellington: The Best of the Sacred Concerts Disc 1CD2/25/2000
R-CD USC Left Bank 2000-02-25 Disc 2Ellington: The Best of the Sacred Concerts Disc 2CD2/25/2000
R-CD USC Left Bank 2000-10-26Left Bank Big BandCD10/26/2000
R-CD USC Left Bank 2001-04-18Left Bank ComboCD4/18/2001
R-CD USC Left Bank 2001-04-19Left Bank Big BandCD4/19/2001
R-CD USC Left Bank 2001-10-25 Disc 1Left Bank Big Band with Dave Pietro 1 of 2CD10/25/2001
R-CD USC Left Bank 2002-04-18Left Bank Big BandCD4/18/2002
R-CD USC Left Bank 2003-04-17Left Bank Big BandCD4/17/2003
R-CD USC Left Bank 2004-04-21Left Bank Big BandCD4/21/2004
R-CD USC Left Bank Band 2002-10-31Left Bank Big BandCD10/31/2002
R-CD USC Left Bank Combo 2000-11-09USC Jazz Combos ConcertCD11/9/2000
R-CD USC Left Bank Combo 2001-11-08Bank Combo RecitalCD11/8/2001
R-CD USC Left Bank Combo 2002-11-07Left Bank ComboCD11/7/2002
R-CD USC Left Bank Combo 2004-04-06Bank ComboCD4/6/2004
R-CD USC MacPhail, Valerie 2001-09-06MacPhail Doctoral RecitalCD9/6/2001
R-CD USC Madrigal Ensemble 2000-04-06USC Madrigal EnsembleCD4/6/2000
R-CD USC Marching Band 2011-11-29Carolina Band in ConcertCD11/29/2011
R-CD USC Mens Chorus 2012-11-26USC Mens Chorus: I Have Had SingingCD11/26/2012
R-CD USC Mens/Womens Chorus 2013-11-19USC Men′s and Women′s ChorusCD11/19/2013
R-CD USC Musical Reflection 2001-09-12A Musical ReflectionCD9/12/2001
R-CD USC Opera 2001-02-16USC Opera: Bastien and BastienneCD2/16/2001
R-CD USC Opera 2002-04-26 Disc 1USC Opera: Suor AngelicaCD4/26/2002
R-CD USC Opera 2002-04-26 Disc 2USC Opera: Suor AngelicaCD4/28/2002
R-CD USC Opera 2002-04-26 Disc 3USC Opera: Gianni SchicchiCD4/26/2002
R-CD USC Opera 2002-04-26 Disc 4USC Opera: Gianni SchicchiCD4/28/2002
R-CD USC Opera 2002-10-27USC Opera: The Rape of Lucretia (2 sound discs)CD10/27/2002
R-CD USC Opera 2003-04-27USC Opera: The Consul (2 sound discs)CD4/27/2003
R-CD USC Opera 2003-10-31USC Opera: Don Pasquale (2 sound discs)CD10/31/2003
R-CD USC Opera 2003-11-02USC Opera: Don Pasquale (2 sound discs)CD11/2/2003
R-CD USC Opera 2005-02-04USC Opera: The Merry Wives of Windsor (2 sound discs)CD2/4/2005
R-CD USC Opera 2005-02-06USC Opera: The Merry Wives of Windsor (2 sound discs)CD2/6/2005
R-CD USC Opera 2005-11-11Opera at USC: L′Italiana in AlgeriCD11/11/2005
R-CD USC Opera 2005-11-13Opera at USC: L′Italiana in AlgeriCD11/13/2005
R-CD USC Opera 2006-11-11USC Opera presents Acis and GalateaCD11/11/2006
R-CD USC Opera 2006-11-13USC Opera presents Acis and GalateaCD11/13/2006
R-CD USC Opera 2007-02-03USC Opera presents An Evening of One ActsCD2/3/2007
R-CD USC Opera 2007-02-04USC Opera presents An Evening of One ActsCD2/4/2007
R-CD USC Opera 2007-04-27USC Opera presents: Postcard from MoroccoCD4/27/2007
R-CD USC Opera 2007-04-29USC Opera presents: Postcard from MoroccoCD4/29/2007
R-CD USC Opera 2008-04-25USC Opera Presents: The Magic FluteCD4/25/2008
R-CD USC Opera 2008-04-27USC Opera Presents: The Magic FluteCD4/27/2008
R-CD USC Opera Experience 2010-07-16USC Opera Experience:The 10 Minute OperaCD7/16/2010
R-CD USC Orchestra & Choirs 2005-04-19USC Symphony Orchestra & Choirs: War Requiem (2 sound discs)CD4/19/2005
R-CD USC Organfest 2007-04-27USC OrganfestCD4/27/2007
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 1999-10-26 Disc 2USC West African Drumming & Dance EnsembleCD10/26/1999
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2001-02-22 Disc 1W. Afr. Drumming and Dance & Palmetto PansCD2/22/2001
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2001-02-22 Disc 2Left Bank Big BandCD2/22/2001
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2002-02-14Band Clinic: Percussion and Big BandCD2/14/2002
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2002-11-08The Palmetto PansCD11/8/2002
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2003-02-13USC Band ClinicCD2/13/2003
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2004-04-08The Palmetto PansCD4/8/2004
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2007-11-08The Palmetto PanesCD11/8/2007
R-CD USC Palmetto Pans 2008-04-03The Palmetto PansCD4/3/2008
R-CD USC Perc. Ens. 2001-11-01USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/1/2001
R-CD USC Perc. Ens. 2002-04-23USC Percussion EnsembleCD4/23/2002
R-CD USC Perc. Ens. 2003-11-13USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/13/2003
R-CD USC Percusion Ensemble 2013-04-08USC percussion EnsembleCD4/8/2013
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R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2000-11-08USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/8/2000
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2002-11-12USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/12/2002
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2003-03-26USC Percussion EnsembleCD3/26/2003
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2004-11-08USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/8/2004
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2005-04-11USC Percussion EnsembleCD4/11/2005
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2005-11-14USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/14/2005
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2006-04-10USC Percussion Ensemble with Pendulum Percussion DuoCD4/10/2006
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2006-11-13USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/13/2006
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2007-10-29The USC Percussion Ensemble with Guest Artist Anders AstrandCD10/29/2007
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2008-04-21The USC Percussion EnsembleCD4/21/2008
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2008-11-24USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/24/2008
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R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2009-10-26The USC Percussion EnsembleCD10/26/2009
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R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2010-10-25The USC Percussion EnsembleCD10/25/2010
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2011-03-28The USC Percussion EnsembleCD3/28/2011
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2011-10-24The USC Percussion EnsembleCD10/24/2011
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2012-03-26USC Percussion EnsembleCD3/26/2012
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2012-10-28PASIC Preview ConcertCD10/28/2012
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2013-11-10The USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/10/2013
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2014-11-09USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/9/2014
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2015-03-30USC Percussion EnsembleCD3/30/2015
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2015-11-09The USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/9/2015
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R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2016-11-07USC Percussion EnsembleCD11/7/2016
R-CD USC Percussion Ensemble 2017-03-31USC Percussion Ensemble / The Palmetto PansCD3/31/2017
R-CD USC Percussion Players 2012-11-07USC Percussion PlayersCD11/7/2012
R-CD USC Percussion Players 2013-11-17The USC Percussion PlayersCD11/17/2013
R-CD USC Percussion Players 2014-04-07The USC Percussion PlayersCD4/7/2014
R-CD USC Percussion Players 2014-11-23USC Percussion PlayersCD11/23/2014
R-CD USC percussion Players 2015-11-20USC Percussion PlayersCD11/20/2015
R-CD USC Percussion Players 2016-11-18USC Percussion Player / Palmetto PansCD11/18/2016
R-CD USC Percussion Players 2017-04-14The USC Percussion PlayersCD4/14/2017
R-CD USC Percussion/ Palmetto Pans Steel Band 2009-02-19USC Percussion Ensemble/Palmetto Pans Steel BandCD2/19/2009
R-CD USC Piano Faculty 2003-06-09USC Piano Faculty: Piano Fireworks (2 sound discs)CD6/9/2003
R-CD USC Renaissance Singers 2006-03-31USC Renaissance SingersCD3/31/2006
R-CD USC Renaissance Singers 2006-11-14USC Renaissance SingersCD11/14/2006
R-CD USC Saxophone 2017-04-14USC Saxophone Quartets and Ensemble ConcertCD4/14/2017
R-CD USC Saxophone Choir 2011-11-30SaxophonaliaCD11/30/2011
R-CD USC Saxophone Ensembles 2013-04-28USC Saxophone EnsemblesCD4/28/2013
R-CD USC Saxophone Ensembles 2015-04-24USC Saxophone Ensembles and QuartetsCD4/24/2015
R-CD USC Saxophone Studio 2014-04-27USC Saxophone Studio ConcertCD4/27/2014
R-CD USC Saxophone Studio 2014-11-06USC Saxophone RecitalCD11/6/2014
R-CD USC Saxophone Studio 2014-12-02Saxophonia: Fall 2014CD12/2/2014
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R-CD USC September Concerts 2001-09-09September Concert Series Program No. 2CD9/8/2001
R-CD USC September Concerts 2001-09-16September Concert Series Program No. 3CD9/16/2001
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R-CD USC September Concerts 2004-09-07September Concert Series Program #1CD9/7/2004
R-CD USC September Concerts 2004-09-12September Concert Series Program #2CD9/12/2004
R-CD USC September Concerts 2004-09-19September Concert Series Program #3CD9/19/2004
R-CD USC Str. Qt. Workshop 2007-12-08USC String Quartet Workshop ConcertCD12/8/2007
R-CD USC String Project 2000University of South Carolina String ProjectCD6/25/2000
R-CD USC String Project 2002-05-06USC String ProjectCD5/6/2002
R-CD USC String Project 2005-05-02USC String Project 30th Anniversary ConcertCD5/2/2005
R-CD USC String Project 2006-05-01USC String Project: 3rd Annual Spring ConcertCD5/1/2006
R-CD USC String Project 2009-05-04USC String ProjectCD5/4/2009
R-CD USC String Project 2011-05-02USC String ProjectCD5/2/2011
R-CD USC String Project 2012-04-30USC String Project Spring ConcertCD4/30/2012
R-CD USC String Project 2012-12-07String Project: Beginning Class InformanceCD12/7/2012
R-CD USC String Project 2013-05-06USC String Project Spring ConcertCD5/16/2013
R-CD USC String Project 2015-05-04USC String Project : 40th AnniversaryCD5/4/2015
R-CD USC String Project 2015-05-05USC String ProjectCD5/5/2015
R-CD USC String Project 2016-05-02USC String Project Spring ConcertCD5/2/2016
