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The Matthew J. & Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald constitutes the most comprehensive research collection for the study and teaching of Fitzgerald, those associated with him, and his times. Initiated by Dr. Matthew J. Bruccoli as a student in the 1950s, the collection was built in subsequent decades with the encouragement of his wife, Arlyn, and of Fitzgerald's daughter, Scottie. In 1994, the Bruccolis committed their collection (then conservatively valued at $1.2 million) to USC's Thomas Cooper Library under a multi-year gift-purchase agreement. Over the past 10 years, the Bruccolis have donated additional material to this and other special collections at Thomas Cooper Library with an appraised value in excess of $1.9 million.

A.  Major components of the collection at the time of the original transfer

B.  The Bruccoli Collection now

Since the original transfer, Dr. and Mrs. Bruccoli, and the University library have been committed to continued building of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection, both through gifts from the Bruccolis and through selected purchase.  Among the items added since 1994 are:

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