R-CD USC String Project 2016-07-15USCString Project : Summer Camp ConcertCD7/15/2016
R-CD USC String Project 2016-12-04USC String Project Winter ConcertCD12/4/2016
R-CD USC String Project 2017-05-01USC String ProjectCD5/1/2017
R-CD USC String Quartet Workshop 2005-01-22USC String Quartet Workshop ConcertCD1/22/2005
R-CD USC String Quartet Workshop 2006-12-09USC String Quartet Workshop ConcertCD12/9/2006
R-CD USC String Quartet Workshop 2012-12-15USC String Quartet Workshop ConcertCD12/15/2012
R-CD USC String Quartet Workshop Concert 2004-04-21USC String Quartet Workshop ConcertCD4/21/2004
R-CD USC Student Comp. 2001-10-26USC Student Composers ConcertCD10/26/2001
R-CD USC Student Composers 2009 04-25USC Student Composers ConcertCD4/25/2009
R-CD USC Student Composers Concert 2010-04-24USC Student Composers ConcertCD4/24/2010
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R-CD USC Student Composers 2002-11-24USC Student Composers ConcertCD11/24/2002
R-CD USC Student Composers 2003-04-12USC Student Composers ConcertCD4/12/2003
R-CD USC Student Composers 2004-11-09USC Student Composers ConcertCD11/9/2004
R-CD USC Student Composers 2005-04-17USC Student Composers ConcertCD4/17/2005
R-CD USC Student Composers 2006-12-02USC Student Composers′ ConcertCD12/2/2006
R-CD USC Student Composers 2007-04-21USC Student Composers′ Spring ConcertCD4/21/2007
R-CD USC Student Composers 2007-12-01USC Student Composer′s Fall ConcertCD12/1/2007
R-CD USC Student Composers 2008-04-26USC Student Composers ConcertCD4/26/2008
R-CD USC Student Composers 2008-12-01New Voices-USC Student Composers Fall ConcertCD12/1/2008
R-CD USC Student Composers 2010-11-30New Voices; The Fall CollectionCD11/30/2010
R-CD USC Student Composers 2011-11-29New Voices: Student Composers ConcertCD11/29/2011
R-CD USC Student Composers 2012-04-21New Voices: Student Composers ConcertCD4/21/2012
R-CD USC Student Composers 2014-12-01New VoicesCD12/1/2014
R-CD USC Student Composers 2015-04-24New Voices : Music by USC Student ComposersCD4/24/2015
R-CD USC Student Composers 2016-04-23New Voices; Music by USC Student ComposersCD4/23/2016
R-CD USC Student Composers Concert 2009-12-02USC Student Composers ConcertCD12/2/2009
R-CD USC Student Compsers 2004-04-28USC Student CompsersCD4/28/2004
R-CD USC Summer Chorus I 2014-06-27USC Summer Chorus ICD6/27/2014
R-CD USC Summer I Chorus 2002-07-02USC Summer I ChorusCD7/2/2002
R-CD USC Summer I Chorus 2003-06-29Summer I ChorusCD6/29/2003
R-CD USC Summer I Chorus 2006-06-25Summer I ChorusCD6/25/2006
R-CD USC Summer I Chorus 2006-06-27Summer I ChorusCD6/27/2006
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2001-08-07Summer II ChorusCD8/7/2001
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2002-08-06USC Summer II ChorusCD8/6/2002
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2003-08-05Summer II ChorusCD8/5/2003
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2006-07-30Summer II ChorusCD7/30/2006
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2006-08-01Summer II ChorusCD8/1/2006
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2007-08-05Summer II Chorus - Solomon by HandelCD8/5/2007
R-CD USC Summer II Chorus 2007-08-07Summer II Chorus - Solomon by HandelCD8/7/2007
R-CD USC Swing Shift 1999-10-27Swing Shift Big BandCD10/27/1999
R-CD USC Swing Shift 2000-02-17USC Big Bands @ Band ClinicCD2/17/2000
R-CD USC Swing Shift 2000-04-12Swing ShiftCD4/12/2000
R-CD USC Swing Shift 2000-10-25Swing Shift Fall ConcertCD10/25/2000
R-CD USC Swing Shift 2001-04-12Swing Shift Jazz OrchestraCD4/12/2001
R-CD USC Swing Shift 2001-11-27Swing Shift Big Band and USC Jazz StringsCD11/27/2001
R-CD USC Swing Shift 2002-04-17Swing Shift Big BandCD4/17/2002
R-CD USC Symphonic and Concert Bands 2005-03-31USC Symphonic and Concert BandsCD3/31/2005
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2000-02-18USC Symphonic BandCD2/18/2000
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2001-02-23USC Symphonic BandCD2/23/2001
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2002-02-15Band Clinic: USC Symphonic BandCD2/15/2002
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2003-02-14USC Band Clinic: USC Symphonic BandCD2/14/2003
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2004-02-20USC Band Clinic: Symphonic BandCD2/20/2004
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2005-02-18USC Band Clinic - Symphonic BandCD2/18/2005
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2006-02-17USC Band Clinic - Symphonic BandCD2/17/2006
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2006-04-03USC Symphonic Band and Concert BandCD4/3/2006
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2007-02-16USC Band Clinic: Symphonic BandCD2/16/2007
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2009-03-26USC Symphonic & Concert BandCD3/26/2009
R-CD USC Symphonic Band 2010-04-11USC Symphonic BandCD4/11/2010
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds / University Band 2014-11-24USC Symphonic Winds and University BandCD11/24/2014
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2010-02-182012 USC Band Clinic : USC Symphonic WindsCD2/18/2012
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2010-10-12USC Symphonic WindsCD10/12/2010
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2010-11-21USC Symphonic WindsCD11/21/2010
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2011-02-19USC Symphonic WindsCD2/19/2011
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2011-10-10USC Symphonic WindsCD10/10/2011
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2011-11-21USC Symphonic WindsCD11/21/2011
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2012-04-05University Band and Symphonic WindsCD4/5/2012
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2012-10-08USC Symphonic WindsCD10/8/2012
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2013-11-25USC Symphonic WindsCD11/25/2013
R-CD Usc Symphonic Winds 2014-04-22USC Symphonic WindsCD4/22/2014
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2015-04-23USC Symphonis Winds ; Full CircleCD4/23/2015
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2015-10-18USC Symphonic WindsCD10/18/2015
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2015-11-23USC Symphonic WindsCD11/23/2015
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2016-04-21USC Symphonic Winds: InfluenceCD4/21/2016
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2016-10-10USC Symphonic WindsCD10/10/2016
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2016-11-21USC Symphonic WindsCD11/21/2016
R-CD USC Symphonic Winds 2017-04-10USC Symphonic WindsCD4/10/2017
R-CD USC Symphonic Winfds 2016-02-122016 USC Band Clinic : USC Symphonic WindsCD2/12/2016
R-CD USC symphonoc Winds 2013-10-08USC Symphonic WindsCD10/8/2013
R-CD USC Symphony 2009-09-22USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/22/2009
R-CD USC Symphony 2009-10-20USC Symphony Orchestra (w/Shiraz Trio)CD10/20/2009
R-CD USC Symphony 2009-11-17USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/17/2009
R-CD USC Symphony 2010-02-16USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/16/2010
R-CD USC Symphony 2010-04-13USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/13/2010
R-CD USC Symphony 2010-09-23The USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/23/2010
R-CD USC Symphony 2010-10-19The USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/19/2010
R-CD USC Symphony Orch 1999-09-17 Disc 1Sousa: El Capitan Disc 1CD9/17/1999
R-CD USC Symphony Orch 1999-11-18USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/18/1999
R-CD USC Symphony Orch 2000-10-05USC Symphony w/Enrique Graf: BeethovenCD10/5/2000
R-CD USC Symphony Orch 2000-10-19USC Symphony with Deborah VoigtCD10/19/2000
R-CD USC Symphony Orch 2001-04-24USC Symphony Orchestra: Sacred Music Disc 1 of 2CD4/24/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 1999-09-17 Disc 2Sousa: El Capitan Disc 2CD9/17/1999
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2000-01-21 Disc 1USC Symp Orch Pops Concert Disc 1 of 2CD1/21/2000
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2000-01-21 Disc 2USC Symp Orch Pops Concert Disc 2 of 2CD1/21/2000
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2000-03-28USC Symp. Orch. w/Amer. Arts Trio & D. GrahamCD3/28/2000
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2000-11-14USC Symphony Orchestra: CoplandCD11/14/2000
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-01-26USC Symphony Orchestra Pops ConcertCD1/26/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-03-01USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/1/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-04-24 Disc 2USC Symphony Orchestra: Sacred Music Disc 2 of 2CD4/24/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-10-30 Disc 1USC Symphony Orchestra with David Kim 1 of 2CD10/30/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-10-30 Disc 2USC Symphony Orchestra with David Kim 2 of 2CD10/30/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-11-14 Disc 1USC Symphony Orchestra/Pratt Disc 1 of 2CD11/14/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2001-11-14 Disc 2USC Symphony Orchestra/Pratt Disc 2 of 2CD11/14/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2002-01-25 Disc 1USC Symphony Orchestra: Our Three TenorsCD1/25/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2002-01-25 Disc 2USC Symphony Orchestra: Our Three Tenors Part 2CD1/25/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2002-02-28 Disc 1USC Symphony Orchestra Disc 1 of 2CD2/28/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2002-02-28 Disc 2USC Symphony Orchestra Disc 2 of 2CD2/28/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2002-04-11USC Symphony Orchestra & USC Concert ChoirCD4/11/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2003-09-23USC Symphony Orchestra (2 sound discs)CD9/23/2003
R-CD USC Symphony Orch. 2003-10-23USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/23/2003
R-CD USC Symphony OrchestraUSC Symphony OrchestraCD9/19/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2001-10-04USC Symphony Orchestra / Lowenthal (2 sound discs)CD10/4/2001
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2002-09-24USC Symphony Orchestra (2 sound discs)CD9/24/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2002-10-24USC Symphony Orchestra / CameronCD10/24/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2002-11-21USC Symphony Orchestra (2 sound discs)CD11/21/2002
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2003-01-24USC Symphony with Buddy WachterCD1/24/2003
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2003-02-25USC Symphony Orchestra with Claude FrankCD2/25/2003
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2003-03-25USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/25/2003
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2003-04-11USC Symphony Orchestra: Verdi RequiemCD4/11/2003
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-01-23USC Symphony Orchestra: Invitation to the DanceCD1/23/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-02-24USC Symphony Orchestra (2 sound discs)CD2/24/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-03-23USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/23/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-04-20USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/20/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-09-23USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/23/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-10-21USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/21/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2004-11-18USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/18/2004
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2005-02-22USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/22/2005
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2005-03-22USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/22/2005
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2005-09-22USC Symphony Orchestra with Mark O′ConnerCD9/22/2005
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2005-10-20USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/20/2005
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2005-11-17USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/17/2005
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2006-02-21USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/21/2006
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2006-03-21USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/21/2006
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2006-04-18USC Symphony Orchestra with Vadim GluzmanCD4/18/2006
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2006-09-14USC Symphony Orchestra with David KimCD9/14/2006
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2006-10-12USC Symphony Orchestra with Daniel LeeCD10/12/2006
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2006-11-16USC Symphony Orchestra with Indra ThomasCD11/16/2006
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2007-02-13USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/13/2007
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2007-03-20USC Symphony Orchestra with Benedetto LupoCD3/20/2007
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2007-04-17USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/17/2007
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2007-09-20USC Symphony Orchestra with Sharon IsbinCD9/20/2007
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2007-10-16USC Symphony Orchestra with Vadim GluzmanCD10/16/2007
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2007-11-15USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/15/2007
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2008-03-18USC SymphonyCD3/18/2008
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2008-09-23USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/23/2008
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2008-10-21USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/21/2008
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2008-11-18USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/18/2008
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2009-02-17USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/9/2009
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2009-03-17USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/17/2009
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2009-04-14USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/14/2009
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2010-03-16USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/16/2010
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2011-02-15 2011-03-15The USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/15/2011
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2011-03-15The USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/15/2011
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2011-04-12The USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/12/2011
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2011-10-18The USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/18/2011
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2011-11-15The USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/15/2011
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2011-9-22The USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/22/2011
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2012-02-14The USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/14/2012
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2012-03-13USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/13/2012
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2012-04-15USC Symphony Orchestra: Defiant RequiemCD4/15/2012
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2012-09-20USC Symphony Orchestra: Brahms and BruchCD9/20/2012
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2012-10-16USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/16/2012
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2012-11-13USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/13/2012
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2013-01-27USC Symphony OrchestraCD1/27/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2013-02-12USC Sympony Orchestra; An Evening of Rodgers and HammersteinCD2/12/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2013-03-26USC Sympony Orchestra;CD3/26/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2013-04-25USC Symphony OrchestraCD4/25/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2013-10-15USC Symphony OrchestraCD10/15/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2013-11-12USC Symphony OrchestraCD11/12/2013
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-01-23USC Symphony OrchestraCD1/23/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-02-22USC Symphony presents Lerner and LoweCD2/22/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-04-01USC Symphony Orchestra pesents Cirque de la SymphonieCD4/1/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-04-24USC symphony OrchestraCD4/24/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-10-21USC Symphony Orchestra : AmericanaCD10/21/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-109-18USC Symphony OrchestraCD9/18/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2014-11-18Rock with RachmaninoffCD11/18/2014
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2015-01-22USC Symphony Orchestra: Tribite to Sidney ParkCD1/22/2015
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2015-02-24USC Symphony Orchestra: A Cole Porter CelebrationCD2/24/2015
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2015-03-26USC Symphony OrchestraCD3/26/2015
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2015-04-21USC Symphony : Berlioz RequiemCD4/21/2015
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2015-09-15USC Symphony Orchestra ; A Russian ExtravaganzaCD9/15/2015
R-CD USC symphony Orchestra 2015-10-20John Williams ExtravaganzaCD10/20/2015
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2015-11-17USC Symphony Orchestra ;Viva EspanaCD11/17/2015
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2016-02-24USC Symphony Orchestra: all Beethoven ConcertCD2/24/2016
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2016-03-22USC Symphony Orchestra:Poems and SongsCD3/22/2016
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2016-04-18USC Symphony Orchestra: : Segev Plays ElgarCD4/18/2016
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2016-10-18USC Symphony OrchestrqCD10/18/2016
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2016-11-15USC Symphony Orchestrq: hanson and ShostakovichCD11/15/2016
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2016-2016-09-13USC Symphony Orchestrq :Russian RomanticsCD9/13/2016
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2017-02-21USC Symphony Orchestra ; Rachmaninoff′s RhapsodyCD2/21/2017
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2017-03-21USC Symphony: Dvorak and the Historic Cello of Pablo CasalsCD3/21/2017
R-CD USC Symphony Orchestra 2017-04-18USC Symphony Orchestra ;The Spirit of RomanticismCD4/18/2017
R-Cd USC Trombone Ensemble 2016-11-13USC Trombone EnsembleCD11/13/2016
R-CD USC Trombone Ensemble 2017-04-03USC Trombone EnsembleCD4/3/2017
R-CD USC Undergraduates 2008-03-22Le Carnaval des Animaux Suite for Chamber OrchestraCD3/22/2008
R-CD USC University Band / Symphonic Winds 2012-11-19USC University Band & Symphonic WindsCD11/19/2012
R-CD USC University Band / SymphonicWinds2013-04-04USC University Band & Symphonic WindsCD4/4/2013
R-CD USC University Band 2000-02-18USC University BandCD2/18/2000
R-CD USC University Band 2001-02-23USC University BandCD2/23/2001
R-CD USC University Band 2002-02-15Band Clinic: USC University BandCD2/15/2002
R-CD USC University Band 2003-02-14USC Band Clinic: USC University BandCD2/14/2003
R-CD USC University Band 2004-02-20USC Band Clinic: University BandCD2/20/2004
R-CD USC University Band 2006-02-17USC Band Clinic - University BandCD2/17/2006
R-CD USC University Band 2007-02-16USC Band Clinic: University BandCD2/16/2007
R-CD USC University Band 2007-04-24USC University BandCD4/24/2007
R-CD USC University Band 2008-04-10University BandCD4/10/2008
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R-CD USC University Bands 2015-04-22USC University BandsCD4/22/2015
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R-CD USC University Bands 2016-04-17USC University BandsCD4/17/2016
R-CD USC University Bands 2017-04-20USC University BandCD4/20/2017
R-CD USC University Chorus 2014-11-13Requiem for the LivingCD11/13/2014
R-CD USC University Chorus 1999-11-07The University ChorusCD11/7/1999
R-CD USC University Chorus 2000-11-27University ChorusCD11/27/2000
R-CD USC University Chorus 2001-03-05University Chorus: Carmina BuranaCD3/5/2001
R-CD USC University Chorus 2001-11-13The University Chorus Fall ConcertCD11/13/2001
R-CD USC University Chorus 2002-03-19University ChorusCD3/19/2002
R-CD USC University Chorus 2002-12-05University ChorusCD12/5/2002
R-CD USC University Chorus 2003-10-04Day of SingingCD10/4/2003
R-CD USC University Chorus 2003-12-04University Chorus Presents "An American Quilt"CD12/4/2003
R-CD USC University Chorus 2004-04-22University Chors: A Musical JourneyCD4/22/2004
R-CD USC University Chorus 2007-11-30The University ChorusCD11/30/2007
R-CD USC University Chorus 2013-02-21University Chorus and Men′s Chorus Winter ConcertCD2/21/2013
R-CD USC Valente Liana 1999-04-13Liana Valente Sings Songs of Canada′s Violet ArcherCD4/13/1999
R-CD USC Wind Ens. 2001-11-05Wind Ensemble IICD11/5/2001
R-CD USC Wind Ens. 2001-11-05 Disc 1Wind Ensemble ICD11/5/2001
R-CD USC Wind Ens. 2012-04-16USC Wind EnsembleCD4/6/2012
R-CD USC Wind Ens. 2016-02-122016 USC Band Clinic : USC Wind EnsembleCD2/12/2016
R-CD USC Wind Ens. 2016-03-18USC Wind EnsemleCD3/18/2016
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R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 1999-11-08 Disc 2USC Wind Ensemble ICD11/8/1999
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R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2000-11-06 Disc 2USC Wind Ensemble ICD11/6/2000
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R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2011-02-18USC Wind EnsembleCD2/18/2011
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2011-04-25USC Wind Ensemble: Blue ShadesCD4/25/2011
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2011-10-03USC Wind EnsembleCD10/3/2011
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2011-11-20USC Wind EnsembleCD11/20/2011
R-CD USC WInd Ensemble 2012-02-172012 USC Band Clinic :USC Wind EnsembleCD2/17/2012
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2012-10-29USC Wind Ensemble : CathedralsCD10/29/2012
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2012-12-04USC Wind ensemble: Mail from MozartCD12/4/2012
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2013-02-23USC Wind EnsembleCD2/23/2013
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2013-09-30USC Wind EnsembleCD9/30/2013
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2013-10-29USC Wind EnsembleCD10/29/2013
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2013-12-03USC Wind EnsembleCD12/3/2013
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2014-04-14USC Wind Ensemble ; Band′s Greatest Hits!CD4/14/2014
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2014-09-19USC Wind EnsembleCD9/19/2014
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2014-10-06USC Wind EnsembleCD10/6/2014
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2014-11-03USC Wind EnsembleCD11/3/2014
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2014-12-04Ghosts and Gargoyles: USC Wind EnsembleCD12/4/2014
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2015-04-13USC Wind Ensemble; UrbanRequiemCD4/13/2015
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2015-09-21USC Wind Ensemble : LuminosityCD9/21/2015
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2015-12-06USC Wind EnsembleCD12/6/2015
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2016-04-24USC Wind EnsembleCD4/24/2016
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2016-09-25USC Wind EnsembleCD9/25/2016
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble 2016-10-23USC Wind EnsembleCD10/23/2016
R-CD USC Wind Ensemble"2016-12-01USC Wind Ensemble: Figures in the GardenCD12/1/2016
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R-CD USC Winds Ensemble 2010-10-04USC Winds Ensemble "International Vistas"CD10/4/2010
R-CD USC Women / Mens Chorus 2016-11-14USC Women′s and Men′s Chorus ConcertCD11/14/2016
R-CD USC Women / Mens Chorus 2017-04-20USC Women′s and Men′s Chorus ConcertCD4/20/2017
R-CD USC Womens / Usc Mens Chorus 2015-12-01USC Womens Chorus / USC Mens Chorus ConcertCD12/1/2015
R-CD USC Womens / USC Mens Chorus 2016-04-12USC Women′s and Men′s Chorus ConcertCD4/12/2016
R-CD USC World Perc. 2000-11-28 Disc 1Palmetto Pans Steel BandCD11/28/2000
R-CD USC World Perc. 2001-04-03 Disc 1Palmetto Pans Steel BandCD4/3/2001
R-CD USC World Percuss. 2000-11-28 Disc 2USC West African Drumming & Dance EnsembleCD11/28/2000
R-CD USC World Percussion 2000-02-17World Percussion and DanceCD2/17/2000
R-CD USC World Percussion 2000-04-10World Music & Dance CelebrationCD4/10/2000
R-CD USC World Percussion 2001-11-28 Disc 1Palmetton Pans Steel BandCD11/28/2001
R-CD USC World Percussion 2001-11-28 Disc 2USC West African Drumming and Dance EnsembleCD11/28/2001
R-CD USC World Percussion 2001-11-29 Disc 1Palmetto Pans Steel BandCD11/29/2001
R-CD USC World Percussion 2001-11-29 Disc 2USC West African Drumming and Dance EnsembleCD11/29/2001
R-CD USC World Percussion 2002-03-21 Disc 1Palmetto PansCD3/21/2002
R-CD USC World Percussion 2002-03-21 Disc 2West African Drumming and Dance EnsembleCD3/21/2002
R-CD USC- Symphony Orch. 2000-02-24USC Symphony OrchestraCD2/24/2000
R-CD Uzcategui, Jorge 2007-04-30Uzcategui Graduate RecitalCD4/30/2007
R-CD Valencia Brianna 2013-04-27Valencia Graduate RecitalCD4/27/2013
R-CD Vance, Whitney I. 2009-02-20Vance Graduate RecitalCD2/20/2009
R-CD Vandekieft, Kathleen 1998-11-22Vandekieft Graduate RecitalCD11/22/1998
R-CD Vaneman /Duford 2011-11-14Vaneman / Duford Guest Artist RecitalCD11/14/2011
R-CD Vaughn, Jeff 2014-02-20Vaughn Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD2/20/2014
R-CD Vaughn, Jeff 2016-12-07Vaughn Graduate RecitalCD12/7/2015
R-CD Vaughn, Matthew 2014-03-24Vaughan Guest Artist RecitalCD3/24/2014
R-CD Velsor, Shane 2015-03-17Velsor Candidacy RecitalCD3/17/2015
R-Cd Velsor, Shane 2016-04-02Velsor Graduate RecitalCD4/2/2016
R-CD Verdehr Trio 1999-10-20Verdehr TrioCD10/20/1999
R-CD Verdehr Trio 2000-11-13Verdehr TrioCD11/13/2000
R-CD Verismo Trio 2014-10-29Verismo Trio Guest Artist RecitalCD10/29/2014
R-CD Verve Jazz Combo 2015-04-27The Verve Jazz ComboCD4/27/2015
R-CD Vickers, Lindsey 2014-04-09Vickers Graduate RecitalCD4/9/2014
R-CD Vickers, Lindsey 2016-11-21Vickers Doctoral RecitalCD11/21/2016
R-CD Violafest 2008-10-18ViolaFest 2008CD10/18/2008
R-CD Violas Four 2009-09-05Violas FourCD9/5/2009
R-CD Virtuoso Horn 2007-11-06The Virtuoso Horn Duo and Friends American TourCD11/6/2007
R-CD Viva Espana 2005-02-20Viva Espana!CD2/20/2005
R-CD Viviano, Anna 2010-11-19Viviano DMA Candidacy RecitalCD11/19/2010
R-CD Viviano, Anna 2012-03-23Viviano Graduate RecitalCD3/23/2012
R-CD Viviano, Anna M. 2011-08-19Viviano Graduate RecitalCD8/19/2011
R-CD Viviano, Anna M. 2012-12-01Viviano Graduate RecitalCD12/1/2012
R-CD Viviano,Anna 2011-10-28Viviano Doctoral RecitalCD10/28/2011
R-CD Vizzutti, Allen 2013-03-20Vizzutti Artist in Residence RecitalCD3/13/2012
R-CD Voice Department 2017-03-26The Voice Department Honors RecitalCD3/26/2017
R-CD Vqaughn, Jeff 2015-04-26Vaughn Doctoral RecitalCD4/26/2015
R-CD Vukajlovic, Dusan 2007-04-18Vukajlovic Graduate RecitalCD4/18/2007
R-CD Vukajlovic, Dusan 2007-11-14Vukajlovic Graduate RecitalCD11/14/2007
R-CD Vukajlovic, Dusan 2009-09-10Vukajlovic Graduate RecitalCD9/10/2009
R-CD Vukajovic, Dusan 2006-10-17Vukajovic Graduate RecitalCD10/17/2006
R-CD Wachter, Michelle 2012-10-16Wachter Graduate RecitalCD10/16/2012
R-CD Wachter, Michelle 2013-12-05Wachter Graduate RecitalCD12/5/2013
R-CD Wachter, Michelle I. 2010-03-31Wachter Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2010
R-CD Wade, Heather Ann 2003-11-17Wade Doctoral RecitalCD11/17/2003
R-CD Wait, Emily 2012-03-25Wait Graduate RecitalCD3/25/2012
R-CD Wait, Emily 2013-04-21Wait Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2013
R-Cd Walker, Alicia 2017-01-29Walker Faculty Lecture Recital ; The Influence of Place and Space on the Music of Herbert HowellsCD1/29/2017
R-CD Walsh, Jessica 2004-04-09Walsh Graduate RecitalCD4/9/2004
R-CD Walsh, Jessica A. 2005-03-17Walsh Graduate RecitalCD3/17/2005
R-Cd Walvoord / Unzicker 2016-08014Walvoord / Unzicker Guest Artist RecitalCD8/14/2016
R-CD Walz,Ivy 2014-03-17Walz Guest Artist RecitalCD3/17/2014
R-CD Wang, Ruby 2009-11-11Wang Candidacy RecitalCD11/11/2009
R-CD Wang, Ruby 2011-04-01Wang Doctoral RecitalCD4/1/2011
R-CD Wang, Ruby 2012-02-09Wang Doctoral RecitalCD2/9/2012
R-CD Wang, Ruby 2012-04-20Wang Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD4/20/2012
R-CD Wang, Ruby 2013-03-29Wang Doctoral RecitalCD3/29/2013
R-CD Warburton, Jonathan 2014-11-03Warburton Guest Artist RecitalCD11/3/2014
R-CD Warneck, Petrea 2002-11-01Warneck Graduate RecitalCD11/1/2002
R-CD Washington, Lecolion 2014-10-13Washington Guest Artist RecitalCD10/13/2014
R-Cd Wassum, Andrew 2014-04-01Wassum Graduate RecitalCD4/1/2014
R-CD Wassum, Andrew J. 2015-03-18Wassum Graduate RecitalCD3/18/2015
R-CD Wassum, Patricia 2001-04-22Wassum Graduate RecitalCD4/22/2001
R-CD Watkins, Lauren 2014-01-30Watkins Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD1/30/2014
R-CD Watkins, Lauren 2015-03-05Watkins Doctoral ReacitalCD3/5/2015
R-CD Watkins, Lauren 2015-11-11Watkins Graduate RecitalCD11/11/2015
R-CD Watkins, Lauren 2016-03-31Watkins Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2016
R-CD Watkins/ Vaughn 2014-10-10Watkins ? Vaughn Chamber RecitalCD10/10/2014
R-CD watson, Michelle 2016-03-24Smith Candidacy RecitalCD3/24/2016
R-CD Watson, Tommy 1999-11-12Watson Doctoral RecitalCD11/12/1999
R-CD Watson, Tommy 2001-02-19Watson Graduate RecitalCD2/19/2001
R-CD Watson, Tommy 2001-06-25Watson Lecture RecitalCD6/25/2001
R-CD Weems, Nancy 2003-11-07Weems Guest Artist Recital (2 sound discs)CD11/7/2003
R-CD Weinrich, Robert 2009-11-10Weinrich Guest Artist RecitalCD11/10/2009
R-CD Welshimer, Harrison 2021-03-12Welshimer Concerto RecitalCD3/12/2012
R-CD Wentz, Joshua 2014-04-25Wentz Doctoral Lecture RecitalCD4/25/2014
R-CD Wentz, Joshua R. 2013-04-23Wentz Doctoral RecitalCD4/23/2013
R-CD Wentz,Joshua R. 2012-09-24Wentz Candidacy RecitalCD9/24/2012
R-CD Wert, Tim 2010-10-05Wert Graduate Conducting RecitalCD10/5/2010
R-CD Whiaker, Jonathan 2011-01-19Whitaker Guest Artist RecitalCD1/19/2011
R-CD Whitcomb, Rachelle 2006-03-14Whitcomb Graduate RecitalCD3/14/2006
R-CD Whitlock, Meisha 2001-04-11Whitlock Doctoral RecitalCD4/11/2001
R-CD Wilburn, Christopher 1999-11-23Christopher Wilburn, RecitalCD11/23/1999
R-CD Wilkerson, Megan E. 2008 -09-30Graduate RecitalCD9/30/2008
R-CD Will, Jacob 2015-09-29Will / Kompass Faculty RecitalCD9/29/2015
R-CD Williams, Colin 2005-01-24Williams Guest Artist RecitalCD1/24/2005
R-CD Williams, Erin 2012-03-16Williams Graduate Voice RecitalCD3/16/2012
R-CD Williams, Joan 2008-04-11Williams Graduate RecitalCD4/11/2008
R-CD Williams, John 2001-04-25Williams Faculty RecitalCD4/25/2001
R-CD Williams, John 2002-04-24John Williams Faculty RecitalCD4/24/2002
R-CD Williams, John 2003-04-22Williams Faculty RecitalCD4/22/2003
R-CD Williams, John 2004-04-12Williams Faculty RecitalCD4/12/2004
R-CD Williams, John 2005-04-06Williams Faculty RecitalCD4/6/2005
R-CD Williams, John 2006-04-17Williams Factuly RecitalCD4/17/2006
R-CD Williams, John 2015-05-09A Tribute (Musical and Otherwise) to John WilliamsCD5/9/2015
R-CD Williams, Nathan 2010-02-23Williams Guest Artist RecitalCD2/23/2010
R-CD Williams/ Wyatt 2009-05-15Waltzing with Williams and WyattCD5/15/2009
R-CD Willis, Andrew 2006-01-22Willis Guest Artist RecitalCD1/22/2006
R-CD Wilson, Lars 2016-11-14Wilson candidacy RecitalCD11/14/2016
R-CD Wilson, Stephen 2005-09-27Wilson Graduate RecitalCD9/27/2005
R-CD Wilson, Stephen 2016-10-24Wilson Faculty RecitalCD10/24/2016
R-CD Wilson, Stephen K. 2005-03-28Wilson Concerto RecitalCD3/28/2005
R-CD Wind Ensemble I 2004-11-01Wind Ensemble ICD11/1/2004
R-CD Wind Ensemble II 2004-11-01Wind Ensemble IICD11/1/2004
R-CD WindsX2 2017-04-08WindsX2 : USC / ECU Wind FacultyCD4/8/2017
R-CD Wise, Alex 2015-02-16Wise Doctoral RecitalCD2/16/2015
R-CD Wise, Alex 2015-10-26Wise Graduate Conducting RecitalCD10/26/2015
R-CD Wolfe, Ben 2017-03-25Wolfe Guest Artist RecitalCD3/25/2017
R-CD Wolfe, Dan 2014-11-19Wolfe Concerto RecitalCD11/19/2014
R-CD Wolfe, Daniel 2015-03-02Wolfe Graduate RecitalCD3/2/2015
R-CD Wolfe, Daniel R. 2014-03-20Wolfe Graduate RecitalCD3/20/2014
R-CD Wood, Peter 2008-10-06Wood Guest Artist ConcertCD10/6/2008
R-CD World Percussion 1999-10-26 Disc 1The Palmetto PansCD10/26/1999
R-CD World Symphonic Jazz Orchestra 2010-11-09World Symphonic Jazz OrchestraCD11/9/2010
R-CD World Symphonic Jazz Orchestra at USC 2009-03-25World Symphonic Jazz Orchestra at USCCD3/25/2009
R-CD World/Symphonic/Jazz 2008-04-10World/Symphonic/Jazz Orchestra at USCCD4/10/2008
R-CD World/Symphonic/Jazz 2008-10-03USC World Symphonic Jazz OrchestraCD10/3/2008
R-CD wu, Shr-Han 2010-03-04Wu Graduate RecitalCD3/4/2010
R-CD Wu, Shr-Han 2010-11-10Wu Graduate RecitalCD11/10/2010
R-CD Wu, Shr-Han 2011-03-16Wu Graduate RecitalCD3/16/2011
R-CD Wu, Shr-Han 2011-10-11Wu Graduate RecitalCD10/11/2011
R-CD Wu, Shr-Han 2012-02-24Wu Graduate RecitalCD2/24/2012
R-CD WU, Shr-Han 2013-02-26Wu Graduate RecitalCD2/26/2013
R-CD Wu, Shr-Han 2014-12-04Wu Graduate RecitalCD12/4/2014
R-CD Wulff, Stephen 2010-01-25Wulff Masters RecitalCD1/25/2010
R-CD Wulff, Stephen 2010-04-15Wulff Master′s Concerto RecitalCD4/15/2010
R-CD Wuthrich, Dani 2010-11-05Wuthrich Graduate RecitalCD11/5/2010
R-CD Wylie, Abigail 2012-11-26Wylie Graduate RecitalCD11/26/2012
R-CD Wylie, Abigail 2014-04-15Wylie Doctoral RecitalCD4/15/2014
R-CD Wylie, Abigail 2015 -11-12Wylie Graduate RecitalCD11/12/2015
R-CD Xanthoulis, Nios 2009-10-30Xanthoulis Guest Artist RecitalCD10/30/2009
R-CD Xu, Hong 2008-06-102008 SE Piano Festival Xu Guest Artist ConcertCD6/10/2008
R-CD Yang, Jie 2017-04-26Yang Doctoral RecitalCD4/26/2017
R-CD Yang, Xin 2012-04-23Yang Graduate RecitalCD4/23/2012
R-CD Yang, Xin 2012-11-26Yang Concerto RecitalCD11/26/2012
R-CD Yang, Xin 2014-02-10Yang Graduate RecitalCD2/10/2014
R-CD Yelverton, William 2009-02-19Yelverton Guest Artist RecitalCD2/19/2009
R-CD Yoo, Sue-Mi 1999-11-02Sue-Mi Yoo Doctoral RecitalCD11/2/1999
R-CD Yoo, Sue-Mi 2000-11-29Yoo Doctoral RecitalCD11/29/2000
R-CD York, Daniel 2007-04-28York Masters RecitalCD4/28/2007
R-CD Yost, Regina H. 2009-10-05Yost Guest Artist RecitalCD10/5/2009
R-CD You, Gisong 2014-09-23You Graduate RecitalCD9/23/2014
R-CD You, Gisong 2015-03-31You Graduate RecitalCD3/31/2015
R-CD You, Gisong 2015-11-12You Graduate RecitalCD11/12/2015
R-CD You, Gisong 2017-01-30You Graduate RecitalCD1/30/2017
R-CD young, Robert 2011-11-16Robert Young Guest Artist RecitalCD11/16/2011
R-CD Younts, Kaaren 2007-12-07Younts Graduate RecitalCD12/7/2007
R-CD Yu, Enen 2000-01-27Yu Graduate RecitalCD1/27/2000
R-CD Yu, Enen 2004-11-05Yu Graduate RecitalCD11/5/2004
R-CD Zapata Correa, Oswaldo 2009-04-08Zapata Correa Graduate RecitalCD4/8/2009
R-CD Zapata-Correa, Oswaldo 2010-04-19Zapata-Correa Graduate RecitalCD4/19/2010
R-CD Zerkel, David 2001-10-18Zerkel Guest Artist RecitalCD10/18/2001
R-CD Zerkel, David 2009-09-16Zerkel Guest Artist ConcertCD9/16/2009
R-CD Zhang, Susan 2015-11-21Zhang Graduate RecitalCD11/21/2015
R-CD Zhang, Yixing 2000-02-29Yoo/Chang Doctoral RecitalCD2/29/2000
R-CD Zhang, Yixing 2000-03-29Chang Doctoral RecitalCD3/29/2000
R-CD Zhang, Yixing 2000-10-12Chang Doctoral RecitalCD10/12/2000
R-CD Zhang, Yixing 2001-12-05Chang Doctoral RecitalCD12/5/2001
R-CD Zoellner, Jennifer 2009-11-21Zoellner Doctoral RecitalCD11/21/2009
R-CD Zoellner, Jennifer 2010-10-22Zoellner Doctoral RecitalCD10/22/2010
R-CD Zou, Liangjun 2016-05-03Zou Graduate RecitalCD5/3/2016
R-CD Zou, Liangjun 2016-11-28Zou Doctoral RecitalCD11/28/2016
R-CD Zou, Liangjun 2017-03-23Zou Doctoral RecitalCD3/23/2017
R-CD Zuber, Eric 2008-06-112008 SE Piano Festival Zuber Guest Artist ConcertCD6/11/2008
R-CDBond, Zachary 2016-04-07Bond Graduate RecitalCD4/7/2016
R-CDGarriott, Erik 2017-04-11Garriott Doctoral RecitalCD4/11/2017
R-CDGeldrich, Peter M. 2013-02-18Geldrich Doctoral Candidacy RecitalCD2/18/2013
R-CDHickey, Monica 2013-10-04Hickey Masters RecitalCD10/4/2013
R-CDJewish Sacred Choral Music 2016-01-28Jewish Sacred Choral MusicCD1/28/2016
R-CDKeesler, Bradley J. 2014-04-21Keesler Graduate RecitalCD4/21/2014
R-CDR-CD Della Tonia, Vicente 2013-03-07Della Tonia Doctoal RecitalCD3/7/2013
R-CDR-CD September Concerts 2010-10-3Cornelia Freeman September Concert Series #5CD10/3/2010
R-CDTomlinson, Benjamin J. 2014-03-24Tomlinson Graduate RecitalCD3/24/2014
R-CVD USC Concert Choir 2015-03-03European Tour ConcertCD3/3/2015
R-RT 1982-10-25 USC University OrchestraUSC University OrchestraReel to Reel10/25/1982
R-RT 1984-03-08 USC University OrchestraUSC University OrchestraReel to Reel3/8/1984
R-RT 1984-04-26 USC University OrchestraUSC University OrchestraReel to Reel4/26/1984
R-RT 1985-09-29 SC Cello ChoirSouth Carolina Cello ChoirReel to Reel10/29/1985
R-RT Acosta, Anibal 1988-08-26Acosta Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel8/26/1988
R-RT Arrington, Pedetha 1983-05-02Arrington Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel5/2/1983
R-RT Aughtry, Robert 1992-04-24Aughtry Graduate Flute RecitalReel to Reel4/24/1992
R-RT Baroque Ensemble 1977-04-13The Baroque EnsembleReel to Reel4/13/1977
R-RT Baroque Ensemble 1978-11-01The Baroque EnsembleReel to Reel11/1/1978
R-RT Basically Brahms 1976-10-10Basically Brahms FestivalReel to Reel10/10/1976
R-RT Berry, Michael 1988-11-09Berry Cocerto RecitalReel to Reel11/9/1988
R-RT Beverly, Mike 1980-04-29Beverly Graduate Saxophone RecitalReel to Reel4/29/1980
R-RT Bing, Li 1987-11-18Bing Graduate Violin RecitalReel to Reel11/18/1987
R-RT Bircher, John C.1978-10-10Bircher Faculty Percussion RecitalReel to Reel10/10/1978
R-RT Bird, Eddie 1983-04-20Bird Graduate Trombone RecitalReel to Reel4/20/1983
R-RT Blackwell, Linda 1984-04-05Blackwell Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel4/5/1984
R-RT Boatwright, Gregory 1984-03-21Boatwright Graduate RecitalReel to Reel3/21/1984
R-RT Brimer, Jenny 1976-01-29Brimer Vocal Cocerto RecitalReel to Reel1/29/1976
R-RT Brimer, Jenny 1976-07-23Brimer Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel7/23/1976
R-RT Burkhalter, Nancy Anna 1974-04-02Burkhalter Graduate Flute RecitalReel to Reel4/2/1974
R-RT Butler, Kathryn 1980-04-22Butler Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel4/22/1980
R-RT Cardwell, Harry1974-03-10Cardwell / Fugo Faculty RecitalReel to Reel3/10/1974
R-RT Carolina Camerata 1979-03-01Carolina Camerata Wind QuintetReel to Reel3/1/1979
R-RT Chandler, Hugh 1981-04-29Chandler Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel4/29/1981
R-RT Chapman 1980-11-14Chapman Graduate RecitalReel to Reel11/14/1980
R-RT Chapman, Joe C.1983-05-01Chapman Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel5/1/1983
R-RT Collegium Musicum 1974-03-24Renaissance and Baroque MusicReel to Reel3/24/1974
R-RT Collegium Musicum 1976-12-07Colegium Musicum/ Music of the Elizabethan EraReel to Reel12/7/1976
R-RT Collegium Musicum 1977-05-03Baroque ConcertReel to Reel5/3/1977
R-RT Conlet, Bonita Gale 1984-04-17Conley Concerto/Aria RecitalReel to Reel4/17/1984
R-RT Cooper, John H. 1976-04-26Cooper Concerto RecitalReel to Reel4/26/1976
R-RT Crouch, sandra 1982-12-06Crouch Graduate RecitalReel to Reel12/6/1982
R-RT Deyerle, Mary E. 1982-05-02Deyerle Graduate RecitalReel to Reel5/2/1982
R-RT Deyerle, Mary E. 1982-12-02Deyerle Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel12/2/1982
R-RT Deyerle, Mary E. 1983-05-08Deyerle Lecture RecitalReel to Reel5/8/1983
R-RT Dixon, Walter W.1983-08-08Dixon Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel8/8/1983
R-RT Dooley, Donna B.1987-07-02Dooley Graduate RecitalReel to Reel7/2/1987
R-RT Dooley, Richard W.1981-05-03Dooley Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel5/3/1981
R-RT Durham Donna P.1974-12-04Durham Graduate RecitalReel to Reel12/4/1974
R-RT Dyrhaug, Sylvia 1988-03-03Dyrhaug Graduate RecitalReel to Reel3/3/1988
R-RT Edwards, David 1988-01-28Edwards Concero RecitalReel to Reel1/28/1988
R-RT Eison, Jena 1991-08-05Eison Graduate RecitalReel to Reel8/5/1991
R-RT England, Brenda C.1983-06-30England Graduate RecitalReel to Reel6/30/1983
R-RT Ensminger, Jonathan D. 1984-04-30Ensminger Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel4/30/1984
R-RT Entzi, John 1991-02-12Entzi Candidacy RecitalReel to Reel2/12/1991
R-RT Entzi, John 1992-06-09Entzi Graduate Trumpet RecitalReel to Reel6/9/1992
R-RT Faguet, Maria 1988-03-21Faguet Concerto RecitalReel to Reel3/21/1988
R-RT Ferguson, Benny P. 1975-06-10Ferguson Graduate Trumpet RecitalReel to Reel6/10/1975
R-RT Floyd, Rosalyn W. 1989-01-17Floyd Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel1/17/1989
R-RT Fox,Jr,Robert C. 1983-04-17Fox Graduate Trombone RecitalReel to Reel4/3/1983
R-RT Francis, Annette 1976-09-17Francis Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel9/17/1976
R-RT Fritz, Mary 1982-08-06Fritz Graduate RecitalReel to Reel8/6/1982
R-RT Fritz, Mary 1984-03-04Fritz Lecture RecitalReel to Reel3/4/1984
R-RT Fugo, Charles 1980-10-07Fugo Faculty RecitalReel to Reel10/7/1980
R-RT Fugo, Charles 1981-09-08Fugo Faculty RecitalReel to Reel9/8/1981
R-RT Fugo, Charles 1983-01-25Fugo Faculty RecitalReel to Reel1/25/1983
R-RT Fugo, Charles 1985-01-25Fugo Faculty RecitalReel to Reel1/25/1985
R-RT Gibson, Louella 1982-04-19Gibson Graduate RecitalReel to Reel4/19/1982
R-RT Gowan, Andrew H.1979-12-11Gowan Graduate RecitalReel to Reel12/11/1979
R-RT Grieb, Scott 1989-04-21Grieb Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel4/21/1989
R-RT Harris, Jeffrey L.1992-04-24Harris Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel4/24/1992
R-RT Hay,Beverly 1976-02-22Hay Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel2/22/1976
R-RT Henderson, Hastings 1984-01-22Henderson Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel1/22/1984
R-RT Holt, Ann N. 1980-04-17Holt Graduate RecitalReel to Reel4/17/1980
R-RT Howell, Neil 1991-03-21Howell Graduate Trumpet RecitalReel to Reel3/21/1991
R-RT Hughes, Raymond S. 1976-06-14Hughes Graduate Organ RecitalReel to Reel6/14/1976
R-RT Johnson, Jo Ann 1983-02-10Johnson Graduate Flute RecitalReel to Reel2/10/1983
R-RT Karpinos, Carolyn1975-02-21Karpinos Graduate RecitalReel to Reel2/21/1975
R-RT Ke, Qi 1987-09-09Ke Cocerto RecitalReel to Reel9/9/1987
R-RT Keith, Benjamin Franklin 1981-12-02Keith Concerto RecitalReel to Reel12/2/1981
R-RT Kester, Karen L. 1980-12-04Kester Concerto RecitalReel to Reel12/4/1980
R-RT Kester, Karen L. 1981-05-01Kester Graduate RecitalReel to Reel5/1/1981
R-RT Key, Kathryn C.1981-04-24Key Graduate Organ RecitalReel to Reel4/24/1981
R-RT Kim, Bong Hi 1975-02-25Kim Faculty RecitalReel to Reel2/25/1975
R-RT Kim, David 1977-01-27Kim Guest ConcertReel to Reel1/27/1977
R-RT Kim, Soon Bae1988-10-14Kim Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel10/14/1988
R-RT Kim,Bong Hi 1978-05-07Bong Hi Kim Memorial ConcertReel to Reel5/7/1978
R-RT Kinne, William 1984-04-11Kinne Candidacy RecitalReel to Reel4/11/1984
R-RT Lamb, Kitty 1980-01-17Lamb Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel1/17/1980
R-RT Lancaster, Beth 1980-04-25Lancaster Graduate RecitalReel to Reel4/25/1980
R-RT Lane, Constance 1975-03-04Lane Faculty Flute RecitalReel to Reel3/4/1975
R-RT Lane, G.B. 1974-02-24Trombone in the 18th CenturyReel to Reel2/24/1974
R-RT Lane,G.B.1976-09-19Lane Faculty Trombone RecitalReel to Reel9/19/1976
R-RT Lee, Fredna 1981-06-12Lee Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel6/12/1981
R-RT Lee,jae-Hee 1980-12-05Lee Graduate RecitalReel to Reel12/5/1980
R-RT Lezcano, Jose 1982-12-10Lezcano Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel12/10/1982
R-RT Lezcano, Jose M.1983-03-28Lezcano Concerto RecitalReel to Reel3/28/1983
R-RT LI, Jong-Rong 1989-11-29Li Candidacy RecitalReel to Reel11/29/1989
R-RT Long, Janice E. 1975-06-13Long Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel6/13/1975
R-RT Long, Russell 1988-11-30Long Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel11/30/1988
R-RT Lucktenberg, Jerrie C. 1983-01-20Lucktemberg Lecture RecitalReel to Reel1/23/1983
R-RT Lucktenberg,Jerrie C.1983-04-13Lucktenberg Doctoral Violin RecitalReel to Reel4/13/1983
R-RT MacDonald, Wayne A. 1982-12-09MacDonald Graduate RecitalReel to Reel12/9/1982
R-RT Mathes, Rachel 1991-06-18Mathes Lecture RecitalReel to Reel6/18/1991
R-RT Megginson, Julie 1989-11-12Megginson Candidacy RecitalReel to Reel11/12/1989
R-RT Megginson, Julie 1991-05-03Megginson Doctoral Vocal RecitalReel to Reel5/3/1991
R-RT Metzner, Linda 1984-04-16Metzner Graduate Composition RecitalReel to Reel4/16/1984
R-RT Miskell/ Whiteman 1988-10-07Miskell / Whiteman Composition RecitalReel to Reel10/7/1988
R-RT Moskovitz, Elisa 1984-04-06Moskovitz Candidacy RecitalReel to Reel4/6/1984
R-RT MTNA Convention 1977-03-31Brass Ensemble at MTNA Convention 1977Reel to Reel3/31/1977
R-RT Nowak/Adams 1978-11-27Nowak/Adam Faculty RecitalReel to Reel11/27/1978
R-RT Paschal, Rhoda Jane 1988-12-07Paschal Vocal Concerto RecitalReel to Reel12/7/1988
R-RT Perez, Angie 1980-03-20Perez Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel3/20/1980
R-RT Perkins, Deborah W. 1980-03-27Perkins Graduate Cello RecitalReel to Reel3/27/1980
R-RT Peters, Laura 1990-11-27Peters Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel11/27/1990
R-RT Phillips, David 1980-10-18Phillips Graduate RecitalReel to Reel10/18/1980
R-RT Poulos, Michael 1989-06-12Poulos Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel6/12/1989
R-RT Preston, Andrew C. 1988-09-21The Music Of Jaco PastoriusReel to Reel9/21/1988
R-RT Prewitt, Kenneth R. 1984-10-16Prewitt Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel10/16/1984
R-RT Puetz,Sharon 1975-06-10Puetz Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel6/10/1975
R-RT Quackenbush, Lillian 1976-08-09Quackenbush Vocal Concerto RecitalReel to Reel8/9/1976
R-RT Rice, John R. 1979-01-18Rice Graduate Percussion RecitalReel to Reel1/18/1979
R-RT Rock, Charles N. 1981-04-03Rock Graduate RecitalReel to Reel4/3/1981
R-RT Rose, Andrea 1975-07-03Rose Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel7/3/1975
R-RT Rudge, David 1989-10-28The Minuet in the 18th CenturyReel to Reel10/21/1989
R-RT Ryan, Hilda R. 1980-02-06Ryan Graduate RecitalReel to Reel2/6/1980
R-RT Salyers, David 1988-01-12Salyers Graduate RecitalReel to Reel1/12/1988
R-RT Sasak, Patricia 1983-04-05Sasak Graduate Horn RecitalReel to Reel4/5/1983
R-RT Shearrow, Lorna 1988-02-09Shearrow Graduate RecitalReel to Reel2/9/1988
R-RT Shepherd, William 1984-04-15Shepherd Candidacy RecitalReel to Reel4/15/1984
R-RT Shuman, Edward R. 1979-10-25Shuman Graduate Piano RecitalReel to Reel10/25/1979
R-RT Smith, Kelly 1992-03-25Smith Graduate Flute RecitalReel to Reel3/25/1992
R-RT Smithey,Pamela 1981-11-17Smithey Graduate RecitalReel to Reel11/17/1981
R-RT Soh, Hyangmin 1988-04-18Soh Concerto RecitalReel to Reel4/14/1988
R-RT Stafford John W. 1991-11-22Stafford Graduate RecitalReel to Reel11/22/1991
R-RT Stafford, John W. 1992-04-13Stafford Concerto RecitalReel to Reel4/13/1992
R-RT Stegall, Gary 1979-10-07Stegall Graduate RecitalReel to Reel10/7/1979
R-RT Stokes, Porter 1977-06-24Stokes Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel6/4/1977
R-RT Taylor, Stephen 1982-12-08Taylor Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel12/8/1982
R-RT Taylor, Stephen 1988-01-22Taylor Doctoral RecitalReel to Reel1/22/1988
R-RT Tecklenburg, Ann B. 1990-03-18Tecklenburg Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel3/18/1983
R-RT Tecklenburg, Ann B. 1990-12-13The Morike Lieder of Hugo WolfReel to Reel12/13/1990
R-RT Tedesco, Lorna 1991-04-02Tedesco Graduate RecitalReel to Reel4/2/1991
R-RT Thompson, Sharon 1981-04-02Thompson Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel4/2/1981
R-RT Tiffany, Diana 1990-11-26Tiffany Graduate Flute RecitalReel to Reel11/26/1990
R-RT Trotter, Linda 1982-06-16Trotter Graduate Vocal RecitalReel to Reel6/18/1982
R-RT Uchimura, Susan 1987-06-27Uchimura Graduate RecitalReel to Reel6/27/1987
R-RT USC Baroque Chamber Group 1975-04-13USC Baroque Chamber GroupReel to Reel4/13/1975
R-RT USC Opera Workshop 1982-04-22USC Opera WorkshopReel to Reel4/22/1982
R-RT USC University OrchestraUSC University OrchestraReel to Reel10/29/1984
R-RT Vitanza, Sergio 1985-04-09Vitanza Graduate Guitar RecitalReel to Reel4/9/1985
R-RT Walters, Kitty Kelly 1984-04-19Walters Graduate RecitalReel to Reel4/19/1984
R-RT Williams, JohnWilliams Faculty RecitalReel to Reel2/8/1979
R-RT Williams, Terry 1983-11-06Williams Graduate RecitalReel to Reel11/6/1983
R-RT Wisser, Karen 1983-12-04Wisser Graduate RecitalReel to Reel12/4/1983
R-RT Woods, Benjamin 1991-03-22Woods Doctoral Lecture RecitalReel to Reel3/22/1991
R-RT Woods, Sherry M. 1990-11-20The Viola Compositions of Ernest BlochReel to Reel11/20/1990
R-RT Wright, Rosalyn 1981-11-16Wright Graduate RecitalReel to Reel11/16/1981
R-RT Yang, Rin-Jong 1984-11-11Yang Graduate Viola RecitalReel to Reel11/11/1984
R-RT Yi-Cheng 1987-10-07Yi-Cheng Graduate Violin RecitalReel to Reel10/7/1987
R-RT Yoder, Adeline K. 1982-05-02Yoder Graduate Organ RecitalReel to Reel5/2/1982
R-TP Adams, Sarah 1997-02-27Sarah Adams Graduate RecitalCassette Tape2/27/1997
R-TP Aliverti, Madalena 1998-03-22Madalena Aliverti Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/22/1998
R-TP Aliverti, Milene Jorge 1996-12-04Milene Jorge Aliverti Graduate RecitalCassette Tape12/4/1996
R-TP Apperson, Lori Anne 1994-12-08Lori Anne Apperson Graduate RecitalCassette Tape12/8/1994
R-TP Audi, Carlos 1995-02-02Carlos Audi Graduate RecitalCassette Tape2/2/1995
R-TP Aughtry, Robert 1993-04-23Robert Aughtry Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/23/1993
R-TP Ballard, Laura 1994-06-17Laura Ballard Graduate RecitalCassette Tape6/17/1994
R-TP Bankston, David Arlen 1996-01-11David Arlen Bankston Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape1/11/1996
R-TP Bankston, David Arlen 1996-04-21David Arlen Bankston Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/21/1996
R-TP Beller-McKenna, Catherine 1995-05-01Catherine McKenna-Beller Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape5/1/1995
R-TP Beller-McKenna, Catherine 1995-11-30Catherine Beller-McKenna Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/30/1995
R-TP Beller-McKenna, Catherine 1996-10-10Catherine Beller-McKenna Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/10/1996
R-TP Beller-McKenna, Catherine 1997-10-03Catherine Beller-McKenna Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/3/1997
R-TP Blanton, Lyman Bruce 1994-10-10Lyman Bruce Blanton Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/10/1994
R-TP Blanton, Lyman Bruce 1995-12-04Lyman Bruce Blanton Graduate RecitalCassette Tape12/4/1995
R-TP Blanton, Lyman Bruce 1996-03-12Lyman Bruce Blanton Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/12/1996
R-TP Boatwright, Gregory Wayne 1990-04-24Gregory Boatwright Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/24/1990
R-TP Boatwright, Gregory Wayne 1992-03-17Gregory Boatwright Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/17/1992
R-TP Boatwright, Gregory Wayne 1994-11-07Gregory Boatwright Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/7/1994
R-TP Boatwright, Greogory Wayne 1989-04-18Gregory Boatwright Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/18/1989
R-TP Boutwell, Martha 1994-02-25Martha Boutwell Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape2/25/1994
R-TP Boutwell, Martha 1994-11-17Martha Boutwell Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/17/1994
R-TP Boutwell, Martha 1995-04-27Martha Boutwell Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/27/1995
R-TP Boutwell, Martha A. 1993-04-19Martha A. Boutwell Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/19/1993
R-TP Buckland, James Patrick 1995-03-20James Patrick Buckland Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/20/1995
R-TP Campbell, Rachel 1994-04-12Rachel Campbell Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/12/1994
R-TP Casey, Laurence M. 1998-10-27Laurence M. Casey Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/27/1998
R-TP Choi, Sung-Eun 1994-03-30Sung-Eun Choi Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/30/1994
R-TP Choi, Yangsun 1993-05-03Yangsun Choi Graduate RecitalCassette Tape5/3/1993
R-TP Choi, Yangsun 1994-09-29Yangsun Choi Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape9/29/1994
R-TP Clark, Beth Congleton 1991-06-13Beth Congleton Clark Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape6/13/1991
R-TP Clark, William 1998-08-31William E. Clark Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape8/31/1998
R-TP Cobb, Lori Rhoden 1996-10-15Lori Cobb Rhoden Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/15/1996
R-TP Cooper, Mary E. 1993-08-09Mary E. Cooper Graduate RecitalCassette Tape8/9/1993
R-TP Corregan, Bruce 1993-07-28Bruce Corregan Graduate RecitalCassette Tape7/28/1993
R-TP Creenan, Megan 1998-02-18Megan Creenan Graduate RecitalCassette Tape2/18/1998
R-TP Creenan, Megan 1998-05-28Megan Creenan Graduate RecitalCassette Tape5/28/1998
R-TP Culvahouse, John 1996-03-11John Culvahouse Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/11/1996
R-TP Diel, Alexandre 1996-11-24Alexandre Diel Graduate RecitalCassette Tape11/24/1996
R-TP Dillard, Stephanie E. 1996-11-25Stephanie E. Dillard Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/25/1996
R-TP Dillard, Stephanie E. 1997-03-02Stephanie E. Dillard Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/2/1997
R-TP Dillard, Stephanie E. 1997-04-24Stephanie E. Dillard Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/24/1997
R-TP Edwards, Sharyn Russell 1991-10-09Sharyn Russell Edwards Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/9/1991
R-TP Entzi, John 1997-06-18John Entzi Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape6/18/1997
R-TP Evans, Jennifer 1998-03-05Jennifer Evans Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/5/1998
R-TP Flanagan, John P. 1998-04-27John P. Flanagan Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/27/1998
R-TP Forbes, Catherine 1989-04-07Catherine Forbes Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/7/1989
R-TP Gant, Susan 1993-01-25Susan Gant Graduate RecitalCassette Tape1/25/1993
R-TP Gilbert, Katrin 1991-04-21Katrin Gilbert Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/21/1991
R-TP Gilbertson, Laura 1996-03-26Laura Gilbertson Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/26/1996
R-TP Gilbertson, Laura P. 1994-11-17Laura P. Gilbertson Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/17/1994
R-TP Grady, Anne Frances 1991-10-22Anne Frances Grady Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/22/1991
R-TP Grady, Anne Frances 1992-04-26Anne Frances Grady Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/26/1992
R-TP Grady, Anne Frances 1993-01-24Anne F. Grady Graduate RecitalCassette Tape1/24/1993
R-TP Grady, Anne Frances 1993-11-21Anne Frances Grady Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/21/1993
R-TP Greene, Cheryl 1997-11-17Cheryl Greene Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/17/1997
R-TP Hill, Harry H. 1995-04-12Harry Hill Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/12/1995
R-TP Hill, Harry H. 1995-08-29Harry Hill Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape8/29/1995
R-TP Hill, Harry H. 1996-10-28Harry H. Hill Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/28/1996
R-TP Hobart, Cynthia A. 1991-11-26Cynthia A. Hobart Graduate RecitalCassette Tape11/26/1991
R-TP Hunt, Elisa 1989-03-31Elisa Hunt Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/31/1989
R-TP Hurtt, Ima Ftochidou 1996-10-18Ima Ftochidou Hurtt Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/18/1996
R-TP Hwu, Anita Shengling 1992-06-22Anita Shengling Hwu Graduate RecitalCassette Tape6/22/1990
R-TP Hwu, Anita Shengling 1993-04-28Anita Shengling Hwu Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/28/1993
R-TP Infantino, Daniel 1993-12-02David Infantino Graduate RecitalCassette Tape12/2/1993
R-TP Inman, Janet 1993-04-29Janet Inman Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/29/1993
R-TP Jiang, Xiao-Hui 1990-06-28Xiao-Hui Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape6/28/1990
R-TP Jones, Heath 1996-02-16Heath Jones Graduate RecitalCassette Tape2/16/1996
R-TP Jones, Robert Edward 1993-06-17Robert Edward Jones Graduate RecitalCassette Tape6/17/1993
R-TP Jones, Robert Edward 1995-03-27Robert Edward Jones Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/27/1995
R-TP Kane, Lynn 1991-03-29Lynn Kane Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/29/1991
R-TP Kershaw, Linda 1996-07-30Linda Laverne Kershaw Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape7/30/1996
R-TP Kohl, Jack 1996-10-11Jack Kohl Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/11/1996
R-TP Kohl, Jack 1998-01-26Jack Kohl Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape1/26/1998
R-TP Kohl, Jack 1999-01-22Jack Kohl Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape1/22/1999
R-TP Levy, Caroline 1994-04-14Caroline Levy Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/14/1994
R-TP Lewis, Jill Terhaar 1999-02-18Jill Terhaar Lewis Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape2/18/1999
R-TP Lewis, Rod 1997-11-25Rod Lewis Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/25/1997
R-TP Longmire, James 1993-07-01James Longmire Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape7/1/1993
R-TP Longmire, James 1994-07-14James Longmire Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape7/14/1994
R-TP Longmire, James 1997-02-10James Longmire Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape2/10/1997
R-TP Magee, Terry N. 1988-02-15Terry N. Magee Candidacy RecitalCassette Tape2/15/1988
R-TP Magee, Terry N. 1988-11-03Terry N. Magee Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/3/1988
R-TP Magee, Terry N. 1989-04-06Terry N. Magee Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/6/1989
R-TP Magee, Terry N. 1991-06-27Terry N. Magee Graduate RecitalCassette Tape6/27/1991
R-TP Mansager, Jack 1998-03-25Jack Mansager Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/25/1998
R-TP Mathes, Rachel 1991-02-17Rachel Mathes Graduate RecitalCassette Tape2/17/1991
R-TP McCraw, William Gary 1994-07-11William Gary McCraw Graduate RecitalCassette Tape7/11/1994
R-TP Megginson, Julie 1992-03-31Julie Megginson Lecture RecitalCassette Tape3/31/1992
R-TP Megginson, Julie Emily 1992-06-30Julie Emily Megginson Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape6/30/1992
R-TP Mento, Steven Romano 1992-04-24Steven Romano Mento Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/24/1992
R-TP Mento, Steven Romano 1993-04-19Steven R. Mento Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/19/1993
R-TP Mento, Steven Romano 1993-12-03Steven Romano Mento Graduate RecitalCassette Tape12/3/1993
R-TP Moskovitz, Elisa M. 1987-10-30Elisa Moskovitz Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/30/1987
R-TP O'Shields, David 1994-02-19David O′Shields Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape2/19/1994
R-TP Oliver, David F. 1998-08-27David P. Oliver Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape8/27/1998
R-TP Park, Hyun-Gyu 1996-10-29Hyun-Gyu Park Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/29/1996
R-TP Paschal, Rhoda Jane 1993-05-04Rhoda Jane Paschal Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape5/4/1993
R-TP Paschal, Rhoda Jane 1994-11-14Rhoda Paschal Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/14/1994
R-TP Peters, Laura Lynn 1989-04-20Laura Lynn Peters Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/20/1989
R-TP Phipps, Sharon 1997-11-13Sharon Phipps Graduate RecitalCassette Tape11/13/1997
R-TP Phipps, Sharon 1998-03-20Sharon Phipps Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/20/1998
R-TP Pope, Wayne 1989-11-30Wayne Pope Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/30/1989
R-TP Pope, Wayne 1992-11-16Wayne Pope Graduate RecitalCassette Tape11/16/1992
R-TP Ramsey, Dan 1991-03-20Dan Ramsay Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/20/1991
R-TP Reiff, Eric 1998-04-05Eric Reiff Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/5/1998
R-TP Rieve, Robert 1992-11-01Robert Rieve Graduate RecitalCassette Tape11/1/1992
R-TP Roe, Susan Kirby 1990-11-15Susan Kirby Roe Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/15/1990
R-TP Roe, Susan Kirby 1991-04-18Susan Kirby Roe Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/18/1991
R-TP Roe, Susan Kirby 1991-11-21Susan Kirby Roe Graduate RecitalCassette Tape11/21/1991
R-TP Runion, Julie 1997-03-18Julie Runion Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/18/1997
R-TP Rylands, Ann 1999-03-21Ann Rylands Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/21/1999
R-TP Sakas, Dalia 1991-01-25Dalia Sakas Graduate RecitalCassette Tape1/25/1991
R-TP Sakas, Dalia 1991-09-16Dalia Sakas Graduate RecitalCassette Tape9/16/1991
R-TP Savage, Marti 1994-04-25Marti Savage Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/25/1994
R-TP Schagerl, Gunter 1992-04-28Gunter Schagerl Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/28/1992
R-TP Scott, Bill Russell 1991-10-02Bill Russell Scott Graduate RecitalCassette Tape10/2/1991
R-TP Seong, Jiyeon 1996-10-23Jiyeon Seong Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/23/1996
R-TP Shirer, Louis 1993-09-07Louis Shirer Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape9/7/1993
R-TP Simmons, Jeff 1996-03-24Jeff Simmons Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/24/1996
R-TP Simpson, Maureen 1996-11-17Maureen Simpson Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/17/1996
R-TP Skinner, Jeanine 1990-06-12Jeanine Skinner Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape6/12/1990
R-TP Skinner, Margaret Jeanine 1991-11-22Margaret Jeanine Skinner Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/22/1991
R-TP Son, Hee-Ok 1998-11-20Hee-Ok Son Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/20/1998
R-TP Statz, Amy 1996-04-02Amy Statz Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/2/1996
R-TP Stoudenmire, Myungsook Song 1996-04-12Myungsook Song Stoudenmire Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/12/1996
R-TP Stoudenmire, Myungsook Song 1996-11-08Myungsook Song Stoudenmire Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/8/1996
R-TP Stoudenmire, Myungsook Song 1997-03-21Myungsook Song Stoudenmire Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/21/1997
R-TP Stuck, Kristi 1997-04-25Kristi Stuck Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/25/1997
R-TP Sun, Liyuan 1994-09-29Liyuan Sun Graduate RecitalCassette Tape9/29/1994
R-TP Thomas, Richard 1997-04-23Richard Thomas Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/23/1997
R-TP Thomas, Richard 1998-09-08Richard Thomas Graduate RecitalCassette Tape9/8/1998
R-TP Thomas, Richard 1999-04-16Richard Thomas Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/16/1999
R-TP Thompson, Gregory 1994-03-18Gregory Thompson Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape3/18/1994
R-TP Thompson, Gregory 1995-06-05Gregory Thompson Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape6/5/1995
R-TP Thompson, Shaw 1996-04-11Shaw Thompson Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/11/1996
R-TP Thompson-Broussard, T. 1999-01-25Tina Thompson-Broussard Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape1/25/1999
R-TP Turner, Jennifer L. 1998-03-25Jennifer L. Turner Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/25/1998
R-TP Valente, Liana 1997-02-16Liana Valente Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape2/16/1997
R-TP Valente, Liana 1997-10-05Liana Valente Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/5/1997
R-TP Valente, Liana 1998-10-11Liana Valente Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape10/11/1998
R-TP Vandekieft, Kathleen 1998-11-22Kathleen Vandekieft Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape11/22/1998
R-TP Warshauer, Maxine M. 1989-04-03Maxine Warshauer Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/3/1989
R-TP Watanabe, Kumiko 1999-03-01Kumiko Watanabe Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/1/1999
R-TP Watson, Tommy 1998-02-20Tommy Watson Graduate RecitalCassette Tape2/20/1998
R-TP Whitlock, Meisha 1996-04-11Meisha Whitlock Graduate RecitalCassette Tape4/11/1996
R-TP Whitson, Jeff 1996-03-25Jeff Whitson Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/25/1996
R-TP Wilder, Elizabeth 1994-03-31Elizabeth Wilder Graduate RecitalCassette Tape3/31/1994
R-TP Wisser, Karen Kay 1991-04-26Karen Kay Wisser Doctoral RecitalCassette Tape4/26/1991
R-TP Zhang, Yixing 1999-11-17Yixing Zhang Candidacy RecitalCassette Tape11/17/1999
R-TP Öhman, Stina 1999-02-22Stina Ohman Graduate RecitalCassette Tape1/22/1999
R-VHS Adam, Gary 2001-08-02Adam Graduate RecitalVHS8/2/2001
R-VHS Agrest, Alex 1999-12-05Music for a Sunday AfternoonVHS12/5/1999
R-VHS Agrest, Alex 2000-04-17Agrest Graduate RecitalVHS4/17/2000
R-VHS Bednarzyk, Stephen 2000-04-02Bednarzyk Graduate RecitalVHS4/2/2000
R-VHS Carswell, William 2000-04-11Carswell Graduate RecitalVHS4/11/2000
R-VHS Carswell, William 2000-06-27Carswell Graduate RecitalVHS6/27/2000
R-VHS Carswell, William 2001-11-15Carswell Graduate RecitalVHS11/15/2001
R-VHS Chamra, Tara 2004-11-16Chamra Graduate RecitalVHS11/16/2004
R-VHS Chamra, Tara 2005-10-05Chamra Graduate RecitalVHS10/5/2005
R-VHS Chamra, Tara 2005-11-15Chamra Graduate RecitalVHS11/15/2005
R-VHS Chamra, Tara 2006-02-21Chamra Graduate RecitalVHS2/21/2006
R-VHS Clark, William 2001-10-21Clark Graduate RecitalVHS10/21/2001
R-VHS Correa-Cruz, Victor 2004-04-16Correa-Cruz Graduate RecitalVHS4/16/2004
R-VHS Cox, Matt 2003-04-29Cox Graduate RecitalVHS4/29/2003
R-VHS Cremer, Thomas 2001-03-13Cremer Graduate RecitalVHS3/13/2001
R-VHS Crotts, Milton 1998-10-26Crotts Graduate RecitalVHS10/26/1998
R-VHS Crotts, Milton 1999-02-13Crotts Graduate RecitalVHS2/13/1999
R-VHS Eaves, Stephen 1999-03-30Southern Folk Tunes in Choral MusicVHS3/30/1999
R-VHS Gatch, Jerry 2003-11-12Gatch Graduate RecitalVHS11/12/2003
R-VHS Houze, Reginald 2005-02-18Houze Graduate RecitalVHS2/18/2005
R-VHS Houze, Reginald 2005-04-21Houze Graduate RecitalVHS4/21/2005
R-VHS Houze, Reginald 2005-07-21Houze Graduate RecitalVHS7/21/2005
R-VHS Houze, Reginald 2005-09-29Houze Graduate RecitalVHS9/29/2005
R-VHS Imler, James 2006-02-09Imler Graduate RecitalVHS2/9/2006
R-VHS Imler, James 2006-02-28Imler Graduate RecitalVHS2/28/2006
R-VHS Jones, Nola 2003-12-02Jones Graduate RecitalVHS12/2/2003
R-VHS Jones, Nola 2004-04-27Jones Graduate RecitalVHS4/27/2004
R-VHS Jones, Nola 2006-01-19Jones Graduate RecitalVHS1/19/2006
R-VHS Kim, Kathy 2000-04-20Kim Graduate RecitalVHS4/20/2000
R-VHS Kim, Kathy 2000-07-13Kim Graduate RecitalVHS7/13/2000
R-VHS Kim, Kathy 2001-03-02Kim Graduate RecitalVHS3/2/2001
R-VHS Kinsey, Katherine 1997-02-23Kinsey Graduate RecitalVHS2/23/1997
R-VHS Kinsey, Katherine 1997-06-03Kinsey Graduate RecitalVHS6/3/1997
R-VHS Layton, Bradley 2000-05-18Layton Graduate RecitalVHS5/18/2000
R-VHS LeDoux, Albert 1999-04-20LeDoux Graduate RecitalVHS4/20/1999
R-VHS LeDoux, Albert 1999-11-16LeDoux Graduate RecitalVHS11/16/1999
R-VHS Manning, Lucy 2005-03-29Manning Graduate RecitalVHS3/29/2005
R-VHS McManus, Lanny 1997-12-04McManus Graduate RecitalVHS12/4/1997
R-VHS McManus, Lanny 1998-08-04McManus Graduate RecitalVHS8/4/1998
R-VHS McManus, Lanny 1999-04-27McManus Graduate RecitalVHS4/27/1999
R-VHS McManus, Lanny 1999-05-25Choral Music in the Churches of Charleston, South Carolina before 1860VHS5/25/1999
R-VHS Moncrief, Thomas 2005-11-02Moncrief Graduate RecitalVHS11/2/2005
R-VHS Moncrief, Thomas 2005-11-23Moncrief Graduate RecitalVHS11/23/2005
R-VHS Moore, Michael 2004-04-24Moore Graduate RecitalVHS4/24/2004
R-VHS Nash, Mary Jo 2000-03-28Nash Graduate RecitalVHS3/28/2000
R-VHS Ohrt, Joseph 2000-08-12Ohrt Graduate RecitalVHS8/12/2000
R-VHS Poovey, Gena 2000-04-18Poovey Graduate RecitalVHS4/18/2000
R-VHS Poovey, Gena 2000-10-10Poovey Graduate RecitalVHS10/10/2000
R-VHS Poovey, Gena 2001-03-27Poovey Graduate RecitalVHS3/27/2001
R-VHS Reiff, Eric 1999-04-20Reiff Graduate RecitalVHS4/20/1999
R-VHS Seliger, Bryce 1999-10-25Seliger Graduate RecitalVHS10/25/1999
R-VHS Seliger, Bryce 1999-11-22Seliger Graduate RecitalVHS11/22/1999
R-VHS Seliger, Bryce 2000-04-17Seliger Graduate RecitalVHS4/17/2000
R-VHS Seliger, Bryce 2000-11-30Seliger Graduate RecitalVHS11/30/2000
R-VHS Sepulveda, Sonja 2005-06-10Sepulveda Graduate RecitalVHS6/10/2005
R-VHS Sepulveda, Sonja 2005-07-31Sepulveda Graduate RecitalVHS7/31/2005
R-VHS Sepulveda, Sonja 2005-10-06Sepulveda Graduate RecitalVHS10/6/2005
R-VHS Sepulveda, Sonja 2005-11-17Sepulveda Graduate RecitalVHS11/17/2005
R-VHS Taylor, Clifton 2004-04-01Taylor Graduate RecitalVHS4/1/2004
R-VHS Taylor, Clifton 2004-09-28Taylor Graduate RecitalVHS9/28/2004
R-VHS Turner, Ken 2000-05-04Turner Graduate RecitalVHS5/4/2000
R-VHS USC University Band 1998-04-07USC University BandVHS4/7/1998
R-VHS Voice Faculty 1996-09-26Tales From ViennaVHS9/26/1996
R-VHS Vozzella, Thomas 2001-05-06Vozzella Graduate RecitalVHS5/6/2001
R-VHS Vozzella, Thomas 2001-05-31Vozzella Graduate RecitalVHS5/31/2001
R-VHS Vozzella, Thomas 2002-04-02Vozzella Graduate RecitalVHS4/2/2002
R-VHS Wall, Jeff 2006-08-01Wall Graduate RecitalVHS8/1/2006
R-VHS Warren, Jane 2001-02-20Warren Graduate RecitalVHS2/20/2001
R-VHS Zhou, Jin 2000-04-13Zhou Graduate RecitalVHS4/13/2000
R_CD Premiere 2013-02-18Premiere: RemixCD2/18/2012
Seabury, Benjamin Bailey 2017-03-26Seabury Doctoral Chamber RecitalCD3/26/2017